Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ecstatic Sunshine - Yesterday's Work (2009)

I thought the first release, Freckle Wars, by Ecstatic Sunshine to be rather agreeable when it came out. If I do recall correctly it got some rather large press, at least on the internet and such things. Well, pilgrims, this is their follow-up. As bitches on this blog before have expressed, I am a fan of bands trying to be a bit different because I dislike a release that is too similar to previous one. To my ear's considerable pleasure Yesterday's Work varies just enough to keep me interested without losing everything which made the group pleasing to begin with. The most evident of the changes is the use of percussion, which if you were a fan of the first album you'd remember it was naught but twin guitars. Additionally, electronic effects are utilized more liberally throughout the tracks in a subtle yet effective fashion. Overall, far better than I'd hoped for out a second album by this band.

To be had here:
Ecstatic Sunshine - Yesterday's Work [320 kbps]

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mess Folk

This is again garage punk and amongst the roughest shared on the blog. By "rough" I mean one of these is a demo tape which I think you might be able to buy directly from the artists stills. However, the other file here is the 7" that followed on Hozac records and is a higher quality recording of three of the tracks found on the tape. As for who these guys are, they are from Cape Breton, New Brunswick and read the founder describing their sound as "lower middle class white boy blues." Now I know this seems like a the sort of artist that would be submitting to a blog like this for support, but it was the other way around. I hunted these down after I was impressed by what I heard. By the way, I know some bands have sent me some stuff to listen to and decide on posting and I hope to get to that this weekend and if you saw the hassle of cords and programs I had to move music through you'd understand my sluggish nature on this front.

To be had here:
This is Mess Folk [2009] (128 kbps) demo tape

Something I Remember [2009] (256 VBR kbps) 7"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Club 8 - Saturday Night Engine (2003)

Now I know this EP is not new and is easily mock-able should that be your prerogative. Nonetheless, when I find myself listening to to similar music for days or weeks I need to step away from it, but in a calculated fashion. Saturday Night Engine is exciting and quick (for the most part), yet does is in no way like any of the rock I've been posting lately. It was actually a change of pace for the Swedish indie pop duo that made it when it came out years ago, with the title track sounding like a dance floor hit. Over time I've noticed the same thing about another song on the EP, "People Who Would Go for You." Basically, just like a drunken gadabout might stop in at church because the change of scenery is nice, I want to listen to Scandinavian indie pop tunes after binging on garage punk. Oh, and this band still exists and is coming out with music all the time.

To be had here:
Club 8 - Saturday Night Engine [192 kbps]

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Bitters - Have a Nap Hotel (2010)

I just recently snatched up some music by the Bitters because of the frequency I saw their name popping up when reading about some of the other recently posted bands. This absolutely falls within my current theme of noise, punk, and garage. Have a Nap Hotel is just an EP, as I haven't given sufficient listening time to the full-length they've also released this year. As this post is being done shortly before I have to prepare for work I am gonna keep it tight. There's distortion, loud drumming, ghostly singing and all sorts of appealing qualities. Basically, it is a good listen but certainly not the most amazing thing I've heard lately. However, I think that bar is pretty high so see what you think of it and let me know.

To be had here:
The Bitters - Have a Nap Hotel [256 VBR kbps]

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sleigh Bells - Treats (2010)

Straying somewhat from the garage-based agenda of late, Sleigh Bells are more aptly descried as lo-fi electronic/noise pop. I am not really a super motivated guy for concert going, especially working the night shift it can be a difficult, but I would seriously consider trying to see these guys live just because of the level excitement in their music. Then again, I generally dislike people so I doubt it will happen. I think that the female vocals, use of electronic effects, and dance-ability of this album will bring some unfortunate comparisons to M.I.A. (in fact they're signed to her label, N.E.E.T.). However, whereas M.I.A. is a popular musician and has a sound that many enjoyed, for me she didn't experiment enough and shied away from the distorted noise that general radio listeners loathe. More than likely their larger than I realize; they did play pitchfork after all. Nonetheless, for what it is I enjoyed it though I doubt it is a classic. And don't worry, there isn't the terribly annoying gun sound anywhere on here.

To be had here:
Sleigh Bells - Treats [320 kbps] removed by forces beyond my control

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Matt K. Shrugg - Gone Ashtray (2010)

This is another release from Tic Tac Totally. The information I found on Matt K. Shrugg is that he's in the bands Pizzas and Zodiac Killers. I've not gotten the chance to listen to either of these groups, but I easily found this solo album. Naturally, the sound of the record is similar to many of the other posts. Noticing that I have a mild obsession? Anyway, what makes this stand out a bit is that he seems more adventurous in his composition. While there is nothing wrong with the loud garage punk I have posted thus far, in fact I can't get enough of it, this is a nice lesson on how the style can be pushed around. Not every song can be considered as venturesome, but they surely will get the heart pulsating. They're selling this shit on vinyl too, which is pretty great and I don't point that out often enough.

To be had here:
Matt K. Shrugg - Gone Ashtray [320 VBR kbps]

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trash Kit - Trash Kit (2010)

So I saw this on a link somewhere as similar to Comanechi, so I tread down that rabbit hole with vigor. The first thing I noticed about Trash Kit is their heavy usage of angular guitar melodies to such a degree that could be mistaken for a math rock band. If anything is, this is a good mistake. Undoubtedly, the cause of the comparison to Comanechi is the female vocals, and indeed this groups is comprised of females, but that doesn't matter as far as how righteous their sound is. In fact, the crooning of the singer reminds me of famous garage rocker, Holly Golightly. The best part of about the album is the brilliant composition short tracks. While I like wild trashing about considered as a song, this band did more than that and it is really worth hearing.

To be had here:
Trash Kit - Trash Kit [320 kbps]

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moonhearts - Moonhearts (2010)

I've taken a fancy toward these follow-up posts. Anyhow, I recently posted the debut Charlie and the Moonhearts album. Upon looking down more information on them, I discover they've dropped the beginning of the name and opted for just Moonhearts and have just released a self-titled album on the most excellent label, Tic Tac Totally. Similiarly to the previous album, this is a loud garage punk sound, but somewhat differently the influence of surf rock is diminished. The whole thing makes for a really good solid listening, and in the middle the interlude breakdown at the opposing ends of Deathstar pts 1 and 2 were surprisingly exciting. This album snapped me into attention I will do well not to forget soon.

To be had here:
Moonhearts - Moonhearts [256 VBR kbps]

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Fresh & Onlys - The Fresh & Onlys (2009)

I actually acquired this album a few months ago, and I can't seem to recall from who or where. It is a pretty damned sweet example of psychedelic garage rock. I often see them floating around on the internet in association with Thee Oh Sees, Ganglians, and so on. Thus it was likely just a matter of time until I posted them. Personally, they remind me of The Gris Gris, despite not really listening to them for a bit. Their name is rather apt in my mind, at very least the "fresh" part, for it seems they're trying to remake the style of 60s psych bands but without coming off hackneyed. One thing that makes them stand out in my mind is how much more toned down they sound after listening to all the garage punk I have been playing on rotation. It is still lo-fi but way smoother, yet no less enjoyable because of it. Plus, liberal use of the harmonica has never rubbed me wrongly yet.

To be had here:
The Fresh & Onlys - The Fresh & Onlys [256 VBR kbps]

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nisennenmondai - Destination Tokyo (2008)

Nisennenmondai, beside being a nearly unimaginably difficult to say name, is a Japanese noise trio. Their music is fully instrumental and they seem to favor long, building tracks. Almost sound like what a band like Battles might be if they took out vocals and loud guitar playing. Now, I know that can sound unappealing, but I assure you it is really mesmerizing and rather joyful sounding.

To be had here:
Nisennenmondai - Destination Tokyo [224 VBR kbps]

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comanechi - Crime Of Love (2009)

It is simply a mistake on my part not to have posted this earlier. Back when this blog was pretty new I posted an EP by Comanechi that I'd become enamored with and still go back to listen to regularly. While those were rough cuts of some of the tracks that appear on this debut album by this English duo. It is some rather intense garage punk/noise that falls in line with bands like Coachwhips, the Hunches, and the Intelligence. Unlike those groups though, it features a female vocalist which begs comparisons to Best Coast or Vivian Girls, but I do believe quite noticeably Comanechi is heavier and louder. She is one of the hottest singers I've seen though, I suggest googling some photos. I really recommend this if you've been keen on the other garage stuff about lately.

To be had here:
Comanechi - Crime Of Love [192 VBR kbps]

I have decided to re-share the EP by Comanechi as well, for the versions of the songs that appear on both are from a previous recording session and are considerably rougher. In some ways I like them even better.

Comanechi - One Pervert Knows Another (2004) [133 VBR kbps]