Friday, November 22, 2013

Ty Segall – Gemini (2013)

Ty Segall can do very little wrong in our estimation. The guy puts out close to 346 records a year, and just about every track provides enough toe-tapping riffs to keep any garage head happy well into the wee, beer infused hours. His most recent full length, Sleeper, was an acoustic side-step from what I consider his greatest work: the fuzzed out Twins. “Would You Be My Love,” “The Hill,” and “Thank God for Sinners” was the height of his songwriting, and put every one of his detractors in their rightful place beneath his amplifier.

For those of you who could not get enough of this set of tracks, Drag City has copies of Gemeni available. The record is made up of demos and 4-track recordings used in the brainstorming process for Twins. Every kid slamming away riffs in their bedrooms will enjoy getting a look into the master’s creative process, and curse their lack of talent when they get a glimpse at these nuggets of sound.

I know the record is super limited and only sold at select independent record shops, so pick one up before it is too late.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Wharves/ The Rosy Crucifixion (2013)

I had never heard of Soft Power Records prior to this submission, but if this Scottish label’s output is as strong as this split, they are to be followed. The Wharves kick off their side of the record with “Thick Syrup,” a rocking number that calls forth images of Sarah Records releases from the past, funneling them through a rock tumbler to give it some weight and thickness. The dual female vocals have a Sleater Kinney sensibility with a few extra doses of pop melody thrown in for good measure. 

I always enjoy having a split release with two very different acts sharing wax, and the Rosy Crucifixion and their dirtier version of Blondie stacks blues-rock riffs on top of a sultry vocal delivery. Smoke filled taverns with musical stages covered by chain-link fence are the venues this music should be played in. Hopefully they get things thrown at them while they play. Based on the tone of their music, I am sure they know how to dish it right back.

Get it here:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

EP Grab Bag vol. 46

This is what I rustled up out of the submissions and have been listen to over the last week. So many damned EPs getting thrown up here lately, it is a real fuck cornucopia of songs. Thank us anytime, folks.

To be had here:

The Sea Life - Transitions (2013)

A new EP by the Washington, D.C. indie pop band the Sea Life. A follow up to the previously featured album In Basements it is a fine continuation of their dreamy sound. While I found the whole EP to be delightful, I am really a fan "NY Models" and it's cheerful keyboard. With luck this is a sign of another full-length on the way.

Volage - MADDIE EP (2013)

High grade psychedelic noise pop from France. This is a 10-inch vinyl record released by Howling Banana that only came out the first of this month. It is incredibly catchy music and more on the light-hearted side of the fuzzy music that I so often post. The EP is streamable but not free to download, yet I liked it enough to share it anyway and maybe they'll give us permission for a download link... (nudge nudge).

Back Pages - Broken In Again (2013)

A brief three song EP of garage rock from Florida. The title track is distorted and fast and reminds me of the recently posted Killer Ghost, the second strips down to an acoustic number that's pretty sweet, and ends with a quick punk tune that's got some neat guitar playing. Good early release and leaves me wanting more.

Darlington Pair - Vacation Tapes: Kitty Hawk 2013 Coda

A shift in tone from the fuzzed out music above. What we've got here is some ambient, atmospheric sort of experimental music. Heavy of the use of sounds they must've recorded outdoors of the ocean and whatnot a lesson in the power of subtlety as they very sparingly add electronic sound, light cords and soft horns. Remarkably soothing to listen to.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Killer Ghost - Demo, Lo​-​Fi High Five & Not Punk Enough (2013)

Look here, three EPs by one artist dating only as far back as the summer. He must really be trying to win us over, eh? Well, I am sold on it, Killer Ghost is a member of a band I heavily praised in previous posts, Fun Guns. Naturally I was very excited to hear his new project and it did not disappoint, though the Demo really is that, a very rough recording and the songs that he decided to re-record on the latter EPs are really significantly improved. Musically it can easily be told that this guy is from the Fun Guns, as the music is really of the same style, which is to say bluesy, lo-fi garage rock with surf rock thrown in here and there. However, it is great to hear more from him as I can't get enough of the three EPs I've heard by Fun Guns and was already hankering for more tunes of that sort. Be sure to at least check out the super righteous EPs Lo​-​Fi High Five and Not Punk Enough. Between the two you've basically got a short album on your hands, and a damned fine one at that.

To be had here:


Lo​-​Fi High Five

Not Punk Enough

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ubu Roi – Nice Dude EP (2013)

I just returned from Seattle, and those chowder eaters are doing something right. The record stores were full of folks and the shows I attended had a mix of music types present. I am fine with just a few days of sunlight a year, but I guess that would be detrimental to the living.

Anyone who has listened to my band’s music (and we just put out a new record by the way), knows that I have a thing for fast, punchy rock songs. Especially when the lyrics are about drinking booze. Ubo Roi do both of these things in spades. They also happen to be far more competent players than we are, even though I assume they are also soaked in booze while the tape is rolling. Just check out the first track’s lyrics:

“I don’t wanna eat no cheeseburgers, French fries
I wanna drink some alcohol
I don’t wanna eat no pizza pie
I wanna drink some alcohol”

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Amphibious Man – Spit Globs (2013)

At least once a month, I find myself crawling through the woods, drunk off my ass and covered in someone else’s blood. That’s the kind of experience most of the living world never goes through, but it seems to be a consistent occurrence in my existence. I often don’t have a music device when I am doing so (or pants for that matter), but last night I heard the new Amphibious Man songs in my head as I scrambled to figure out if I were the hunter or the hunted.

See, I feel a kindred bond with this Brooklyn band (update: who happen to really be from Connecticut). Clearly, they are made up of like-minded psychopaths that have too much time and audio tape on their hands. I played the 7 inch backwards, and a message about disposing of corpses was exposed. Twisted? You bet. But just the kind of music you need to scare your parents when they no longer fear rappers.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Biosexual – The Window Wants the Bedroom (2013)

When I go vinyl digging, I find many copies of Van Halen, and very few experimental releases. Perhaps it is the ultra-limited nature of this genre, or the overly collectable mindset of those who partake in it, but these types of releases exist for a short period of time online and at select shops and then seem to fade into obscurity.

This Sacramento based band will assuredly enter that aforementioned place in the history of rock music, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this excellent release. Put out on vinyl by Debacle Records, it finds itself comfortably dancing between scratching eclecticism and reverb heavy pop hooks. If you didn’t already know, that is where you want to find your experimental record (take a note kids). I loved Sleigher, but I will allow you to pick your own favorite track.

Get it here:

Monday, November 4, 2013

EP Grab Bag vol. 45

The passing of Loud Reed has surely been a loss for the living. By all means, he was one of the greatest rock musicians and songwriters of all time. He influenced every musician featured on this website, whether they know it or not. I look forward to hearing his albums down here in Hell, but you’ll just have to wait till you’re dead to hear them. In fact, I see him jamming with George Harrison as I write this.

Here are some bands that have stolen from Lou Reed.

Milwaukee’s best beer is a bit shit, but these kids ain’t. Quick, gloomy pop songs that the angry and depressed can play when looking for something to dance to in their studio apartments. Polished and competent with just the right vocals to run beside the guitar licks.


Country surf? Not as new a concept as you may think, but this lo-fi recording of twangy songs to play on your board are entertaining and agreeable. Since they guys are form Minneapolis, you can fight them when they try and take the best waves at your local beach. Just buy a CD from the kids later.


If Lou Reed taught us anything, it was that bigger than life records with lots of noodling do not a good record make. Reed predates the home recording era, but those early Velvet Underground tracks demonstrate his love for the real and the simple when it comes to making music. Wasteland from Australia is slurry and snotty, but it carries Reed’s message about honesty and truth, and so it is worth a free download.


Not sure how to describe this, but it’s catchy pop-rock from Virginia. There is nothing offensive about it, which is unfortunate. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Reed never went entirely down the experimental rabbit hole, but his recordings pushed boundaries and showed a generation of musicians that playing with sounds and simple chords could be as effective as well considered and performed guitar solos. The first track from this Lancaster band almost sounds like a Velvet Underground track in fact. Mood and tone are key to this release, and they have put together a fine soundtrack to my drinking and Lou Reed ruminations.


This is a fine band to end on. This act from the Netherlands, fronted by one of the best female vocalists I have heard this year, blasts through this rockin’ garage rock single like they just finished off a case of Rolling Rock and don’t give a shit if their neighbors hear. Loud Reed may be dead, but he will live on in acts like this that continue to create music that the common man can both enjoy and be challenged by.

Graham Repulski - Over the Shit Rainbow (2013)

Here is a little secret for all you followers of Steve Jobs: nothing can replace audio tape when it comes to recording music. I have made tunes with countless programs and tools over the years, but nothing can touch the warmth reel-to-reel or cassettes capture. It has gotten to be a bit trendy with the trendy types to decry audio tape as nothing more than nostalgia. Those same critics have likely not attempted to recorded a psychedelic pop extravaganza to 4 track either.

I can't think of a more fucked up state than New Jersey, and thus I find myself with their very own Graham Repulski. It has some fucked-up Casio beat with down-tuned bass and guitar lines that capture the wonder of a recording session fueled by booze and inspiration. The tape (going for only 4 bucks) provides just enough surreal lyricism to match the rhythmic baselines, and should sit on your cassette shelf before hipsters turn on the format and leave it to the Black Metal legions again.

Get it here:
Graham Repulski - Over the Shit Rainbow (2013)