Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mythomaniacs Are Right - There Is No Such Thing As Death, Life Is Only A Dream And We Are The Imagination Of Ourselves (2011)

A Chilean artist who has got a real bead on musique concrète. Taking cues from sonic experimenters like Pierre Schaeffer and Noah Creshevsky, Mythomaniacs Are Right combines electronic and acoustic sounds along with spoken word and older recordings to create something provocatively bizarre. Not gonna lie, as I'm unemployed I took the liberty of enjoying this particular album very drunk at three in the morning the other day. Pretty great time, and I know I haven't done it much justice in how I've described it so far. It is certainly swell to listen to and feels surprisingly orderly for something with such a premise. Anyhow, the digital copy is freely downloadable on bandcamp and the cassette tape version is $5 through Already Dead Tapes.

To be had here:
Mythomaniacs Are Right - There Is No Such Thing As Death, Life Is Only A Dream And We Are The Imagination Of Ourselves [320 kbps]

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tachycardie - Be Nice to Music (2012)

Sent to me by the same French label that released Jagwar Pirates, Cocktail Pueblo, I finally got around to sitting down with Tachycardie. First and foremost, this guy is into noisy experimental rock. Some of the tracks fall very much in the vein of bands like Liars, Ex Models, and Neon Hunk ("futuristic dancer" and "bicycle riding" in particular). Although, they do throw in some tracks that are really better summed up as droning noise, and these serve well to break up the frantic pace in other parts of the album. The whole affair is really just a brief 22 minutes, which begs comparisons to sweetly shirt releases like the Mae Shi's Heartbeeps and the crazy shit from the Gerogerigegege. Can't say I've listened to a bunch of stuff like this lately, but also can't think of a good reason why I haven't as it is an incredibly enlivening experience. Almost as good as a stiff cup of black coffee from jarring my mind into alertness with less stomach aches to boot.

To be had here:
Tachycardie - Be Nice to Music [320 kbps]

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun Guns - Sleep When You're Dead (2012) & This Forntier (2012)

I got so many EPs lately that I had to break some of them off in some way. so seeing as how Fun Guns have two EPs out already this year they seemed the prefect candidate to write a full post for. Now I believe they're a Los Angeles based group that plays garage rock/folk with a very bluesy style. Features rather lovely lo-fi vocals along with folksy and surf elements mixed in. Why they've done a pair of EPs in the beginning of this year instead of a full-length is curious, but then again it hardly matters so long as we get to hear the songs. Best I can endeavor is that the songs where of such different sorts they split them up. However, it is certain is that this band knows how to make some really awesomely lo-fi garage rock songs on Sleep When You're Dead. In addition they've got a sweetly hazy folk sound on This Frontier, and I was enthralled especially by the stripped down tune, "Calligraphy." Make sure to check out both, I think Fun Guns are on to something.

To be had here:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

EP Grab Bag vol. 13

Here a whole mess of EPs I've gotten over the last several weeks. Sorry about the delay if you sent it in a bit ago. However, there's a certain efficiency to waiting for them to stack up and be dished out all at once.

To be had here:

The Band in Heaven - HoZac 7" (2012)

As the name says, this is a 7" EP on HoZac Records by South Florida garage rockers (like yesterday's Jacuzzi Boys), the Band in Heaven. Droning, warped garage punk leaning toward the heavier side of the genre. Sounds like a mucky march through a swamp of guitar and drums and echoing vocals, which is to say I loved it. Can't wait to hear more of these fellas. Digital is $4, vinyl on Hozac, two tracks are downloadable for free and naturally all is streaming.

Preludes - The Swan EP (2012)

Some may recall Preludes previous EP, The Moth, which was on a earlier volume of the Grab Bag. Well, clearly enough there's a new one that carries on with the mellow, sweetly-sung dream pop. Unlike much of what I post up here, this is heavily centered around the lyrics, so maybe straighten up and listen, at least for one go. Bet you'll fancy it if you do.

Secret Motorbikes - This Is Not A Hostel (2012)

Honestly can't figure out where I got this from, I think I was sent a link via email but I can't seem to dig it up so I might be poaching this off another blog. Anyhow, this is more garage rock, of a straightforwardly catchy variety. These guys are from Glasgow if their bandcamp tags aren't misleading. Worth getting for lo-fi rock fans.

Almost Free - In/Out (2011)

I saw these guys play a couple of shows in Detroit recently and they were nice enough to give me some of their albums. It is lo-fi rock/pop done with a healthy degree of swagger. It is quick and features some really neat guitar playing. I can attest they do a solid live gig, and can excellently cover Dick Dale if they fancy.

The Happy Medium - All Smiles (2011)

Based out of Sacramento the Happy Medium plays lo-fi rock that reminds me Jeffery Novak and the Love Language in some ways. The EP moved fluidly between distorted vocals and guitars and something more baroque. Quite compelling, it is the sort of music that I reckon gets more texture and enjoyment from repeated listens.

Covered Faces - LObiep.EP (2011)

Out of Basque Country, Spain comes Covered Faces. Face-paced electro-punk that is like Adult., Simian and Eero Johannes. Tons of crazy electronic effects and creative composition made up of eerie and invigorating tones. The singing especially reminds me of Adult., which is a good thing. Most certainly the sort of thing that'd make a great show in a dark hall with wild lighting.

The Janitors - Worker Drone Queen EP (2012)

Last but not least, a shoegaze act from Stockholm. Dark wall-of-sound with influences like the Jesus and Mary Chain and Spacemen 3. I must imagine fans of Suicide, Singapore Sling and My Bloody Valentine shall easily dig these guys. Personally I found their gloomily reverberated sound to be most refreshing. The soundcloud link is .wav files so I put up a mp3 version as well.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ancient Sky - T.R.I.P.S. (2012)

Psychedelic rock is something I'm sent regularly. Most of it being fairly swell but hard to categorize together as there are some many ways to make something "psychedelic." Perhaps that best way for me to describe Ancient Sky plays the droning psych-rock like Eternal Tapestry, People Of The North, or even krautrockers like Faust at times. If the point is to make it seem like your being taken somewhere intangible by sounds, then I do suppose these cats are on the right track. Although not an instrumental act, they do have the feeling of one, with vocals being infrequent and lyrics not too significant compared actual tones of the voice. There's no doubt they know what they're doing, and I bet they put of one amazing live performance. Streaming via bandcamp, downloadable for the small sum of five dollars.

To be had here:
Ancient Sky - T.R.I.P.S.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jacuzzi Boys - Glazin' (2011) & No Seasons (2009)

This is a band I've meant to post for a long time now. I used to play these fellas at my now earstwhile employment regularly. So yeah, I dropped that job like a hot rock, motherfuckers had me using a low-quality light roast blend in an espresso machine. Much as I like listening to the Jacuzzi Boys at work, it isn't with that unacceptable bullshit. However, just more time for garage rock now. Jacuzzi Boys are a Florida garage rock outfit that anyone that likes Ty Segall, Mark Sultan, and the Strange Boys. I highly doubt these guys will be news to most of the readership, I just had the files and sharing is what it all about. I will start digging through the submitted material again after this and I think there are some real promising EPs and albums I've gotten lately, including garage rock and some more experimental fare. Keep checking back for so long as I maintain some disciple I'll keep those going.

To be had here:

Glazin' [320 kbps]

No Season [256 VBR kbps]

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ty Segall - Singles 2007-2010 (2011)

So the delay in posting is my reeling from my mediafire account being wiped clean. Everything I uploaded for nearly four years is gone, and it was a good amount of illegal material to be sure so I can't be too surprised or upset I guess. However, I've been far to unambitious to begin the process of reuploading and finding a more sustainable way to keep links from going down. Meanwhile, I have realized that most of the posts are little more the recommendations you'll have to hunt down yourself. So maybe to easy the burden a bit here's the compilation of Ty Segall's singles ranging from 2007 to 2010. Many of these I had posted up individually, but luckily I can forgo having to redo that work. So snatch it up before mediafire gets savvy again. Sorry about the inconvenience and who knows, maybe I'll be unemployed again soon and have more than enough time to get this blog off its ass.

To be had here:
Ty Segall - Singles 2007-2010 [256 VBR kbps]

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Werewolf Police - Vulture Club EP (2012)

My pal John from the Inclined Plane gave me a heads up on his bandmate's other group, Werewolf Police. They've just released a new EP which is some tremendous indie rock that begins with a strong infusion of new wave elements. Straight off with the crazy guitar and effected vocals of "Jumbo & Slim" I was hooked on this EP. Just gets noisier and more incomprehensible from there on. It is buzzing, lo-fi rock that just fills the head. Like a happy bumble bee flew into your ear and stung you full of joy. Really though, I am digging this shit pretty hard, and if you liked stuff I've posted up like Car Seat Headrest, Burt Choir, Federer or Wavepool Abortion toward the end of the EP. Wonderfully done and I should hope they'll keep making shit like this. I'd say to get their album, Ruin the Night, but it seems they removed it from bandcamp, I guess because this is a different sort of music, admittedly one I do like much more. Regardless, get the singles they've got links to, they're good for a go, and enjoy the EP.

To be had here:
Werewolf Police - Vulture Club EP

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shonen Knife - Minna Tanoshiku (1982)

Hope this isn't news to many of you, as I should like to Shonen Knife are a known entity. Nonetheless, I have listened to this digital copy of what was Shonen Knife's first cassette release so many times in the last few weeks I felt it necessary to post up. As I mentioned this was a cassette only release that had only 50 copies in the original production, which included lipstick kisses purportedly from the band members. Thirty more were put out by a small label before the band halted further production and they never officially re-released it, though songs on the tape appear in later albums. Thanks to the powers of the Internet and digital files we get to hear these rough, lo-fi recordings from what must be one of the best things Japan's music industry has ever exported. The version of the tracks on this tape quickly have become my preference, especially the field-recording-esque "Burning Farm." Way different from the Burning Farm album or the version on Let's Knife. Moreover, two of the tracks were done live. So very very good.

To be had here:
Shonen Knife - Minna Tanoshiku [128 VBR kbps]

Monday, February 6, 2012

Highlands - Singularity (2012)

Highlands play Californian psychedelic shoegaze. Admittedly, it is pretty easy to sell me on that sort of music, but I shouldn't like to suggest that Highlands aren't worth hearing. Their songs are dreamy, wandering rock of middling length. The psychedelic influences are more strongly recognizable in the fashion of 70s or 80s progressive psychedelic. Basically, I am saying the singing is done lovely and understandably which seems somewhat uncommon on this blog. So in that sense they're different from say the recently posted upon Acid Kicks, but I'd say every inch as compelling. I listened to this thing twice over back-to-back before writing it up, and I'd say it was like taking a tiny surreal journey. Meant in a complimentary sense, naturally.

To be had here:
Highlands - Singularity [256 VBR kbps]

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jagwar Pirates - Full Total Complete Bronzage (2012)

Couldn't have asked for something better to come back with after a break in posting. Jagwar Pirates are a very noisy French surf rock band that the label Cocktail Pueblo sent me. Largely instrumental, as surf rock frequently goes, these guys really make the most of heavily distorted and distorted guitars. They've got a darker tone that makes them a bit harder than most surf I've heard lately, and I find I greatly enjoyed the mildly haunting style (hard to imagine with that kid and his pup as the album art). Intensely fun to hear regardless of how heavy it may be relatively. Found myself remembering that wonderful film Six-String Samurai with the post-apocalyptic setting and the Red Elvises. Also the only track to have vocals, "planet claire," echoes the "Peter Gunn Theme" from The Blues Brothers (commenter pointed out it's a B-52's cover which may be why I felt I knew it). If a surf rock album, especially one that is so noisy and lo-fi as this, can summon pleasant memories and all sorts reactions from me then I most certainly think its done a good job.

To be had here:
Jagwar Pirates - Full Total Complete Bronzage [320 kbps]