Monday, March 31, 2014

Pridjevi - Pridjevi (2014)

Pridjevi is from Croatia of three songwriters including one of which from a band I posted 3 years ago, East-Ra. Like East-Ra's albums this release is psychedelic and slightly avant-garde, however Pridjevi is seems to belong more to the sister genre dream pop. The songs are composed with incredible talent that is immediately heard in the first track, using a fine mixture of Eastern and Western elements befitting Croatia's position in the transitional area of Europe, which is only enhanced by the siren singing in Croatian (I assume). Likewise brilliantly uses electronic effects to subtly create a soundscape that summons to mind any manner of Eastern European fantasies. Perhaps, I've been overly historical in my references, a thing I can do easily; but if I have it is disingenuous superbly modern and engaging. Just look at that fucking album art, surrealist to an extreme. I found this album quite literally intoxicating and cannot recommend it enough.

To be had here:
Pridjevi - Pridjevi

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Purée Dure - Dans les jardins du temple (2014)

Woke up to find this as my only new email the other day and I decided that instead of my usual routine of hearing depressing news first thing from NPR or the BBC as I get dressed I'd play whatever this French-looking thing is. I'm glad I did so as I was pretty immediately enjoying the sound of this jazzy electronic music. The horn playing is heavy on the top with a really catchy mixture of percussion and electronically produced effects backing it up. I won't call it smooth, because it isn't that snooze-fest bullshit sort of jazz, however it is subtly crafted and hypnotic with its repetition. It isn't officially released until the 24th of April, but it can be streamed now and bought digitally. I hope it has the alluring affect on you that its had on me.

To be had here:
Purée Dure - Dans les jardins du temple

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Car Seat Headrest - Nervous Young Man (2013)

I've long been a fan of this artist believing his lo-fi songwriting to be some of the best that ever got submitted to the blog. Last time I noticed that he didn't notify me that he had a release I wrongfully chastised him, but this time I am glad he is still out there making music at all. His name is William Toledo but Car Seat Headrest is his moniker for his music. And that music is a warm, mildly psychedelic indie singer-songwriter that structured fantastically for my lo-fi loving ears. He doesn't shy away from long tracks, routinely going over 5 minutes but a few times exceeding 15. All this allows for a song to shift throughout as any listener to post-tock will know, but this isn't post-rock, rather it's lo-fi rock and roll that is at moments garage, others shoegazey, and still others pop but throughout it is a wonderful application of relatively few instruments into an amazingly cohesively sound. Moreover, like I recently praised the Secret Motorbikes for, these songs beg you to paid attention to the lyrics and absorb a message beyond the song, and this especially true because of the often sparse use of noisy instrumentation that makes a void to be filled, and is done so effectively. This is a rather long album, just so you all know, but totally worth it should you allow yourself the time. Additionally, if you like this you'll love his other releases including the previously posted Twin Fantasy and Monomania.

To be had here:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Kanoi - Miles Away From Home: Live At Arnbach (2014)

I am pretty fucking excited to share this album. Firstly, it was recorded live in the town of Osttirol, Austria. Secondly, found this album to be notable, and not just because it is a live recording, which is a relatively rare thing for this blog. Because while the live recording does give it an atmosphere that makes one wish to be at the venue, it also strips the whole album of a polished feel and makes it more lo-fi and visceral. I cannot stress enough that you just keep listening despite the sorta slow start, it really does grow into a genuine pleasure to hear the ambient soundscapes evolve into shoegaze tracks with twisty psychedelic guitar parts. I can't stress it enough, this guitar playing is like a slow motion rocket to the moon. Also the German banter between tracks has a charm that has sparked the strongest sense of wanderlust in me. It is sorta like reading the part of a novel by Hermann Hesse where the character realizes they need to pick their shit up and move. What I mean is that the tracks are epic. Sonic journey's in their own right that provide a sense of movement despite the physical passiveness of listening. The whole album is really fucking awesome and I cannot stop listening to it. 

To be had here:
Kanoi - Miles Away From Home: Live At Arnbach

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ah God - Ah Fuck (2013)

This almost slipped past us in all the submissions, but I was digging rather deep into the pile the other day and it caught my eye. A Portland, Oregon based shoegaze/post-punk band is just the sort of thing I am in the mood for this evening, so probably far overdue I here's Ah God. It is really lo-fi, in case you're worried. They've truly carried forth that post-punk DIY approach by having everything washed out further than soda can on the high seas, it the lyrics are nearly completely indecipherable and the bass and guitar booming with fuzz. Back when this was submitted a music video was sent along, which you can still watch, but it is for their new single "Total Dose" that is also on bandcamp for free. Good for anyone that liked Wavepool Abortion or The Dictaphone. Only now that I finished writing this shit up did I think that this is something Amazing Larry should have gonna a crack at first...

To be had here:
Ah God - Ah Fuck

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sprïng - Celebrations (2014)

Sprïng might have an umlaut but don't let them fool you into believing they're a Nordic metal band, though I would not be surprised if they've listened to some of heavy rock from Scandinavia. In reality they're from Vancouver and make psychedelic rock that incorporates some elements of both hard and math rock in their guitar freak outs and intermittent use of choppy, angular playing. However, naturally for a psychedelic band they've got influence from 60s groups to numerous to name. This isn't to say they'll don't have melodic and dreamy tracks as well, but rather that they vacillate among a range of tones while very skillfully maintaining a theme throughout the album, which is a sort of surrealistic yet happy. The music is blends their various instruments, as they're all multi-instrumentalist, into a just-chaotic-enough state. Finally, while all the members are experienced musicians that've played in several different groups, a couple of them were in SSRIs, which I hadn't heard of previously but are also quite awesome (and on bandcamp still).

To be had here:
Sprïng - Celebrations

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

EP Grab Bag vol. 56

Here are what I pulled out from the inbox this time, with a bit more of a mix in genres which I hope will keep everyone pleased.

To be had here:
Yelephants - You Look Divorced (2014)

Lo-fi garage rock from New Orleans to begin this bag with. No reason not to come right out with it, this EP is fucking golden. Washed out singing, fuzzed out guitars and smashing cymbals are a highway straight to my music-loving heart and Yelephants are exceeding the speed limit. Can't recommend it enough, most especially if you liked last grab bag's Geyser and another favorite of mine, Fun Guns.
Teenage Exorcists - Teenage Exorcists (2014)

If you listen to the podcast you'll have already heard at least one track from these guys and know that we're united in our unabashed love it, even, almost unbelievably, Craig. It sum it up for others, it is wonderful summertime garage pop from California like their friends the Summer Twins that Elvis posted recently. Pay attention to the lyrics, as they are a huge part of how charming this band is. With any luck they won't keep us waiting for a full-length.

Honks Berry - Painted EP (2014)

Change of pace to some electronic music, a rather genre-defining style but certainly on the mellower side. Coming all the way from Sweden this EP was released by the Brooklyn label, Outward Records. The songs have rather eclectic instrumentation mixed with ambient sounds for a tender, jazzy vibe. Some of the instruments even sound like children's toys which adds a whimsical element. I nice way to come down after all the garage rock before you give yourself a nervous disorder or whatever.

Great Reversals & Sunlight Ascending - Split 7" (2014)

Two bands to check out with this 7" and it is available still on vinyl at their website for $5, and they're kind enough to let you have it digitally regardless (just click on the other image on the left side of the page to get to the other track). Great Reversals are a Detroit band with hardcore/post-metal sound and Sunlight Ascending are a more strictly instrumental post-rock group. While Great Reversals don't play a style I often find myself seeking out I did find this track to be righteous. Sunlight Ascending seem to have firm handle on how to make building and suspenseful post-rock song. Overall a good initial exposure to each of these bands and hopefully only a preview of what they're gonna produce.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Emperors of Gnouv – Masters of the Galaxy (2014)

Lord knows I love me some Prog music! Yep, even the stuff that others hate, so feel safe sending me your concept albums about the life cycle of a salamander without fear of chastisement. Anyone who sends in a submission with text detailing the space odyssey their record is attempting to emulate gets a few points in my book. Better yet, as I am preparing to head back down to San Diego in the next few days (and record a special edition of the podcast related to said city), I was eager to pull together a few submissions from the sunny city by the border. In walks Emperors of Gnouv to meet both demands. With a band name like that, and a record titled “Masters of the Galaxy,” you know a psychedelic experience is just on the horizon.

The group has crafted some beautiful and melodic progressive rock that brings to mind Camel and early Genesis records. Lots of odd time signatures and processed guitar lines are placed next to tricky base lines are stacked on high, with few vocals to be found. Best yet, this stuff is danceable and fresh enough to be put on stage with dance punk acts, and the drug addled crowd would hardly know the difference. I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys do next.

Get it here:
Emperors of Gnouv – Masters of the Galaxy (2014)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thollem/Chase – Dub Narcotic Session (2014)

I woke up this morning looking for some experimental music. Something off-kilter and disjointed to complement the poppy melodies discussed on the previous day’s podcast. While gazing at my awesome physique in the shower, I listened to the newest episode of the legendary Beats in Space podcast, and made it my goal to dig deep into the submission box for something weird and otherworldly. Thankfully New Atlantis Records was there to make my day.

Thollem/Chase are two mainstays of the experimental music scene in New York. Thollem McDonas is an established pianist, and Brian Chase is the drummer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This set was recorded live for K Records Dub Narcotic Sessions, and is everything you want from both your jazz and your punk: intensity, uncertainty, and a willingness to buck any known trend to make something new and remarkable. This isn't music for a swinging dance party or a Mohawk gathering of crusty types. This is music to demolish even the most jaded and far-reaching music aficionado. Enter if you dare.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Space Rock Mountain Podcast 4

1.       Feefawfum – Sourpuss
3.       L’orange – Her Sins
5.       The Moofs – Xanax
Lost and Found
2.       Nolan Strong and the Diablos – Yea Baby, It’s Because of You
3.       Weekend – Rosaries
Life Through Music
1.       The Who - I’m One

Friday, March 21, 2014

Circassian - Hantse Guashe (2014)

What's this, more Greek music? Yeah, I wasn't lying when I said we've got a lot of in coming in lately, so here's another notable submission I ran across trying to thin the herd. When I read the name of this band and saw that they had tagged it "anatolian rock" I got excited thinking about stories by Mikhail Lermontov and my favorite Turkish band, Les Mogol. While I don't think conjuring those up will mean shit to most of you it gave me a chance to plug two things I greatly enjoyed. In a more genuine effort to summarize this band I will begin with saying they an Athens-based neo-psychedelic rock group, and in that much akin to the Moofs I recently posted about. However, the music has what the band itself refers to as "pseduocultured influences" worked in. So while bearing many of the attributes one could expect from the psychedelic sound, they did an excellent job at incorporating some elements of Asian and African music resulting a more unique tone to the album that gets rather close to krautrock at times. These guys have seemingly embraced their geographic heritage as a crossroad for cultures on the edge of Europe and the results are subtle and not overblown showiness, but a contained and self-aware reflection of that position. What I mean by that is that if I nor the band explained those influence you might have listened to it and just found it to be a fine release. If these Greeks keep impressing me so consistently I might just have to go there someday and check the place out.

To be had here:
Circassian - Hantse Guashe

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Glass Men - Black Diamond Express to Hell, pt. VII

Sioux Trails Records is back at it with another fine EP. While the releases I have heard thus far from the label have been in the experimental/freak folk field of sound, these guys are fuzzed out, jammy goodness. As "This is the Night" rolled past its fifth minute, the rhythmic distortion hit its high point, and more powerful forces were summoned. "This music belongs to no one" I heard grumble from down the hall, and to that I agreed. When you are attempting to bring  terror in the listener's heart, the melodies should belong to no living soul. They likely have owners from down in Hell, and seeing that this is the 7th part, I would love to know which ghoul claims its earlier forms.

Get it here:
Glass Men - Black Diamond Express to Hell pt. VII

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Moofs - Other Side Story (2002)

The Moofs were a band from Patras, Greece who have recently remastered their album and are sharing again. They played rather chilled out and psychedelic alt/indie rock. It is funny that they've got a track called "Xanax" as the album sounds like an much faster set of rock anthems drugged into a slower tempo, and it is pretty awesome. The vocals are dragged out just enough for this feeling to sink in and the bass thumps along at a sedated pace in the beginning of tracks. The tone is evocative of a warm summer evening by the sea just diddling around with some rock and roll, which is what I hope Patras is like ever so much. I am glad they chose to remaster and share this album, because even if they're not active any longer I enjoy sharing good albums like this on the site. Hopefully there are more albums laying around people will tell us about from their music-making experiences. Finally, there seems to be a trend of Greek and other Eastern European submissions and I just wanna say I think it is righteous to be getting the attention of so many artists from the other side of the globe and welcome those international submissions wholeheartedly.

To be had here:
The Moofs - Other Side Story

Monday, March 17, 2014

EP Grab Bag vol. 55

Last time I poached from the top of the submission pile in an a fit of laziness (excuse my oxymoronic phrase). These I dug a bit deeper into so my apologies to the musicians for the tardiness but better late than never as they say.

To be had here:
White Owl - Death to White Owl EP (2014)

Coming from Bristol, UK is the lo-fi garage rock band White Owl. I am aware of at least one member of this band having been in the previously written-up, now defunct group, the Moles. It's slow, humming sort of garage sung with a hypnotic British accent that gives it a romantic quality to my decidedly American ears. It gets quite psychedelic, especially the guitar playing, yet they've also a healthy amount of punk. These four lovely tracks left me wishing they already had a full-length for me to hear. Also get their prior EP, Death to the Blind Owl.

Phooey! - Hello, Doubt (2014)

Straight out of the international headlines and to your ears come the youth of Ukraine, this time with a six track EP. Phooey! reminds me of The Floral Prints from the last Grab Bag with their skirting screamo at times. However, the real shining songs on this EP are the latter ones as they become more bizarrely psych-pop (who would have guessed I preferred that, eh?). They most certainly got me pondering on what direction they'll go from here.

 Geyser - Geyser (2014)

Post-punk/garage rock from, well I am not sure (hopefully they tell me). This EP caught my attention immediately and held it firm. Four excellently crafted rock songs that I am sure I'll be playing frequently in the days to come. It is heavy guitar and unintelligible singing that one could liken to Oblivions, the Hiss or even those defunct but not forgotten South African wonders the Revelators. I loved every second of the EP and positively demand more from this group.

Kudzu - Fliesch Parade (2014)

Remember this awesome album by the Gorlons that we shared with you all here and on the podcast? Well, it just so happens the keyboardist and bassist of that outfit play in another band called Kudzu. This is there EP from January this year, and it is four solid psychedelic tracks. While all the songs are short and ridiculously easy to re-listen to over and over, I love the very short "Same Wife" and it has served as a tiny anthem for me lately. Not sure why, never had a wife at all.

Feefawfum - Feefawfum (2013)

Quite late of to the game on this one, but it got lost in the shuffle. However, I decided to post it now anyway because it is pretty bizarre and that sort of shit as been really tickling my fancy lately. Feefawfum are from Montreal and they play experimental music in the vein of Captain Beefhart and the Minutemen, and they also cite prog influence such as King Crimson. Trust me it is weird, like totally weird, but it is cool and jazzy all the same and I had little trouble getting into it.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014

Secret Motorbikes - Rum Punch (2014)

A full-length from the Glasgow garage rock band, Secret Motorbikes. Welcome news to me, as I was familiar with their EP from a couple of years ago, This Is Not A Hostel. They've maintained their fuzzed out guitars and catchy beats to great affect, however what caught my ear the most was that unlike much garage I listen to these days I could understand the lyrics rather immediately and while this is sometimes a mixed bag, I found the words to these tunes most endearing. They spoke of a resistance to give up youthful tomfoolery for adulthood, embarrassment from uncertainty in oneself and revelations of one's own folly. It seems rather smoothed out though, like it could be heard on the radio at a supermarket at times, but it would still be the best thing you'd hear there in years. I think they've got a nice angle with the sweetness and lo-fi, and I have no doubt a great many people will love this album if they take the time to hear it. Next time I want this with more distortion and speed on some tracks, not that my vote matters. Do check out "All Over Again," "Shark Bites" and "Eating and Sleeping" if nothing else. 

If you liked them get your hands on there other 2012 EP, I Get Up, which I missed out on posting for whatever dumbfuck reason.

To be had here:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Zapaska - KONTUR (2014)

Zapaska is a Ukrainian duo from the capital city of Kiev. Their music is both beautiful and mysterious, drawing on elements of rock, 90's club, Ukrainian folk, and hip hop -- all under the umbrella of electronic pop. A veritable smorgasbord of genres, which I'm a huge fan of because it keeps the ears stimulated and I get to use the word "smorgasbord".  Speaking of Swedish things, Zapaska's music reminds me a little of Swedish bands like Whale and The Knife, in the female/male vocals of the former and the occasional, strangely processed vocals of the latter. Some really great beats are present on KONTUR, the group's third release, and with the melodic guitar work and decidedly lo-fi production value, the output of English producer Bibio also comes to mind.

There's an overarching melancholy to Zapaska's music. Not depressing, but almost a fun melancholy -- like a Ukrainian version of the Portuguese "saudade".  And while I'm not sure what the songs are about, in an interview, member Pavel Nechitailo spoke to the emotion of the Ukrainian people and Zapaska's music, "It's as if there are special pylons everywhere, giving off radio waves that herd people together with misery... and since I'm a native son of these lands, I sing sad songs."

Well, shit.

I find this album has been a great companion to rainy Portland afternoons, and I look forward to playing it during my upcoming DJ night. You're all invited, by the way.

18 tracks:

Zapaska - KONTUR (2014)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lunarmare - Lunarmare (2013)

Here's is Greece's space program, at least it sounds that way. Lunarmare's self-titled release is an extraterrestrial concept album, and if David Bowie taught regarding concept albums, little tops outer space. If have read passed my puns, I'm happy to share with you that although I was eager to make those puns they are not why I posted this album. It is a genuinely intense and well conceived effort by these gentlemen to melt together the awesome industry, mystery and drama of the space race into a collection of songs that can run from heavily distorted, guitar drone laced rock to atmospheric ambient (or perhaps un-atmospheric is a better choice). They can take you on a voyage for sure, as several tracks are in the seven minute range, which I always find useful when trying to lose myself in songs of this sort. It is most certainly a jam band but one that does remind me of Silver Bullets, Wooden Shjips and any number of Godspeed You! Black Emperor related bands (Fly Pan Am,  Silver Mt. Zion, Set Fire to Flames) at their better executed moments.

To be had here:
Lunarmare - Lunarmare (2013)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Summer Twins – Forget Me EP (2013)

I have been a Burger Records fan for some time now. There are few record labels as prolific and dedicated to the garage and punk sounds, and the label has become something of a So-Cal staple among like-minded music aficionados. Not every release is a winner, but with a near constant stream of cassette tapes and vinyl released, there are few labels that work as hard to get new acts to a larger audience than Burger.

One of the best bands to come up on the label’s roster in recent years is Riverside’s Summer Twins. I saw them at the last Burgerama event, and they were a stand out. Made up of two sisters, the pop act has crafted endearing retro-inspired rock’n’roll in a manner that would have made them a huge hit had they existed in the early 1960s. Maybe they are reincarnated members of some bygone garage act, called to earth through witchcraft and black magic to sing the world into tranquility in preparation for a demonic invasion? Less crazy things have happened.

Their newest release is a 7 inch record that includes two of the songs on this EP. The rest are available digitally. Anyone who doesn't care for “Forget Me” no longer has warm blood running through their veins and should not be trusted. 

Get it here:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Dexter Gilmore – Coldiloqs Part 2 – Even Coldi-er (2014)

Here is a pleasant surprise of a submission. This New Orleans musician/vocalist has put together some of the best pop songs submitted to the site in some time. Although the record is tagged under “psychedelic” and “shoegaze,” most fans of those styles may be in for a bombshell upon spinning this set of tunes. After hearing the first two tracks (AdulTS being my favorites on the record), you see that the well of sounds Gilmore is pulling from is much deeper than your average indie act. Sure, everyone borrows a bit from My Bloody Valentine, but how many take an equal dose from Prince? I get a distinct Dirty Mind vibe, with the off-kilter rhythms and twisted synth pulses. I mentioned on the podcast that the indie scene is just about ready for an angular rock revival, but we could also use a weirdo pop rebirth, especially if it means we get more musicians like Dexter Gilmore.  

Get it here:

Sunday, March 9, 2014

EP Grab Bag vol. 54

Here's a latest batch of EPs I pulled out of the inbox and the recesses of my memory, and it seems to be a very garage heavy lot. Always a good thing.

To be had here:
The Drunken Draculas - The Drunken Draculas (2014)

That's right, the new EP by our very own horror-themed garage rockers. Elvis and his bros have really produced a gem here with this set of lo-fi tunes. Released by Totally Wired Records and already taking Vienna by storm, so don't miss your chance to snag up a vinyl pressing of these vampiric boozehounds. I mean really I shouldn't have to explain to y'all why these guys are awesome again, so just get this fucking top notch EP.

The Floral Prints - I Just Wanna "Have Fun" (2014)

There is a group of young teens putting out some rather heavy duty garage rock. If they hadn't tipped me off to their age, I would have never know, for it sure doesn't seem like a teenager singing. It is fast, loud and fuzzy which makes an prefect storm for their punk sound. Does touch on hardcore as well, but the more garage tunes are superior. A great early release, and could be the sign of some fine garage rock releases to come.

Rizoma - Rizoma (2013)

Speaking of hardcore, that's just what is next. Hailing from Madrid is Rizoma with some heavily distorted guitars and crashing cymbals hoping to bring some of the hardest garage punk I've posted up in quite a while. The whole EP is unrelenting and reminds me keenly of the Stooges with a singer that shouted more. However, some of the tracks are instrumental, and not to say anything unfavorable of the singing, but I found these tracks even more exciting as they really seems to show off what they could do.

Different Skeletons - Without Country (2012)

This is another band that I posted a some time ago and spaced on keeping track of. However all this garage rock was reminding me of some of my favorite submissions of the past and Different Skeletons has always remained among them. So when I found this EP I'd not yet posted I was pretty jazzed. Better late than never, here is some of the finest quality garage rock to make its way out of Toronto.

Bully Mammoth - Dunston (2014)

A new EP from Portland's Bully Mammoth, who have been including in prior Grab Bags by Elvis. This is my first real listen to them however, though I do plan to visit their earlier EPs. I found that they had a subtle and sometimes slowed psychedelic rock sound. These are not a fast playing or flashy songs, but tracks that convey plenty of emotion. The singer had me thinking of Tapes 'n Tapes, which I mean as a compliment because I like those guys.

Garrett Linck - Abodes of Owls EP (2014)

Here's the song-writing efforts a college boy from Vermont, now in Portland as well. The first track is over 7 minutes of what sounds like slowcore to me, but afterwards the albums changes into indie singer-songwriter that ranges from more rock to more minimal folk. Additionally, his lyrics are rather interesting, at least enough to keep my engaged. I am curious to see what future output will sound like from this fella.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Space Rock Mountain Episode 2

Take a listen to the new episode. Includes:
1. The Karovas Milkshake – Freak Out Factory 2. Walrus – Banger 3. Dusty Mush – There was More Future 4. Dan Svizeny – Sandra Court 5. Wasnt Wisnt – Standing in Waves

 Lost and Found 1. Edmundo P. Zaldivar – Carnavilito 2. Small Black – Free at Dawn 3. Slint – Nosferatu Man

 Life Through Music Comets on Fire – The Bee and the Cracking Egg

L'Orange - The Mad Writer (2013)

I am a sucker for instrumental Hip-Hop, especially the soulful end of the spectrum. I wrote a short bit about the Berlin based group's previous record which sampled heavily from Billie Holiday records, and their most recent record is well within that vein. While this record doesn't have a single vocalist to root the project's attention, the sound and flow of the record is reminiscent of their past work. Multiple MCs are brought in to help realize the highly cut-together samples and rhythms, making this an excellent example of how the past and present can co-habitat a space politely.

Get it here:
L'Orange - The Mad Writer (2013)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Twin Man - Super Bowl 2 (2014)

What we've got here is a bizarre collection of improvised acoustic numbers done by a buddy of mine back in Michigan. I have posted up other work of his in the past, under a the name Forest Porridge. The songs are mostly sweet, very lo-fi recordings with whimsical lyrics that shows a real poetic if left-field artist. The first track does get racy (in more than one way), but one must expect the irreverent and tongue-in-cheek nature of such a song. Maybe it is my basis as a friend of his, but I find this sort of short-form composition very endearing and supremely easy to listen to repeatedly. I hope that some of you find it that way as well, because it really is a sort of an extreme of the outsider and under exposed sort of artwork that makes deep corners of the internet like this a real valuable asset.

To be had here:
Twin Man - Super Bowl 2

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Supercordas - A Mágica Deriva Dos Elefantes (2012)

I may be a bit late on writing this album up but that is no reason to forego such a talented band. This isn't the first time I posted Supercordas, as I was a huge fan of their previous album, seres verdes ao redor, and only through the various distractions of life lost track long enough to allow this newer album to slip under my radar. To re-introduce the band, Supercordas are a Brazilian psychedelic band that makes what I believe to be superbly produced and composed songs that bear a great deal of influence from the later Beatles albums and Elephant 6 collective. While I know that alone makes them far from unique, certainly among what I post up, but they do it in such a finely tuned way I place them in the cream of the crop. Moreover, they sing entirely in their native Portuguese, which by itself makes it an interesting listen and will point to the powerful influence of Brazil's own longstanding psychedelic tradition with heavy hitters like Caetano Veloso, Os Mutantes and Gilberto Gil. Most ardently recommended to fans of either tropicalia or E6.

To be had here:
Supercordas - A Mágica Deriva Dos Elefantes

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WASNT WISNT - Steel Cut (2013)

Here's something strange from Philly (I bet that sentence is uttered more than you imagine). WASNT WISNT is the project of members of A Sunny Day in Glasgow and formerly of adorably named King Kong Ding Dong. What they've produced here is a mixture of melodic and cacophonous sounds that blends into a wonderfully psychedelic noise pop. While I do admit you might need to get yourself into a headspace to take the most away from this album, don't let the noise and discord scare you away. I found that if you can really dig it and most particularly give them a generous re-listening you'll be more than satisfied with you you'll hear. They are giving some tracks away: Baby Drill, Glossololia, and Random Jamdom. However, I implore you to listen to the whole album on bandcamp especially because I found one of my favorite tracks is Standing in Waves, which seems to be a good microcosm of their style. Plus there you may through these kids some clams if you enjoy their work.

To be had here:

P.S. I wanna say what an excellent job Elvis and Craig did in on the first episode of the Space Rock Mountain Podcast and that I am eager to join them as soon as I can get some audio equipment, although their technical knowledge as actual musicians and not just a fanboy like me is mildly intimidating. Wonderful show and a fine summarization of what I have felt the purpose of this blog is.

Monday, March 3, 2014

EP Grab Bag vol. 53

Well, I am hung over. All that post podcast celebrating resulted in a very inebriated state. Let’s hope some recent submissions will help me push through it. 

Things are off to a good start, as nothing cures a fuzzy head like some fuzzy rock. These lads are from Paris, and while they have released versions of these tracks on a previous release, this is record sounds more realized. Old metal heads who never got used to the post-Slayer era would feel right at home with the Mods and burnouts in this band’s fan base. 

I was a little worried when I heard the band’s name, but this is alright stuff. Twinkly, produced, instrumental post-rock that borrows from the well the Appleseed Cast dug on their Low Level Owl releases. I also have to give it to these kids: for living in Detroit, they come up with some very pretty music that surely sounds out of place in their neighborhood. 

Where is my bloody coffee? How can I have so many things to get me drunk and nothing to help bring me out of it? You might hear Mr. Svizeny’s music at a coffee shop where tattooed cool-kids hang out. Minimal drum machines meet fuzzy guitars; eat cake, and lay back to take in the secluded vocals. No need to hurry, it is a rainy day and all. 

I had a few assumptions come to mind when I received a release from a band called “Twink.” Little did I know that there was no probability I could prepare myself for what was actually in store. Toy instruments are used to create pretty little instrumental ditties. A children’s animated show could use some of this stuff, but to acid induced haze required to make such music likely wouldn’t go over well with the studio executives. 

I need to get myself out the door, so dwelling on a touring band may help get my feet moving. This British act is currently playing gigs throughout their homeland, and is preparing to drop a full length in the coming months. This single from said record (Young at Heart) is everything you liked about the early 90s English music scene, minus the Gallagher brothers. Highly recommended. 

This band is a lot like In-N-Out: they sell only 3 variations of their burger, but you don’t want more than that because they do it so well. I first came across this band when they put out a split tape back in September, but the 4 tracks on this EP have seen them get closer to a noisy, lo-fi aptness. Great vocal range and delivery from the front man, as the band knows just when to relax and let the lyrics stand on their own.  Keep it coming.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Space Rock Mountain Podcast 1

The first episode of the SpaceRockMountain podcast is now live. Subscribe to the feed! The following music is featured:

 1. The Gorlons – Not With My Friends
2. Monster Rally – Lovely You
3. Go Cozy - Glimmer
4. GENIUS – Catch a Job
5. Kramies – The Wooden Heart
6. Shape Breaker – Climb Down Lost and Found
7. Boureima Disco et le Super Bonkaney – Bassitray
8. A Silver Mt. Zion – Austerity Blues (2013)
9. Jimmie Rodgers – Hobo Bill’s Last Ride (1929)
10. Mark Mallman – Butchers Ballad

Expect an episode every other week with new music from the blog and the world at large.