Friday, May 27, 2011

Sioum - I Am Mortal, But Was Fiend (2010)

This was a submission that I was eager to check out upon getting home. Sioum is a three piece instrumental post-rock/post-metal band. As is frequently the case with the post-rock bands they do take their time building up the tension and excitement before really letting loose with some spectacular guitar and drum work, only to slow it down for another escalation. The way I just put it might not convey my admiration of the style properly. I'm a big fan of post-rock or post-metal done right. Moreover, being willing to flux between lighter, more ambient mood and the quick and heavy is all the more reason to give it a listen. Sioum does this transition of sounds in a dramatic and skill fashion, and their use of foley sounds makes the less hectic moments possess a degree of eeriness. I've taken a fancy to listening to this album with my morning coffee for the last few days and it anything but abrasive on my sluggish, recently awoken brain. Simply put: I Am Mortal, But Was Fiend is a beautifully done album.

To be had here:
Sioum - I Am Mortal, But Was Fiend

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Singapore Sling - The Curse Of Singapore Sling (2002) & Life Is Killing My Rock 'n' Roll (2004)

Not the freshest of bands to post, but one I've been getting into again. Singapore Sling hails from Iceland, and of course is named for the cocktail (which cutely enough was proudly available during my flights to and from Frankfurt on Singapore Airlines). For a while I figured Singapore Sling was rather common knowledge but asking about has convinced me there should be enough unfamiliar with them to merit this post. These are the first two albums by the bands, which I've spent the most time listening to and therefore feel best vouching for. The Curse Of Singapore Sling opens with what I consider their most recognizable track "Overdriver" that demonstrates their shoegaze/neo-psychedelic style pretty well. Influenced by Suicide, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and The Velvet Underground they are easily piled in with acts like BRMC and the Raveonettes (neither of which I've grown completely weary of). Nonetheless, I think they were quite good at their variety of noise pop and fill me with an infrequent sense of nostalgia, especially for something not that old really.

To be had here:

The Curse of Singapore Sling [160 kbps]

Life Is Killing My Rock 'n' Roll [192 kbps]

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've come home to my dirty-ass, auto-centric state from the gloriously beautiful lands of central Europe. This trip is why I haven't taken any submissions nor fixed any downed links until today. Moreover, due to my jetlag that has me sleeping each time I sit down for too long, we'll see when my attempts at daily posting gets going anew. However, I must recommend a trip to central Europe to any and all, the place is damned fantastic and most of it is cheap. However, a man likely shouldn't live on beer, pork and Viennese coffee for nearly three weeks so my insides are in a massive protest that is only enhancing my travel fatigue. When a half liter of Czech beer can be had in a Prague corner store for as low as 75 cents there is no good excuse to come home without an accumulated hangover. Hope to have something up soon, there is a stack of submissions in my e-mail inbox and three weeks of label releases to sort through. Take care pilgrims.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sin Fang - Summer Echoes (2011)

So Sin Fang Bous decided to shorten his moniker to Sin Fang. Despite that confusion, Sin Fang has come out with a new release. As you may recall this is the name of the front man from Seabear releases his solo work under. This is the second of such albums, and thus far has proven a decent follow-up to my ears. I'll admit that I haven't been able to give it as much time as I usual would for a post as this is one of the final pre-written posts from before I left, so hopefully I can grab a bunch of new shit and withstand an overload and post anew. Regardless, it has that Icelandic pop charm I so adore, where they make an album playful and sentimental all at once. Dreamy, sweet, and pleasantly tender.

To be had here:
Sin Fang - Summer Echoes [256 VBR kbps]

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunnyland Slim - Slim's Shout (1969 [1993])

On the eve of my departure I was talking to an old pal from the p2p sharing days. He was talking about how he is stuck on folk and blues music. All it take is a mentioning of the blues to implant a desire to hear some immediately. Anyhow, I was spouting off bluesmen to him and that got me to Sunnyland Slim. I've had this record since I got a driver's license and have always enjoyed going back to give it a listen. Sunnyland Slim isn't like much of the other blues I've posted on Spacerockmountain or normally listen to, as in it isn't guitar-based. Rather it is piano blues, accented with drums, organ and horns. The highlight of any and every song by Slim is his soulful singing. About half the album are songs he wrote or co-wrote and others famed numbers covered with terrific skill. As for Slim himself, he sported some fine blues credentials. He moved to Chicago in 1939, played with Sonny Boy Williamson, hung with Muddy Waters and all that shit. His version of "Shake It" never fails to provide me with cheer, and his song "The Devil Is A Busy Man" makes me wish I could've been old enough to see him play it. So this album goes out to Rod, he most likely won't read this post, but he's a grand fella nonetheless.

To be had here:
Sunnyland Slim - Slim's Shout [160 kbps]

Monday, May 16, 2011

Young & Research II [Tough Love Sampler] (2011)

Not even sure if I ever posted up a label's sampler release before. Normally it isn't my thing to even listen to compilations with various artists bound by nothing more than a common record label, but I guess there are always exceptions that prove the rule. Full disclosure, this is being posted as I am out of the country and I was scrambling for ideas before left. Ran across this sampler when I was checking out CF Records and discovering the Girls Names debut. There is some overlap in the bands on CF and Tough Love, and it is just about the only place I could easily hear a track by some Northern Irish acts that I've been curious about such as Sea Pinks and Charles Hurts. Most of the tracks are a good tease, and as some of these acts are a bit difficult to find floating about it mind be worth ordering some cassettes or vinyl just to check them out.

To be had here:
Young & Research II [Tough Love Sampler]

Friday, May 13, 2011

The North Sea - Bloodlines (2010)

The North Sea is a band I know I should've posted earlier. Been enjoying their noisy, ambient/drone for a few years now. Time to remedy this oversight with their latest full-length album, Bloodlines. Like all of the North Sea's work, it is a rather gloomy and morose affair on the surface. Deep listening is rewarding, as commonly is the case with ambient-like music. To lose yourself in the noises is like taking a jaunt in a creepily pretty forest. I will admit that I am glad I have a chair to rest in while enjoying it though, and it likely isn't a good sound to drive to. Throw a substance into yourself or merely dim the lights see what this shit does for you.

To be had here:
The North Sea - Bloodlines [320 kbps]

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Echo Lake - Young Silence EP (2011)

Dream pop with a shoegaze vibe if I've ever heard it. That is a good thing in my book though, dream pop can be some lovely sounds and this band has done a rather good job at achieving that. Echo Lake is an apt name for a band that employs echoed vocals effects so liberally. The whole EP is rather ethereal but far from sleep inducing. Excellent for my antihistamine-addled mind. This EP was released through No Pain In Pop, which also has worked with HEALTH, Banjo Or Freakout, and A Grave With No Name. All bands I considered posting at some point but got lost in the mix. The vinyl press is seemingly sold out, which is a real bummer. They'll just have to come out with a full-length for slowpokes like me.

To be had here:
Echo Lake - Young Silence EP [320 kbps]

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Venetian Snares vs. Stunt Rock – Fuck Canada // Fuck America (1999)

"Because the devil comes to steal kill and destroy and you choose to listen to him instead"
I want to listen to the devils music. I want to be fully immersed. Listening to this album on a pair of low quality headphones feels like a worse sin.
I feel like most/all/duh of you would know the venetian snares, but William Flegal, aka Stunt Rock, is worth a closer look.
The noise is what really sets this apart from newer releases.

Gettin' it:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Peach Kelli Pop - Peach Kelli Pop (2011)

This shit is absolutely adorable. Peach Kelli Pop is the solo project of member of the Ottawa-based garage rock outfit the White Wires. It is lighthearted, very lo-fi, and catchy as all fuck. However, I think I am getting mildly jaded as I do wish it was a bit more original, for it does sound awful similar to Vivian Girls, Las Robertas, or Dum Dum Girls with an amplified amount of cheer. Even so, I have listened to a few times over since I found it and it isn't easy to tire of. Excellent for listening to as rain, wind and unseasonably chilly days are ruining my spring thus far. Also of some small interest is the music video for "Do the Eggroll" which is pretty cute with little rabbit whiskers painted in the girls' faces. Seldom to I watch videos, so must look darling to get me to care for 2 minutes.

To be had here:
Peach Kelli Pop - Peach Kelli Pop [256 VBR kbps]

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Hawk And A Hacksaw - Cervantine (2011)

Jeremy Barnes's collection of musicians has released another fantastic album. Cervantine is the fifth A Hawk And A Hacksaw proper full-length, if the collaboration A Hawk and A Hacksaw and the Hun Hangár Ensemble isn't counted. To my ear it sounds like the band has gotten even bolder and quicker in the composition of the songs, certainly faster paced than 2009's Délivrance. For the unfamiliar, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, is one of many projects involving Jeremy Barnes, who notable was a member of Neutral Milk Hotel. Formed with Heather Trost, expanding accordingly since, it has been their main outlet for the last decade or so. Pulling influence from Eastern European music of Balkan and Jewish Klezmer, the band has relocated to Budapest since formation. A perfect segue for me to mention that I am going to Budapest, along with several other Central European cities for the bulk of May. To accommodate the blog and give people something to look over I have written some posts that'll appear periodically while I am traveling, just need to be looked over my buddy b to make sure I wasn't too terribly sloppy. Maybe he'll chime in with some noises he fancies.

To be had here:
A Hawk And A Hacksaw - Cervantine [320 kbps]

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Girls Names - Dead To Me (2011)

The full-length album by Girls Names after their most excellent You Should Know By Now EP. The EP very much served as an introduction to the style they employed here in Dead To Me. Shoegaze/Post-Punk done in the finest of fashions. Been listening to this album over and over, only hindered by my jacked up iPhone (fuck planned obsolescence + unemployment). The matter of more interest than the failure of my electronics for you is getting your hands on these release. You won't regret it if you liked the EP or any of the shoegaze or post-punk I've previously posted hereon. Remember, very Jesus & Mary Chain and Crystal Stilts sort of thing going down with Girls Names. In the best way.

To be had here:
Girls Names - Dead To Me [320 kbps]