Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Boy Roy LP

It is a rare occurrence that I put a compilation of any sort on Spacerockmountain. Nonetheless, sticking with precedent without a good reason would be a foolish move. Our Boy Roy is undoubtedly a good reason to break tradition, as it is a collection of many of my favorite garage rock bands to pay tribute to a musician that surely most all of us must have fond recollections of listening to, Roy Orbison. In complete honesty I found out about this compilation when I was looking around for more Ty Segall, who does appear with an utterly astounding cover of "Pretty Woman." I got really jazzed when I saw that other favorites like Charlie & the Moonhearts, Jacuzzi Boys, and Demon's Claws. Personally, I found this an amazingly refreshing album as it reaffirmed my believe in covers (along with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s cover of "God Only Knows" on their EP). Working at a Starbuck's is a basically a trial by sound as you're forced to hear the worst covers of good songs ever recorded. Beyond just my hangups though, this is a really really great collection of covers of songs from a too-often unappreciated musician.

To be had here:
Our Boy Roy LP [256 VBR kbps]

Monday, November 29, 2010

Frankie Rose And The Outs - Frankie Rose And The Outs (2010)

I wasn't sure what I'd find when I listened to this band, yet what they are is dynamic. Upon the first impression I was thinking of Sleater-Kinney and the Breeders in comparisons. As I continued playing the album, while the roots in music references I quickly jumped to didn't vanish it did get built on. After that I realized that perhaps more contemporary references would be more suitable, so here is a go: somewhere between Vivian Girls and Eternal Summers. Indeed Frankie Rose is a Vivian Girl, as well as having been in Dum Dum Girls and Crystal Stilts. Frankie Rose's prominent vocals propel the music whenever they appear, but the musicianship is notable even without it. This is to say that they can make a catchy lo-fi tune that shouldn't be scoffed at. Another thing that is good about the album is that the songs sound genuinely different, which can sometimes not be the case with lo-fi groups that rely too much on distortion and percussion. Instead they were easily recognizable tracks that as a result can very swiftly become lodged in your mind. I can't shake "Must Be Nice" out of my head. Do hope you enjoy it as much as I have thus far.

To be had here:
Frankie Rose And The Outs - Frankie Rose And The Outs [224 VBR kbps]

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Joose Keskitalo - Tule minun luokseni, kulta (2009)

It is been a hot minute since I've posted any Finnish music on old Spacerockmountain. The drought ends today with the excellent folk musics of Joose Keskitalo. I have technically posted him before, but that was in the band Paavoharju. Similarly to Paavoharju the songs are titled and sung in Finnish which means I cannot provide the perspective that on the music that one who understood the lyrics might. Nonetheless, I find Tule minun luokseni, kulta an utterly charming album. My best why to describe it is a collection of mellow, somewhat psychedelic, folk tunes that reminds me of Hala Strana, Noah Georgeson and his fellow Finn, Islaja. However, the Finnish singing and the low fidelity of the recording brings to be particular strong connection to Vladimir Vysotsky, though he sang in Russian and most likely about subjects completely different, for to these dummy ears are judging them in the superficial manner. Sorry about the low bit rate, but I decided to share it sooner rather than let myself forget it waiting to find better.

To be had here:
Joose Keskitalo - Tule minun luokseni, kulta [128 VBR kbps]

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Yolks - The Yolks (2009) & two 7" singles

The Yolks are a three-piece garage rock band from Chicago, if a glance at the album are of their self-titled release didn't give that away. Just like Jeffery Novak, at first I was a bit tepid in my embrace because the Yolks aren't as loud and intense as Ty Segall. However, the more I listen to them the more they remind me of the Detroit garage bands of the 90s like the Hentchmen and the Go. I don't want to make them sound slow though, they pack in plenty of excitement and thundering sounds into their songs. I've become rather fond of the first track on the self-titled, "Long Cold Lonely Night." Unsurprisingly, the b-sides for each of the 7" singles I scrounged up are remarkably solid, including an instrumental number called "Mob City Hustle" that reminds me of when the Soledad Brothers wouldn't bother singing at times. The Yolks are quite easy to get into if you give them a good enough listen. Because of all the garage I've been listening to it is being posted in a disproportionally large amount lately, but if the past is any indication I should have a change in tastes sooner or later and begin hunting other genres down.

To be had here:

The Yolks (2009) [256 VBR kbps]

Wandering 7" (2008) [320 kbps]

Introducing... (2007) [256 VBR kbps]

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jeffrey Novak - After the Ball (2009) & Home Sweet Home 7" (2009)

While being anything but tiresome Jeffery Novak has taken a clearly different route to garage rock than most of the artists I've been posted lately. He certain has made his share of spastic, noisy rock and roll in his bands, the erstwhile Rat Trap and presently Cheap Time. This is not a display of raw energy or hypnotic guitars and drums, and Novak made much more use of the piano than I expected. The songs are above all catchy, so much so one can almost imagine them in as show tunes if show tunes didn't suck most of the time. Basically, instead of being irresistible by overwhelming force, he has used guile and charming songcraft to make an album that reminds me of such mad music wizards such as Harry Nilsson and Holly Golighty at their more lighthearted moments. Another thing is that you can understand what Novak is singing and rather than confusing me with his lyrics, which is all too common for me, I find that I'd like to sing along. In addition to his fell-length After the Ball, I have included a delightful 7" single entitled Home Sweet Home. I found the b-side quite entertaining. A highly recommended album even if you're unfamiliar to Cheap Time or any of the references I made in this review.

To be had here:

After the Ball (2009) [256 VBR kbps]

Home Sweet Home (2009) [256 VBR kbps]

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Spook Houses - Real Ghosts / Pretend Ghosts (2010)

A member of this group sent me the link to their bandcamp page. Spook Houses are a band from Ridgewood, NJ and Real Ghosts / Pretend Ghosts is a demo album they're giving out for free through bandcamp, as well as offering a limited amount of CD-Rs with homemade sleeves. They sound like a bedroom pop band that isn't afraid to play some loud and impressive guitar when it suit their purpose. I am willing to be flattering and to such an end I'd like to compare them to Mount Eerie, but more joyous in mood. Rather lovely music, though despite their name isn't too haunting. Get on the bandwagon now, I could see this band going places. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you the dwell where that's a thing.

To be had here:
Spook Houses - Real Ghosts / Pretend Ghosts

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mother Night - Extinct Dialects (2010)

I got a tip over last.fm from a fellow blogger, who posts on Yuckos in the Carl of Mump, that I'd like Mother Night. He was completely correct. From what I read on his blog they're from New Bedford, Massachusetts (I believe I know a girl from there, lovely state as well). Mother Night makes instrumental rock that sorta rides the fence between math rock and something heavier. They've tagged themselves as shoegaze, math rock and psychedelic, which are all true in a fashion. Personally they remind me of Ahleuchatistas, Clossamite or even Slint, although heavier and less angular. For regular readers of the blog you might recall Sean's posting of The Speaking Canaries, who are perhaps the closest band to Mother Night that has been shared here. Nice thing is that they're giving this album out for free via bandcamp, so I'm just gonna link to that.

To be had here:
Mother Night - Extinct Dialects

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dead Ghosts - Dead Ghosts (2010)

Dead Ghosts were recommended to me from a route I have already forgotten. Notwithstanding, they're an obvious fit for the style of music I've been embracing lately. Dead Ghosts are a Vancouver band that reminds me an awful lot of their fellow Canadians King Khan and Mark Sultan. They've got the sweet sounding garage rock that is infused with just the right about of country jangle and distorted vocals. In a nutshell, the music is damned catchy and I've been spending my meal breaks at work listening to it in my increasingly cold parked car. If you fancy to give them a try do yourself a service and make sure to give them a re-listen, as I've found they've grown on me with repetition.
To be had here:
Dead Ghosts - Dead Ghosts

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Traditional Fools

This is a companion post to the Epsilons from two days ago. The Traditional Fools is another bands fronted by Ty Segall, so if you're getting tired of me posting about his projects I'm gonna have to say too bad. I'm absolutely certain these releases have been kicked around blogs since they came out, but the completist in me couldn't pass up sharing them for myself. Basically, they're very similar to the other work that came out around this time in which Segall had a hand. It is fuzzed out, hollering, noisy garage punk of the highest order. From what I've been able to dig up on the Traditional Fools is that the band was rather short-lived, or on a hiatus, but did manage to make a full-length and I also found a live album, Live at Wizard Mountain. It features some of the more overtly surf rock songs I've heard from Segall-involved projects. The sound quality is not the finest. However, the kind of music the Traditional Fools made isn't hurt overly much by that, in fact I find it somewhat charming. Hope you're as euthused as much as I am by all things Segall, and I do plan on posting some other garage bands soon but let me know if there is something else you're hankering for. I've got a lot of music lying around that I don't know if anyone wants.

To be had here:

The Traditional Fools LP (2008) [256 VBR kbps]

Live at Wizard Mountain (2007) [160 kbps]

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Dirtys - You Should Be Sinnin' (1997)

In yesterday's post I realized that I mentioned the Dirtys as if people are acutely aware of them. Upon having a moment to reflect I recalled that this is hardly the case. The Dirtys will always hold a special place for me, thus my willingness to place them in a pantheon of garage punk greats. In no small part this is due to the fact that they're the best band I have ever heard from the area I grew up in. The Dirtys hailed from Port Huron, Michigan, the town immediately north of even smaller town in which I was raised. While Port Huron is a mostly uneventful and rather depressing place to find oneself, the Dirtys are a good example of what desolation can breed. Frustration, angst, and attention-seeking displays of punk ethos are all encompassed in the loud, raunchy and savage songs of You Should Be Sinnin'. Don't be foolish and dismiss this as the prompting of a local fanboy. While they surely are remarkable to me because of where they came from, and if it makes any difference I didn't even hear of the Dirtys until a year after I left that area for college in Detroit. This is a highly under-heard garage punk album that can hold its own against those I've been posted regularly.

To be had here:
The Dirtys - You Should Be Sinnin' [128 kbps]

Saturday, November 20, 2010


It is best just to admit I've come to be hugely enamored by all of Ty Segall's music, so it is only fitting that results of backtracking his career be shared as well. Epsilons was Segall's band before he launch his solo work, and it sounds absolutely like you would hope from a band he was involved with. Utterly garage punk throughout, the Epsilons provoke memories of the Mummies, the Drags, the Dirtys, and New Bomb Turks. Ultimately the group released two albums in rather close secession. The first is a self-titled that if I wasn't so familiar with Segall's voice by now could almost be mistaken. What is knowable about it is the use of keyboards or an organ (I'm no expert) in the last couple of tracks on the album that gives them a considerably different feel. However, in the second album, Killed 'Em Deader 'n A Six Card Poker Hand, he stands out like a torch on a beach. Now, the music produced by the Epsilons isn't wildly different than Segall's early solo releases, and I don't know the tale explaining why he branched off. It does make me wonder if there are other band members than have been putting their skills to use though.

To be had here:

Epsilons (2006) [192 kbps]

Killed 'Em Deader 'n A Six Card Poker Hand (2007) [192 kbps]

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pill Wonder - Jungle/Surf (2010)

"Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!" That is what immediately ran my mind when I started listening to Pill Wonder. It was one of those moments where you feel you've found that mysterious something that just stratifies your every need. This is like an wildest Elephant 6 band ran into a forest of animals and rhythms, forced to combine them into untamed, psychedelic, spastic bursts of sonic joy-beasts. Got me all riled up in a jiffy. In fact I've so quickly decided that this must be posted that I've only gotten the chance to listen to this album so far. If the others live up to the high standard set here there'll almost certainly be more posted. This album is absurd in the best kind of way.

To be had here:
Pill Wonder - Jungle/Surf

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Working For A Nuclear Free City - Jojo Burger Tempest (2010)

I recall when Working For A Nuclear Free City made a considerable splash in the music media back when their debut as well as second albums were released. This is because they were pretty good at what they were doing then and luckily enough it holds true still. And what they do is a elegant blend of shoegaze, electronic and noise pop that naturally lends itself to a dreamy, atmospheric style. Perhaps it is the fact that Michigan's perpetually overcast skies have set in for the winter, but sometimes hazy sounds are what one needs. This is not to say that it is all really mellow, in fact the mellower tracks allows others to seem relatively energetic while remaining spacey. This was a two disc release, with the second album being just a the titular track, which times in over 33 minutes long all the while being rather experimental. Overall, a solid album that keeps me a consistent fan of the band.

To be had here:
Working For A Nuclear Free City - Jojo Burger Tempest [256 VBR kbps]

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BBQ - Tie Your Noose (2005)

For months now I've been listening to this album in my all to frequent, long drives to college and back to the lifeless suburb I dwell in. And for nearly as long I've debated putting it up on the blog, unsure if it is just one of those really quirky things people do, in this case taking excessive pleasure in something rather simple. Like many of the albums posted to the blog over that last several months this is a prime example of lo-fi, fuzzed out, bluesy garage punk. Also, I'd be remiss not to re-explain that BBQ is Mark Sultan, who's been posted before and obviously part of the King Khan and BBQ Show and the Almighty Defenders. This is actually the second album that Sultan did solo, and I have had some real trouble locating this self-titled debut. If you got it, sharing is caring folks. Anyhow, I genuinely love this album and I doubt the reason of anyone that doesn't like the song "Shake Me Low."

To be had here:
BBQ - Tie Your Noose [192 kbps]

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Benni Hemm Hemm - Retaliate (2010)

Just as I thought I'd come to no longer take pleasure in slow, sappy folk songs Benni Hemm Hemm releases a new EP that reminds me how good that sorta thing can be. While Benni Hemm Hemm possesses and utilizes a wider range throughout their discography than many bands, they've been known to focus a bit more intently on making lovely folk at times. Basically, I am referencing most excellent Ein í leyni, an album that is somewhere between a full-length and an EP. The most noticeable differences in Retaliate is that the songs use English from the lyrics their use of horns seems to be phased out. As a result, for non-Icelandic speakers at least, it is feels like a more stripped down and easy to comprehend album. If any of the other Nordic indie pop or folk that I have previously posted appealed to you and especially if you liked Benni Hemm Hemm's early work then this is a necessary addition.

To be had here:
Benni Hemm Hemm - Retaliate [256 VBR kbps]

Monday, November 15, 2010

Demon's Claws

I guess it was inevitable that I shared this band. They are garage punk, from Montreal, and remind me of Oblivians. From what I've read this one of several garage acts to emerge in Montreal after the Spaceshits and others started bouncing around there in the 90s. Anyhow, also like the fellas from the Spaceshits (albeit in later projects) they've made friends with Black Lips and eventually got albums released by In The Red. What I've got posted here today are the three full-lengths I could find by them, and I haven't gotten around to the more tedious search for any singles and splits that undoubtedly must be floating about. The self-titled is quite fuzzed out but somewhat generic of what is around. This is not to say it isn't good though. On the next, Satan's Little Pet Pig, the production quality is reasonably enhanced and they stylistically come into their own more. Finally, The Defrosting Of... is a well-rounded release that shows them sounding more like one of their influences, the Rolling Stones. Rather swell sounds.

To be had here:

Demon's Claws (2005) [192 kbps]

Satan's Little Pet Pig (2007) [192 kbps]

The Defrosting Of... (2010) [320 kbps]

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Strange Boys - Be Brave (2010)

This is another band that recommended to me through last.fm, which is surprisingly more accurate in recommendations that most other sites or programs designed to do such things. To the point though, the Strange Boys are a real solid act from what I heard on this album. They're garage, I suppose, but they're on the opposite end of the spectrum from the fuzzed out punk influenced bands I've posted previously. Just as easily this could be described as more lo-fi, less folksy version of The Tallest Man on Earth. In fact the singing reminds be on the Tallest Man on the Earth, that and Bob Dylan at his more high pitched moments. Pretty much the Strange Boys have done amazing job at combining aspects of different trends together to make a unique and powerful sound of their own. It is country, folk, garage, and even a bit rockabilly all at the same time without any influence overwhelming the others for the most part.

To be had here: they forced me to take this down...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fela Kuti & the Afrika '70 - Live! with Ginger Baker (1971 [2001])

This is the 2001 reissue of the amazing collaboration of the king of afro-beat, Fela Kuti, and the former drummer of Cream, Ginger Baker. Fela Kuti's band the Afrika '70 numbered 12 preformers for the live sets recorded here, which accounts for the intense complexity of the music and truly shows the talent of all those involved to maintain the timing and cohesion so astoundingly. I find, as I'm willing to bet many others share, that the psychedelic hybrid of genres that is afro-beat is something to lose yourself in. The length of the tracks in conductive to this mood and I'm sure Kuti would've recommended enhancement via mind altering substances to those inclined (if you've never read the man's story you're really missing out on some wild shit). Anyhow, there is a difference between the original release and this reissue, namely the addition of the final song. This is a track of exclusively drumming by Ginger Baker and the drummer of Afrika '70, Tony Allen, recorded at the 1978 Berlin Jazz Festival. Well I've read reviews that disparage this track, but I don't agree. I think it is pretty righteous and unique. Judge for yourself, naturally. Note this is the album art of the original release displayed here.

To be had here:
Fela Kuti & the Afrika '70 - Live! with Ginger Baker [160 kbps]

Friday, November 12, 2010

Säkert! - Facit (2010)

Quite similar in tone to yesterday's posting, Seabear, this is another Scandinavian indie pop album. This is the second release by Säkert! after self-titled album in 2007. However, that is a bit misleading, for this is really just one of several outlets for the Swedish songwriter Annika Norlin. She has another two full-length out under the moniker of Hello Saferide. Anyhow, if you liked Hafdis Huld, Benni Hemm Hemm, or Leafes you might find this a most agreeable.

To be had here:
Säkert! - Facit [320 kbps]

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Seabear - We Built A Fire (2010)

Those Nordic folks sure do seem to make a lot of pop music that tickles my fancy. Seabear came out with another LP this year and it is of the caliber one should expect from a band with such a solid track record. As is the norm for the band and its peers, there is plenty of sweetness and soft, warm feelings about. The thing I like about Seabear is the excellent employment of string instrumentation, gives the whole deal some real class. If take a shining to this you should be sure to hunt down their previous albums and I posted the album by Sin Fang Bous, which is just a pseudonym for the lead singer of Seabear, Sindri Mar Sigfusson. Gotta love those wild Icelandic names.

To be had here:
Seabear - We Built A Fire [224 VBR kbps]

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Dice - Repo (2009)

Oh boy, how could I have missed this release? Somehow it never registered with me that Black Dice must've had new something out, and I am entirely sure one of the numerous bloggers I follow posted this album at sometime. Notwithstanding, I just downloaded and gave this album a good whirl. The style is very much similar to the earlier albums of the band, or as AllMusic aptly put it "as engaging and deranged as ever..." and that's nothing to scoff at. Repo is a great name for the album as it sounds like they took sound bites and melodies then shred them up and reconstituted it all as something remarkably fun to hear. If I had to pick a favorite song it'd be the cutely titled "Chicken Shit" but don't take my word for that. Anyhow, I think this band has been thoroughly enough spread about that you should know if you like their brand of electro-noise sensationalism.

To be had here:
Black Dice - Repo [224 VBR kbps]

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pit Er Pat - Flexible Entertainer (2010)

Yet another in this series of re-visitations bands have enjoyed in the past, Pit er Pat originally won me over with their debut album Emergency. And while I think I should consider sharing that album itself, for it does remain my favorite in this discography, Flexible Entertainer is a decent addition. The Chicago three-piece excels at making electronic post-rock with some of the better usage of vocals I've had the chance to hear from the genre. On this go the singing is far more prominent in the songs and does a fantastic job at pushing the surreal mood music, at least that holds true until the three tracks. The near-instrumental "Chavez Ravine" is perhaps the catchiest of the tracks in my opinion (near for it has some echo-like moaning in it if you count that sort of shit). I recommend this if yesterday's post of Maserati did anything for you or you'd just like something a bit strange.

To be had here:
Pit Er Pat - Flexible Entertainer [320 kbps]

Monday, November 8, 2010

Maserati - Pyramid of the Sun (2010)

Long have I been a fan of Maserati's epic post-rock. I've posted some of their prior albums, remain solidly listenable. The thing is about Maserati is that make some of my favorite instrumental music. It is intense, complex and quick yet doesn't confuse. Basically, you can focus on listening to it or you can use it as background to something else, such as reading Marvel Noir comics as I've been tonight. There are like most Maserati albums a couple of the epic tracks on Pyramid of the Sun that slowly build and transform in imaginative ways. It is the sorta album you could immediately replay and hardly notice you're rehearing anything. If you like any of their previous stuff or bands like Lebanon, Kinski or This Will Destroy You then you'll most likely enjoy this album.

To be had here:
Maserati - Pyramid of the Sun [320 kbps]

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Inclined Plane - I Am Pants (2009) & Paw Meds/Mary, All the Time 7" (2010)

Full disclosure first, this is my good pal Johnny's band and I am as huge ass for forgetting to post the full-length earlier. My assery aside, his band is well worth listening to and I'd almost definitely be posting it regardless of my associations. The Inclined Plane makes some remarkably flexible sound that fluxes between their undoubtedly diverse influences. Certainly a healthy dose of Elephant 6 style psychedelic experimentation can be heard, as well as underpinning informed by the Beach Boys and the Velvet Underground. In addition to last year's full-length I Am Pants, I was recently sent their newest 7" single. The Paw Meds/Mary, All the Time 7" is so new that you can still pre-order one of the vinyl pressings from February Records. The songs on the single have an even heavier Pet Sounds vibe in my opinion with its subdued harmonics and dreamy tones.

To be had here

I Am Pants [128 kbps] ~ Album art is around somewhere, I can't seem to get the jpeg from last.fm or whatever.

Paw Meds/Mary, All the Time 7" [192 kbps]

Remember you pre-order @ February Records!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Candy Claws - Hidden Lands (2010) & Two Airships / Exploder Falls (2008)

I shared this band's debut album In the Dream of the Sea Life previously on the blog. So in one of my rarer moments of follow-through I decided to see if they had any new out. Hidden Lands very much continues that theme of the first album, sharing the ethereal vocals and dreamlike instrumentation. Despite those qualities Candy Claws are able to make provocative pop music because of the quick pace and constantly shifting tempos found in nearly every song. Along with the full-length dream pop experience of Hidden Lands, while poking around on the internet I found a far more electronic and epic pair of songs entitled Two Airships / Exploder Falls. Surely too lengthy to be considered a single, with one track being over 12 minutes and the other greater than 17. Because of the band's penchant for changing up songs so dramatically throughout them it is more like an EP smashed together into two tracks. It is rather wild and quite the lucky find.

To be had here:

Hidden Lands

Two Airships / Exploder Falls

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ty Segall - Horn The Unicorn [Reissue] (2007) & miscellaneous 7"s

This is the only time I've posted a single artist/band five times on Spacerockmountain. This is a sort of prequel though, as this isn't his newest. In fact it includes what might be his earliest solo work. This Horn The Unicorn is reissue of Segall's first, basically demo release, full-length (the image to the left is the original album art before the longer reissue). The track list shares some songs with his self-titled album but are clearly from an preceding recording. They're even rougher, lower fidelity, and the vocals even more trilling. For whatever reason I find that sort of thing endearing in garage rock, so I was super jazzed to find this over a p2p. I really dig the instrumental track "Thee Jammm." It seems tailor made for a intro theme, even though it is in the middle of the album. If you didn't like Lemons or Melted you still might enjoy this release, and if you liked any of his other stuff you shouldn't think twice about giving it a good whirl.
Also I decided to just get this over with and post the 7" singles by Segall that I've downloaded. They're each a bit different, being issued over the course of three years. They changed as his sound shifted a bit into the more psychedelic form it current has taken. Some of this are singles off albums while others are independent of any full-length. I must really recommend Universal Momma as it is really a pair of golden garage punk songs.

To be had here:

Horn The Unicorn (reissue) [224 VBR kbps]

Skin 7" [2008] (256 VBR kbps)

Cents 7" [2009] (256 VBR kbps)

Universal Mamma (2009) [128 kbps]

My Sunshine 7" (2009) [160 kbps]

Caesar 7" (2010) [320 kbps]

Jeff the Brotherhood Ty Segall split (2010) [128 kbps]

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Young Governor - Hidden Love (2009)

This is Ben Cook's solo project, who has been involved in several bands most prominent of which is the Bitters. I don't suspect that Young Governor will be unheard of by hands of his previous work, or contemporary work in the case of the Bitters and Fucked Up. Nonetheless, I finally got around to downloading some of it and checking it out. When I spoke to danger dog about it he had mixed feelings over the stuff he'd heard. However, I don't think it was this EP, which holds some merit in my opinion. The first track, "Weird Ground," is a solidly done rock song. The rest keeps pace as far as energy goes, and overall it holds some promised should Cook decided to focus some of his time into making a full-length under this moniker.

To be had here:
Young Governor - Hidden Love [256 VBR kbps]

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

P.S. Eliot - Bike Wreck Demo (2008)

P.S. Eliot - Bike Wreck Demo (2008)

Fuzzed out female fronted lo-fi noise pop from Birmingham, Alabama! A true gem!

Teeth - A Is For Asshole 7'' (2010)

Strange record from Mike Sniper and a group called Spider (A Member of the Spits and his girlfriend).

Bare Wires - Seeking Love (2010)

More noisy garage punk today. Bare Wires are a group from Oakland, California and they make some loud, guitar-soaked music with an intense vigor. I really can't place it for the life of me, but the singing sound eerily reminiscent of stuff I've heard in the past. Yet, that is neither here nor there, I suppose. I could go about the sound of the music and everything on this album, but I do think it is a pretty straight forward description I gave at the top. You'll just need to listen to it for yourself. I recommend it if you liked the Moonhearts, Tyvek, the Bitters or Ty Segall's earlier stuff. It is in the vein of all that jazz.

To be had here:
Bare Wires - Seeking Love [256 VBR kbps]