Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Modern Delusion - Wasteland CS (2014)

A most righteous garage rock album from Zagreb put out by Doomtown Records. This label operated by a longstanding member of the lo-fi music blogging community who also does one of my favorite blogs, the long-running Teenage Lobotomy. As an avid fan of garage rock, post-punk and all varieties of lo-fi he's found a most excellent band to include on his label. I feel a bit bead having to hear this album with a doozy of a head cold, but duty calls and this shouldn't be put off another unnecessary day. Modern Delusion is three-piece with a remarkably full sound of distorted guitar, bass, and if my ears are working through the cold, keys backed by some of the better drumming I've heard in a garage band in a while. One thing that stands out is that they seem to sing in vague British accents, so I kept recalling English garage rockers like Thee Milkshakes but they've got a list of your own influences on the bandcamp page I am sure they'd prefer I make for more musical sophisticated reasons. All I know, and all I likely need to know, is I really fucking dig this album. Loud, fast and aggressively punk without losing an inch of snazziness, it's a show I liked so much I listened twice, then like four more times.

To be had here:
Modern Delusion - Wasteland CS

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