Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Graham Repulski - Portable Grindhouse (2014)

I penned a few words about this New Jersey band some time ago, and they have been nice enough to keep me up to date on their releases (I always appreciate a cassette in the mail). Between my last review, they have put out a slew of releases on both tape and CD, further exploring the messy noise pop they are now known for. Cuts and snippets of audio tape is crammed together around fuzzed out, melodic hooks, and covered in a healthy dose of distortion and tape hiss. This is not music for everyone, but what is? "I Shot an Arrow in the Air" was my favorite track of this release, but "Chainsaw Lollipop" was a close second.

Get it here:
Graham Repulski - Portable Grindhouse (2014)

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