Sunday, May 4, 2014

Suzi Trash - Sleep Through This (2013)

I like Suzi Trash a lot, which surprises me because I'm usually stingy with my love for punk. I first heard of them when randomly stumbling on their So Totally Dissonant record which I wrote up a couple years back. Their sound has changed during that time, the move from Arkansas to Missouri having flushed the cow from their cow-punk to make space for an even meatier, Kanye West sort of sound(read: harder, better, faster, stronger). On their most recent release, Sleep Through This (a title that takes a poke at Hole, which isn't a euphemism for anything), the music strikes a chord with teenage me and the punk bands I used to listen to growing up in eastern Pennsylvania.... bands that no one remembers like Strychnine And The Rat Traps and Mr. Yuk... hard-edged but with flares for humor. This is most evident on the killer track Please Stop Talking To Me.

Suzi Trash has several full lengths on their bandcamp page, all generously made to be free downloads ... all really, really good. If you're in the market for a dose of an exhilarating, punk rock amphetamine while you plant your summer gardens, Suzi Trash is just the pill.

Suzi Trash - Sleep Through This

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