Saturday, January 30, 2010

Steve Reich - Different Trains (1988)

I posted this on my blog months ago but decided to repost it because it's amazing.
Broken up into three movements (Before the War, During The War, After the War), Different Trains utilizes minimalistic orchestral arrangements, vocal samples and digitally transposed recordings of trains used during World War II from Europe and America to offer up a modern classical composition musical perspective of the war. From Wikipedia:

"During the war years, Reich made train journeys between New York and Los to visit his parents, who had separated. Years later, he pondered the fact that, as a Jew, had he been in Europe instead of the United States at that time, he might have been travelling in Holocaust trains."

What really makes this album interesting is how Steve Reich uses samples of voice taken from interviews about their experiences during WWII and builds melodies based on the cadence of their words (an idea also used in Charles Spearin's 'The Happiness Project') and perfectly integrates things like war sirens into the overall structure of the compositions. Chilling and beautiful stuff. A good starter place for Steve Reichs' music.

DOWNLOAD: Steve Reich - Different Trains

The Hospitals

Not particularly sure why I've decided to share these albums now. There's never a bad time, I suppose. The Hospitals are a noise rock duo from Portland, Oregon. They're sorta like Lightning Bolt yet they stick closer to the garage rock side of the spectrum of noise rock whereas I think of Lightning Bolt as more math rock related. Really splitting hairs as it is all loud and abrasive in the end. The albums are not really that new but they're something to stop and visit if you missed them when they were released. Filled with pounding drums, charged howling and fuzzed out guitar the two of them can make for a raunchy listen. Also of note is that Rob Enbom of Eat Skull cut his teeth in this group and fellow member Rod Meyer was once in the Hospitals too (though I believe he left before these recordings). Hope you enjoy the offering, pilgrims.

To be had here:

The Hospitals (2003) [192 kbps]

I've Visited The Island Of Jocks and Jazz (2005) [160 kbps]

Friday, January 29, 2010

Arthur Russell - World of Echo (1986)

An amazing unique album by the late Athur Russell that I've really warmed up to lately. The majority of the songs are relatively bare, but full of emotion. The first time I listed to this I was really struck by Russell's fragile effected vocals and sporadic bursts of cello, but I began to love it's haunted atmosphere. His songs aren't like anything I've heard before. Stands in hard contrast to Arthur Russells' past catalogue of work of bizarre disco-influenced dance music. Some highlights: "Place I Know / Kid Like You", "Answers Me", "Wax The Van", "Soon To Be".

DOWNLOAD: Arthur Russell - World of Echo

Tropical Pills - Wind Seconds (2010)

This is an EP from the overabundance that I have been sent since making my e-mail address known. I won't lie, I don't get around to listening to most of them, but this was a short one and I was feeling lucky. Indeed it was worth my while, a good noisy EP is never something to dismiss too quickly. In the brief four songs found on this EP, Tropical Pills made me think of them as between Le Shok and Erase Errata (not the vocals though). Certainly a good beginning for these Chicago-based musicians, but it isn't as honed a sound as they guys could be given some time. Lucky for us I've been told another one is in production right now, so hopefully that'll be coming soon.

To be had here:
Tropical Pills - Wind Seconds [160 kbps]

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Furry Animals colossal post

My friend called me the other night as said he's got a British professor that liked to talk about music throughout class. Too bad none of my classes are like that, eh. Anyhow as he is a British fella he hasn't any good reason not to know of the Super Furry Animals and their long-lived exploits. So as per my friend's request here are all of the SFA releases I possess. Since they've been around for a bit now and they don't shy away from a variety of influences the band as been identified in many genres and movements through their career. In essence I think of them as a neo-psychedelia group, as in they're of a later generation of fine psych rock. SFA were at the forefront of an emergence of Welsh bands in the 90s when Fuzzy Logic was released. It was assembled as Ffa Coffi Pawb disbanded. Drummer Dafydd Ieuan and lead vocalist/guitarist Gruff Rhys gathered the remained members and formed SFA and pumped out consistent albums ever since. Other than their break through debut in Fuzzy Logic, they produced some great albums over the years of which one of my favorites is Mwng. This is because it is sung fully in Welsh, this also applies for the early EPs Moog Droog and Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwllantysiliogogogochynygofod (in Space). Something that should never been attempted to be spoken aloud. Although they've been doing this for a long time and some bands become less potent with the extended releasing of material, SFA has held their own rather well (unlike Of Montreal in my opinion). Some albums are better than other, alas there are more qualified persons than me to point out which is which. Nonetheless, certainly there isn't a bad one. I don't have every single/EP they've come out with, but I do have three that don't feature material on the full-length albums. I apologize for the shitty bit rates on some of these, I have had them from a really fucking long time and never got higher quality ones.

To be had here:

Fuzzy Logic (1996) [160 kbps]

Radiator (1997) [160 kbps]

Guerrilla (1999) [128 kbps]

Mwng (2000) [192 kbps]

Rings Around the World (2001) [160 kbps]

Phantom Power (2003) [192 kbps]

Love Craft (2005) [128 kbps]

Hey Venus! (2007) [192 VBR kbps]

Dark Days/Light Years (2009) [320 kbps]

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwllantysiliogogogochynygofod (in space) EP (1995) [192 kbps]

Moog Droog (1995) [192 kbps]

Ice Hockey Hair (1998) [128 kbps]

Friday, January 22, 2010

Actual Water - Double Negatives (2008)

I've only been living in Toronto since the beginning of last November and only have had the opportunity to make it out to a handful of local shows, so there are still a bunch of specific bands I'm fiending to see. I mostly stay in my apartment listening to or recording music and making enough vegetable stirfry to fell an ox. One band in particular I've been really digging is Actual Water, a ?-piece garage punk band that takes a sexy amount of influence from the propulsive motorik-laden psychrock bands of 1970s Germany and post-punk bands from the same era like the Fall, Swell Maps, etc... but yeah, this album fucking rocks. The further you get into it, the more you see how far their influences actually reach. The instrumental / ambient break right in the middle comes as a welcome and unexpected surprise. Makes me think of Cryptograms-era Deerhunter.

DOWNLOAD: Actual Water - Double Negatives

Kuupuu - Lumen tähden (2009)

I might not have ever explained on here that in my spare time I like to make alcohol. I haven't been at it for terribly long, but I do find making wines out of fruit to be one of the easier and in the case of bananas one of the cheaper. However, when making fruit wine one can not leave enough room in the fermentor, leading to it bubbling up through the airlock and onto the ground, potentially ruining the entire batch. I am pretty fucking sure when I found this had taken place this morning that it is a metaphor for two things, one of which I am prepared to share with you. The sugary banana booze to be that is running on Spacerockmountain floors is another Finnish band. Kuupuu is the name of this solo act by Jonna Karanka. She's played in some good Finnish groups, but this work on her own is well worth a listen in any of the previous Finnish music I shared caught your ear. It is very much along the same lines, but the electronics are veiled a bit more, appearing mostly as loops and altered vocals to create an ethereal sound.

To be had here:
Kuupuu - Lumen tähden [320 kbps]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brian Eno - Another Green World (1975)

I listened to this record in its' entirety more than anything else over the Christmas break and it's grown to be one of my favourite records of probably ever. The story behind this record is really interesting (which can be explored further in this book). Brian Eno amassed a bunch of musicians to make this album and entered the studio with no demos, ideas or preconceptions whatsoever about what this album was going to be or sound like. He utilized every tool and creative facet available to him to turn out this beautiful self-produced record. This was all before he produced his ambient records, though with about 75% of the record being instrumental passages, it's pretty obvious to see what direction he was going to be headed in. I love every second of this album.

DOWNLOAD: Brian Eno - Another Green World

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ganglians - Monster Head Room (2009)

I got laid off today and I'm overjoyed. That job was incredibly terrible and now I am free to do something good for once. Basically, post on the blog and trying to get an internship involving the production of my favorite beverages beer, mead or coffee. On to the music though, Monster Head Room is different feel than the more or less contemporary release, Woodsist. Well, identifiably the same of the same genesis, this album has a way more lively feel compared to warped sound of Woodsist. The band I can't help but think of when listening to this album is the Beach Boys. Naturally, one must assume a Beach Boys that formed this decade and where shaped by modern musical trends and weren't overly concerned with surfing. Some of the songs appear on both of the release, but in alternative versions, which is always the preferable way to issue tracks more than once. The album is overwhelming happy, and I find it is exactly what a freshly unemployed young man like me requires.

To be had here:
Ganglians - Monster Head Room [256 VBR kbps]

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Love Language - The Love Language (2009)

This has been blazing in my mind since the other night when I first listened to the Love Language, that they remind me of something. Something musical that I have heard before. For the damned life of me I can't put a name for it and it is driving me insane. In a desperate attempt for aid in this mind-sickening quest I am asking for you to tell me what this bands reminds you of. I've looked about on the usual sites that speak of likewise groups to so-and-so artist, but they've not identified what I am thinking about. What I can tell you is that they're lo-fi and remind me of a certain sweet pop music place that nuzzles up to noise and 60s garage rock without crossing any lines into said genres. It is mostly the song "Lalita" that is driving my insanity at the moment. What is even creepier is that they're the second band from North Carolina in a row on the blog. How about them apples, motherfuckers.

To be had here:
The Love Language - The Love Language [224 VBR kbps]

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ahleuchatistas - Of The Body Prone (2009)

They've got a long, confusing-to-say name for sure, but unlike other bands with that characteristic posted recently these guys are not Finnish. In fact, they're from a city that is not often summoned in musical my conversations, Asheville, North Carolina. The group has been releasing full-length albums since at least 2004, this merely being the freshest in the series of noteworthy math rock sagas. I snatched this up as soon as I found it recalling how much I enjoyed their previous work and as I'd not heard any math rock in a bit it was an enlivening reminder why the genre is sorely underrepresented. Hear they've got a new drummer on this album too, who's not bad at all in my humble opinion. A surely pleasurable experience for fans of math rock or noisier post-rock.

To be had here:
Ahleuchatistas - Of The Body Prone [320 kbps]

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Casino Verus Japan - Casino Versus Japan (1998)

The first album released by the electronic / ambient musician Erik Kowalski, or Casino Versus Japan in 1998 which has become notoriously to find hard copies of. While I see his later works as more electronic music with ambient influences (similar to BoC) this 4-section album is far more ambient and minimal in nature, and for me, is much more emotionally evocative. This, and the rest of Kowalskis' discography is an often overlooked existence of songs that any fan of atmospheric or ambient music should get excited about. I really clicked with this album the second or third time I really listened to it, and it continues to be a huge influence on the way I approach loop-based, vignetted or ambient timbres.

DOWNLOAD: Casino Versus Japan - S/T Part 1
DOWNLOAD: Casino Versus Japan - S/T Part 2

Wet Hair - Glass Fountatin (2009)

More drone, delicious drone. Wet Hair is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of the dissolution of the fantastically amazing Raccoo-oo-oon. Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes stuck it out in Iowa City and began making fresh tunes under the Wet Hair moniker. It has all required trappings for sterling drone music. I have to get to class early today, for like usual I didn't buy any books despite classes beginning already. Good thing this is the final semester.

To be had here:
Wet Hair - Glass Fountatin [192 kbps]

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Volcano Choir - Unmap (2009)

Being a bit of a lummox in my listening habits, I sometimes download things, things I am told are good and appear to highly enjoyable. Then I place them in the heap and forget to listen to them for weeks, sometimes months, and when I get to them you can bet your ass I am on hear mocking my own foolishness and recommending any others withholding submit. Therefore, as you may logically have concluded, I am here to add my voice to the clamoring thralls and say I loved Volcano Choir. Only whilst listening to them and deciding to read more did I find that they're connected with Collections of Colonies of Bees. I like to think if I knew that I shouldn't have waiting so damnably long. It is not hard to find a higher quality review on the internet about this band, I am really just here to say it isn't hype or overblown. They are actually really good and You shouldn't wait any longer.

To be had here:
Volcano Choir - Unmap [192 VBR kbps]

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Atlas Sound - Weekend EP (2007)

A gem in the obscure and vast back-catalog that is the Atlas Sound discography. Originally and only released as a digital EP in December of 2007 on the Deerhunter forum, this 3 song EP contains some of the most cryptic imagery-filled ambient music I've ever heard. The mood of each of track matches the nostalgic and juvenile themes in each of the lengthy song titles. I have some extremely vivid memories and emotions associated with each song on this EP, hard to put it into words.

DOWNLOAD: Atlas Sound - Weekend EP

(Edit: link fixed)

Noah Georgeson - Find Shelter (2006)

Perhaps I'm a few steps behind in recently realizing the value of this album. It is certainly part of the whole New Weird America explosion of artist that took place a couple of years ago. Like Jana Hunter, Rio en Medio and Joanna Newsom this fella likely was part of the crowd that rose up together, with the central character being Devendra Banhart. He has worked with both Banhart and Newsom in the past, but unlike Newsom I really like his solo music. Possessed of the same spirit as Banhart's early releases like Oh Me Oh My... it is a wonderful display of what guitar playing and strange singing can achieve. On the off chance that people skipped him like I originally did I have decided to post him up. Plus, unlike other musical fads that sweep in the New Weird America seemed to escape the fate of being overly mainstreamed and used in films and television ads, though it couldn't elude this fully. Lastly, to give the artist credit, he does stand on his own in this album, even if all that shit means nothing to do you for you've never heard of any of those people. He is a fine musician and why he hasn't followed this album up with another is a mystery to me.

To be had here:
Noah Georgeson - Find Shelter [192 kbps]

P.S. I'd like to welcome Warren to the blog. I brought a new writer in to help ensure that posting won't dwindle too much as classes resume today. He is off to a great start.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Laurie Anderson - Big Science (1982)

The debut album by Laurie Anderson, an experimental / avant-garde musician from New York, someone I'd known and read about for a long time but never actually listened to until recently. Interestingly enough, she married Lou Reed in 2008.
This album features a lot of experimental electronic music that in minimalistic in nature with lots of spoken word excerpts mixed with vocoderized vocals. Features the 8 minute centerpiece 'O Superman', a pseudo loop-based track about technology, the comforts of Mom and Dad and attacks by American planes. Lots of dark undertones in the themes that repeat themselves throughout this album that work perfectly within the context of the cold electronic instrumentals.

DOWNLOAD: Laurie Anderson - 'Big Science'

Hey guys.

Hey there, my name's Warren and I'm the new poster here at Spacerockmountain.
I'm 20 years old and go to an arts school in Toronto, Ontario. Here is a recent picture of me at a friends birthday party playing a Jaguar guitar while looking especially sad:

I'm pretty happy to be able to have the chance to share a lot of the music I dig with the readers here. I keep another blog called Foxes in Fiction where I share all of my own music and tons of other stuff I find interesting.
I'm gonna get around to posting some actual stuff for you guys later tonight. I hope you like it / don't hate my tastes.

Duncan Ó Ceallaigh - Distant Voices, Still Lives (2007)

A very brief post tonight. i've gotten myself behind, this is just what I was listening to last night. Some decently well done minimalist ambient music. The name is really Irish looking, for he is from Scots-Irish stock, but lives in Germany on the Baltic Sea. The album isn't too long, certainly worthy of listening. Take it or leave it. Suggested for all those that are fond of ambient tunes.

To be had here:
Duncan Ó Ceallaigh - Distant Voices, Still Lives [320 kbps]

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Skygreen Leopards - Gorgeous Johnny (2009)

I dismayed myself by not realizing this release was out sooner. As longer term readers will recall, I am very fond of the Skygreen Leopards and a bit ago posted all their albums prior to this most recent release. I might be able to repost them if their is a call for them, but for the most part people haven't downloaded much of the Boredoms I re-uploaded so I'm not overly worried. On to the meat of the discussion and the album at hand, Gorgeous Johnny, that is. It is superbly done album in the same genre as the previous work this band has produced. Perhaps this is the biggest fault is that it is conservatively similar to the albums I've already heard. However, it is tough to say which is a superior route to take, improving what one excels at or trying one's hand at something different with all accompanying risks. The band certainly is getting very making their sound, yet the extremely polished feel might not be good if you're looking for raw folk music. For a cleaned up and shined album is remarkable example of psych-folk.

To be had here:
The Skygreen Leopards - Gorgeous Johnny [320 kbps]

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sleep In - Pyramid (2009)

It was a long time that I didn't share my e-mail through my blogger profile. Because of this I'd never receive bands requesting me to review their albums. I actually never even thought somebody would even want me to, seeing as I am giving them out and my reviews aren't anything amazing. Nevertheless, I was proven wrong and here is a fella that asked me to share his album with you. Now, I don't want to set a precedent that'll post on anything I'm sent, for I am way too lazy and far too big an asshole for that shit. Moreover, believe you me if it sucked I'd tell you and most likely would not even bother sharing it. However, this guy really did make some pretty damned good music. It is an eclectic album to say the least. At first I thought it'd be folktronic and then a few minutes later I thought I was listening to metal guitar and then it went into drone-like electronic rambling. The artist described it was electronic shoegaze and I do suppose that is as accurate as anything I might come up with. You're just gonna have to trust me that I'd have shared this even if it wasn't sent to me.

To be had here:
Sleep In - Pyramid [192 kbps]

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anaksimandros - River of Finland (2004)

The sojourn through Finland's psychedelic folk scene continues. This is a group that was formed from members of two other Finnish bands of like minds to collaborate free folk sound creation. You guessed it, one of those bands is Kemialliset Ystävät and the other is Avarus, who I will most likely be posting up here soon as well. Perhaps the largest difference between this album and others I have shared or mentioned is that is appears far less structured. The sounds feel like they're simply meandering along as the musicians saw fit to use them, but this is not to say it is without rhythm or reason. They membership feels veteran enough that their various additions flow into a pleasing effect, although it might take a few minutes for it to sink in. I find I enjoy it in the same way that harsh noise is memorizing; out of seemingly random sounds a thread is found and you're ears overwhelmed until surrendering and being content with hearing at all while the mind indulges. The end result is something of a post-rock meets free folk with only winners emerging.

To be had here:
Anaksimandros - River of Finland [192 kbps]

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kemialliset Ystävät - Harmaa Laguuni (2008)

Finnish fever should be sweeping over you about now. As I alluded to in the last post, Kemialliset Ystävät is Jan Anderzén's group project. The name is Finnish for "Chemical Friends" and that feels fully appropriate for reasons indescribable. I have frequently mentioned them when talking about several other artists and recently realized that there is no good reason not to post their latest release itself. Why beat around the bush? I own the damned bush too, you know. More folk than the heavily electronic Tomutonttu project, but still wholly within the same vein. You should try to find some of the older release as well, for I am not lying that they are wonderfully amazing. In fact some of the very early releases such as Miisa and Suurempi Pieni Palatsi I am having a terribly difficult time trying to download in their entirety from p2p. Help on his would be very much appreciated.

To be had here:
Kemialliset Ystävät - Harmaa Laguuni [192 VBR kbps]

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tomutonttu - Tomutonttu (2007)

Here it is. The long awaited Finnish music I was downloading. At least the first of a few artists who I ran across. However, this isn't really something completely unexplored, it is Jan Anderzén's solo project. For this unfamiliar, Jan Anderzén is the mastermind behind the most amazing of Finnish avant-garde-noise-folk groups, Kemialliset Ystävät. Absolutely of the same caliber of musical preformance as his group work, Tomutonttu feels like a glow-in-dark display of sound. A Lite-Brite bombardment of the ears if you will. Believe it or not I thought of that before I even saw the psychedelic album art of this release. The album itself is more or less par for the course among Fonal Records releases: electronic, folk, ambient and noise all rolled together and flowing freely betwixt. Interestingly enough there is a whole bunch of sample sounds liberally placed about the album, mostly being nature clips of birds and barnyard creatures. Really as potential of sending one for a loop. For a fella that hates Michigan winters already I can't seem to get over music from cold climates.

To be had here:
Tomutonttu - Tomutonttu [256 VBR kbps]

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lovvers - Think (2008)

In a fashion this post is because I haven't given the newly downloaded Finnish and Icelandic music enough listens to share them confidently yet. However, these are not the only places I like music from, so I am gonna give out another not brand new release. Lovvers should not be confused with the single "v" indie pop makers, Lovers from Athens, GA. Rather this is a considerably more charged up band who's punk sound is harsh enough to be worthy of adoration by noise rock fans. They're along the same vein as tour mates like New Times Viking, Awesome Color and Abe Vigoda. If these are some of the things that you like, I insist that you do partake.

To be had here:
Lovvers - Think [256 VBR kbps]

Go to Somatose. It is a most excellent blog with some fantastic albums posted thereupon. A few things I have recently posted and it seems they were thinking nearly the same thing as me, so do find out what else they have to say.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eero Johannes - Eero Johannes (2008)

This is something I meant to post a while ago but simply forgot as life happened. Despite the time between my original listen and today I still find this a rather enjoyable album and see fit to share it even if I am late in doing so. Especially I feel drawn to do so because of my recent attention to Finnish music, as Eero Johannes is a Finn. Very much like my mentioned mystification by Icelandic names, Eero is perhaps one of the best names I've ever heard. Names aside, as they don't effect the quality of the music anyhow, this album is electronic but until Shogun Kunitoki it is far funkier yet still gamewave infused. Has a impression of art school being applied to the dance floor in the best possible fashion. I wonder if anyone who reads this blog has ever played Space Quest 6 because of the beginning where Roger Wilco visits the night club is what this album reminds me of. Sadly, that is as far as I got in the game as my copy was shit and crashed after that forever scarring my mind with unfinished business. Additionally, I found out that there is a name for Nordic electronic music that in influenced by funk, r&b and soul. It is called skweee, which doesn't even look like a real word. Stay tuned for more good shit in the near future as I am back on the lame side of metro Detroit and will have shit tons of time for music listening.

To be had here:
Eero Johannes - Eero Johannes [192 VBR kbps]

P.S. I read some requests that I re-upload the Super Roots albums from a post I did a while ago. I saw no reason not to do so. Therefore all the links are again functioning thanks to mediafire shaping up and allowing files over 100 MB. Please do savor it fondly.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Skyramps - Days of Thunder (2009)

Typing up this post on New Years Day in the back seat of a conversion van laden with my worldly possessions. Moving yet again and dropping off all my shit at my folks' place. Why I own shit that I never get to use is beyond my ability to reason. However, the trip is slow going as the transmission on the van is a bit fucked up. What is nice about this long drive is that I am not piloting the automobile and I can just listen to some fine music. At the moment it is Skyramps on my iPhone. Days of Thunder is only a four song release but its tracks are long enough to almost be a full album. The style is somewhere between Topaz Rags and Shogun Kunitoki being a bit trance inducing while heavily based on electronic sounds. It took a second listen but it has grown tremendously on me over the last few weeks. The relaxing power in Skyramps' music has been of great benefit to me in this most tumultuous season.

To be had here:
Skyramps - Days of Thunder [320 kbps]

Friday, January 1, 2010


I'll admit that I'm late to the party on this one, but I only recently downloaded and found the incredible joys of Paavoharju. This is another Finnish band and if you are one that finds happiness in Kemialliset Ystävät or Islaja then this is right up your alley. Dreamy, ethereal, folksy and sample-laden throughout both of these albums, Paavoharju sucks a listener into a strange musical land. The Finnish lyrics heard on some tracks are bewitching, despite being utterly understandable to a fool like me. The variety and skill at instrumentation is amazing and I must press the issue that you should download this if you haven't heard them already. I have been getting more into other Finnish acts lately and you should hopefully see a string of them be posted on the blog once I get some time to relax and digest of the recent downloads I have.

To be had here:

Yhä Hämärää [192 kbps] (2005)

Laulu Laakson Kukista [160 VBR kbps] (2008)