Saturday, May 3, 2014

Black Pages - Pg. 1 (2014)

Our Floridan garage rock friend are back at it again, in fact he put out this release on hot on the heels of us sharing his Acoustic EP a few weeks ago. In case you're not familiar with this fella, because you just skip around willy-nilly with posts or whatever, Black Pages is a bedroom operation by a dude from Orlando. It isn't polished, perhaps he's still getting his sound down and recording techniques tweaked, but I still find in his music a notable talent for lo-fi rocking. He mixed it up a bit with a piano number in the middle of some garage ditties that are his more usual fare, but it wasn't a poor track so much as a break in the pace for this otherwise speedily heard five track release. However, I'm fearful of writing anything that might discourage this guy from keeping at it, and really I do enjoy his music more than I can find any fault. I can only imagine with more time and experience in songwriting we could have a sensation here.

To be had here:
Black Pages - Pg. 1

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