Thursday, May 22, 2014

Elvis Dracula Dance Party - Part 2

I was all ready for a night alone, meditating to the Dark-Lord and getting high off my ass. Suddenly, Joe Joe the Ghost shows up with a case of beer and two sexy ladies! I sure hope they like experimental music!

Jordan Norton - Titan (2014)

What woman doesn't like banjo focused, melodic drone music? Well, these two women don't that is for sure. They keep trying to put on beach boys records, but I am way too far down the rabbit's hole for that right now. Rather, I get them to sit down in a circle and use this music to communicate with the dead that live on a distant planet, and have been looking to make their way to Earthly Hell. Not sure if we accomplished this task, but "Kazak Pools" was a beautiful track.

David Contin - 100% Contin (2014)

Ok, this has an electronic drum machine, so already these ladies start dancing. I know my buddy Joe Joe the Ghost likes to have a good time, but he really has to get that tonight, I am looking for meditation. Thankfully, this off-kilter pop music is bizarre enough that it alienates both ladies and provides me with head room to contemplate the state of the world. Funky rhythms aside, this is experimental pop music that requires a proper listen. I know I will return to it later when these cholas have left.

Goldsoundz - Revlations (2014)

Everyone seems to be enjoying this. It is pretty and jangly, with just enough going on to keep me interested and the women dancing. The vocalist provides a perfect delivery of the lyrics, complementing the fuzzy riffs. Sadly, the song was short and that angers my "guests." At that point I decide to kill everyone in the room, including my old friend Joe Joe. "Not Phair" plays in the background as I bludgeon them to death.

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