Thursday, May 15, 2014


Youtube has achieved a rather dominate role distributing media to the masses: using views, shares, and likes as a sort of social currency, viral videos are possible by endlessly accumulating clicks, reposts, and likes through facebook and tumblr--sites a majority of internet uses obsessively update on the daily. Youtube even has it's own commercials now where they promote some person's channel, which of course has 5mil+ subscribers already.
If only Youtube would promote completely random channels with hardly any followers, a channel run by some person that isn't type A. Well today I will attempt to shed light on three channels that I really enjoy, that all specialize in their own music videos promoting some of today's freshest soundcloud ableton obsessed "producers" around----!!! Some of these channels seriously post some of the best retro synth music today (looking at you eazypeazy), while the others sort of cater to whatever is *more* popular. Each has an aesthetic, some more mature than others, but they all are making music videos. These filmmakers participate as equal creative forces in fostering a vaporwave aesthetic as the musicians producing the tunes; their power is not to be underestimated.

Let us start with LFSWicked

This youtube channel has below 500 subscribers, which is a shame because this channel posts some great music. This channel also uses great film footage--EXPANSION by Toshio Matsumoto is featured in this ESPRIT空想 video. This channel also posts full albums. Recently eco virtual's atmospheres 2 and macross' a million miles away were posted for listening pleasure. Whoever runs this channel knows what's up, and consistently uploads essential jams//

Choice Vids from Wicked
luxury elite - carousel

Architecture in Tokyo - ヒスイ MARBLE (ft. ULTRA ウルトラ)

Capo Blanco - Carribean


Next Artzie Music "# 1 destination for unique music"

This channel has close to 10,000 subscribers. This channel also posts a lot of essential jams: SAINT PEPSI,オウムのジャングルPARROT JUNGLE 95, MIRROR KISSES, DREAMS WEST, etc. etc. This channel is real good if you are new to this whole internet music thing. Fred will show you tip of the iceberg, peazy will take you into the lower depths

Choice Artzie Music Vids
MAITRO - Snake Way 蛇の道

CVLTVRΣ - ☯TempleGold☯


Last EAZY PEAZY -- This is by far my favorite channel out there to discover this type of music. The aesthetic is so on point, the music is carfully curated, the grotesque underbelly of capitalism is exposed in all its plastic glory. Peazy puts together a bunch of videos for a bunch of artists, and luckily these are artists that are relatively unknown. Each video compliments the music perfectly, it is hard to formulate into words just how perfectly these videos capture that vhs aura.

check out the vidz

betamaxx - take me back 私を取り戻す

cougar synth クーガーシンセ - denying everything すべてを否定

baby sloth spirit - fossil future

friday fantasy 金曜日ファンタジー'86 ハードウェアコンピュータ!

there are other youtube channels out there that do similar things --- here is one that I won't review. Just go out there and explore, you are bound to find some interesting channels.


  1. Man, that is a lot of new places to waste my time on.

  2. thank you very much! that are really nice compliments. i feel honored! working on a new video. hope its done until the weekend. :)

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