Thursday, May 8, 2014

Salad Boys - S/T (2013)

My new long term goal is to go to grad school, then get a job I can stomach and that I know will pay well. I will then run a record label on weekends, getting bands like Salad Boys, with their wonderful lo-fi indie rock, to let me press 7" records for them. After years of investing tens of thousands of dollars in awesome little bands and not making any profit, my wife will burn all my books and clothing and leave me for another man with un-squandered money. I will lose my well paying job due to depression and have to move into a storage facility with all the boxes of records I couldn't sell. Starving, I will resort to letting teenagers beat me up for money. After many years and many many beatings, I will use this money to buy a shitty little bar. I will acquire a 7" playing jukebox and fill it with all the records I pressed years earlier. Then I will sit in my bar and drink all the beer therein while listening to the infectious melancholic pop of the Salad Boys song "Best Kept Secret".

I will probably then piss myself and die.

8 songs.

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