Friday, May 30, 2014

This is Lorelei / MaoTzu - Spilt Cassette (2014)

A new release from MaoTzu and this time he brought a friend. This is a split cassette put out by Chicago's Grandpa Bay Recordings featuring these two musically like-minded fellows. The songs are experimental pop made with a combination of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. While This is Lorelei isn't something I've heard before this release, I can confidently say it is right up my alley, especially in light of this current minor obsession with bedroom/experimental/psych pop songs (just look at what I've been posting for evidence). The songs are short, upbeat and charming in their irreverence and nearly schizophrenic changes in tempo, instruments and tone. And this goes for both of the musicians, and while they each undoubtedly possess personal qualities in this songs that are unique and awesome, it is at the same time like to sides to a coin in many ways as they are so incredibly complimentary in sound. If you've liked the recently share Nate Henricks, Pill Wonder, or Wizard Oz you'll likely be down with this, even if you lazily never got to those and are a fan of Elephant 6 I'd still get it.

To be had here:
MaoTzu / This is Lorelei - This is Lorelei / MaoTzu

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