Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calvin, Don't Jump! - Crystal Clear Mississippi (2001) & A Way With Birds (2003)

I am taking off for a bachelor party up north here in Michigan for the weekend, so there'll be no posting from me until sometime next week. However, as I am making for the door I am might as well lay something down on you even if it is a obvious choice. I recently posted Great Lakes, which got me into the mood for listening to more Elephant 6 bands. Calvin, Don't Jump! was one of the many solo project spawned in the aftermath of Olivia Tremor Control, in this case by J. Kirk Pleasant. He put out two studio full-lengths (and a live album that I don't have) under this moniker and I find both of the charming and wonderful examples of the E6 psychedelic pop sound. Really is the bee's knees and if you're not a fan of all the older E6 rest assure I don't have an unlimited supply and I'm running low already. However, for now I am gonna have a good time drinking in the woods.

To be had here:

Crystal Clear Mississippi [192 bkps]

A Way With Birds [192 VBR kbps]

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Light Leak - Thoughts Of Mirth (2010)

Had a surreal night yesterday, put me in the mood for some soothing electronic music. Light Leak is a glo-fo project I ran across on bandcamp a few weeks back, I do believe the same time I found Turning Torso. It's tagged with "Germany" so I am gonna assume that is where the artist hails from. It is laid-back as all get out, reminding me mildly of Ra Cailum. Thoughts Of Mirth has done wonders for decompressing my weirded-out mind today so I thought it is come due to share. Maybe my favorite part are the ethereal, echoing vocals contrasting with the eccentric beats in "The Morning Sun." Worth a whirl to hear it all though.

To be had here:
Light Leak - Thoughts Of Mirth

Sunday, July 24, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 3

More EPs, all of these expect Bass Drum of Death were submitted to me. Sorry if you sent it in and it took some time to show up; I sorta let the smaller releases pile up so I can make an grab bag post. Also all are through bandcamp save the aforementioned EP.

To be had here:

LVL UP - Singles (2011)

The fellow that sent this in is also a member of Spook Houses, whose fantastic EP was posted up here a couple months back. This is a short and sweet selection of 3 tracks from an upcoming cassette. There's splendid blend of lo-fi and pop-like qualities in their rock.

Bears In America - Bear Tracks (2011)

I was sent this EP without any information regarding who this band is. Decided to give it a go anyway and it was a pleasant experience. Three songs of dreamy, looping, and wandering ambient folk experiments.

Bass Drum of Death - High School Roaches EP (2010) [192 kbps]

Decided to toss this up because I have really been digging their full-length. More I listen to them the more I think of the early White Stripes, before shit got all messed up and costumes seemed more important than rock and roll.

Eastern Phoebes - Gypsy Paw (2011)

This is a new EP from an Long Island duo released on February Records. It's some cheerful sounding, if not lyrically so, indie pop. Reminds me of Math and Physics Club, Pas/Cal and even early Beulah.

The Diggers - Words of Wisdom (2011)

Sat on this EP for a bit, sorry again. Don't let my delay hold you back from snatching this up though. This EP is different from the others, and much of what I've posted lately. It's a softly recorded acoustic album that he's got tagged as psychedelic blues. Quite soothing of a listen.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cheap Time - Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) (2010)

This city is a fucking shit stack, people, if you didn't know. My car has been stolen again and my hatred for Detroit is at sky high levels once again. Anyhow, I haven't posted in a few days as I've been driving around getting whatever work I could, so much for that shit. I did listen to this album a few times over in this week though. I'll admit that I do find Jeffrey Novak's voice strangely appealing and soothing. Plus I just don't have it in me to really write up shit in the state of mind, but I can be reasonably sure most fans of the lo-fi rock and roll will enjoy this. Make sure to to get Novak's solo stuff and the first Cheap Time album if you haven't gotten those yet.

To be had here:
Cheap Time - Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) [320 kbps]

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kiran Leonard - The Big Fish (2011)

This submission is rather unique, as I don't think I've many teenagers, let alone a 15 year old send in an album before. However, I am not posting it per the novelty of the artist's age, but rather for the fact that it is an exceptionally wild and fantastic experimental/progressive rock album. By golly gumdrop, first track is a 26 and half minute long odyssey. There's no need to spoil the experience by describing what happens in the songs too much, but I will assure you it is pretty captivating if you're a fan of progressive or krautrock. It is out there yet doesn't get busy and without sampling and prerecorded beats. This kid has gotta either really like messing around with the guitar or he's got way too much time on his hands. Check it out and see what I'm on about.

To be had here:
Kiran Leonard - The Big Fish

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great Lakes

It has been a minute since I've posted on an Elephant 6 band. Firstly, Great Lakes counts among Elephant 6 collective in my opinion due a few factors: Robert Schneider mixed their debut, member James Higgins formerly played in Of Montreal, and that two albums were put out on the successor label, Orange Twin. Perhaps those are tangential affiliations, but the group has certainly established itself firmly with a decade of producing records. Not anywhere near as prolific as Of Montreal, instead Great Lakes seems to pace themselves and have consistently released quality albums. The band was started by Dan Donahue and Ben Crum, the latter of which still leads the band and serves as the main constant around which other membership rotates. Their self-titled debut remains one of my favorites and best composed of the psychedelic pop from the collective in that era. I don't want to get too long-winded here, so the earlier albums are the sort of thing that should be gotten by fans of other E6 groups like The Essex Green, The Gerbils or Apples in Stereo and other contemporaries like Princeton Reverbs Colonial and Shimmer Kids Underpop Association. The latest release, Ways of Escape, does try something different after four years without an LP. It features too many appearances by other indie rock musicians for me to list them here and has a more twangy sound that reminded me of alt country acts like Royal City. Excellent shift that makes me happy that Crum keeps on making music.

To be had here:

Great Lakes (2000) [192 kbps]

The Distance Between (2002) [192 kbps]

Diamond Times (2006) [224 kbps]

Ways of Escape (2010) [160 kbps]

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Projeto Trator - A Bombástica Barafunda do Batizado (2007) & O Caldo Vai Azedar (2009)

Projeto Trator are a Brazilian stoner rock duo that sent me two of their EPs the other day. One of the perks of writing a music blog is that people will ignore what I usually post up and submit music that I'd otherwise be very unlikely to listen to. These songs by Projeto Trator are a fine example of the sort of stuff I would not go hunting for but now that it has been dropped on my digital doorstep I am pleasantly surprised. Perhaps it shouldn't shock me, as stoner rock/sludge does share key elements with what I do often seek out, lo-fidelity recording, loud guitar, and exciting percussion. However, I can't help but be reminded of my teenage years when I'd commonly find myself traveling around in my pal's shitty minivan with an over-sized sound system blasting some rather mediocre metal. This set of EPs straddles that gulf between my metalhead friend's taste and my bluesy, garage rock predilection in a way that is remarkably listenable. If only I could've gotten my hands of this for him to play in the death-wagon of an automobile at the time.

To be had here:

A Bombástica Barafunda do Batizado [256 kbps]

O Caldo Vai Azedar [320 kbps]

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ratas Del Vaticano - Tiempos De Austeridad (2010)

Ratas Del Vaticano are damned rough and incredibly lo-fi. From Monterrey, Mexico this band makes some garage punk that is more or less a mess of guitar, drums and shouted Spanish lyrics. This is to say, I am a fan. I will admit that they aren't better than the other garage rock acts have have been raving about like San Jaun's Dávila 666, Oakland's Shannon and the Clams, or Mississippi's Bass Drum of Death. However, I don't think they're aiming for the same effect as any of the bands. Seems more like a dirty sludge of rock and roll that is fully embracing the concept of lo-fidelity to the point that it might turn off people inclined toward more catchy garage music. Perhaps bands that made a name for themselves as gritty and loud such as The Spaceshits or The Dirtys are apt comparisons. Their allure is strong enough that I felt compelled to go buy some Cerveza Pacifico and imagine what it'd be like to get drunk with these fellas.

To be had here:
Ratas Del Vaticano - Tiempos De Austeridad [224 VBR kbps]

Friday, July 15, 2011

Destroy All Monsters - Bored (1999)

Destroy All Monsters is a band I should've had up here a long time ago. Many will be familiar with the band due to Thurston Moore issuing a large compilation of their songs in the 1994, and since there has been several more new live and studio albums released. What makes Destroy All Monsters a big deal is that it was a cutting edge sound when the band played shows in the mid-70s and how it was embraced by members of Southeast Michigan's rock and roll notables, such as members of MC5 and the Stooges joining their ranks. American post-punk of the late 70s and 80s has some considerable roots in acts like this, using unconventional insturmentation like vacuum cleaners and what have you along with the unrefined style of composition. While Bored isn't that wild if compared to other shit I've heard, the connection of Destroy All Monsters and Sonic Youth or fellow Ann Arbor band Half Japanese are undeniable. The singer, Niagara, and Jad Fair have an eerily similar cadence to their vocals. For a band that never released a proper album in their original stint nor got too much popularity outside of North American and Japanese experimental rock fans, it did have a disproportionate impact. Bored is a good starting off point as it is rather easily digestible and much stranger music of the band can be sought afterward.

To be had here:
Destroy All Monsters - Bored [192 kbps]

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Piresian Beach - Fuck Your Mind (2011)

A new submission from Hungary, actually from the same person that sent me Nohopekids, but this is her band. Piresian Beach is more lo-fi rock that won me over so wholeheartedly, yet it has a more noise pop and lightly droning style. When prompted she surmised her influnences as Black Lips, Ty Segall, Spacemen 3, Wooden Shjips and the wild music of Burzum. I'd say Spaceman 3 is a very good point of reference, as Fuck Your Mind is filled with the reverbed guitar and thundering percussion they were so excellent at. Without trying to seem like I am fawning too much, I have to say my very favorite aspect of the album are the echoed and hauntingly lovely vocals. So much more substantial that most of the other female vocalists I've posted lately like Frankie Rose or even Las Robertas. However, if you're at all a fan of garage, shoegaze, noise pop or any of that ilk of lo-fidelity music I can't recommend Piresian Beach enough.

To be had here:
Piresian Beach - Fuck Your Mind [320 kbps]
or via bandcamp

Monday, July 11, 2011

Doop and the Inside Outlaws - Everett Belcher (2009) & Blood River (2008)

Something a bit out of the ordinary for spacerockmountain, alternative country music. Though I've never held any opposition to the alt country genre, I've also never gone too far out of my way to get it. Lucky for me that I ran into an acquaintance of mine at a bar that I had the mild wherewithal to recall being a musician that I could solicit for albums to post here. He's a member of Doop and the Inside Outlaws, though not the man that has chosen Doop for a moniker. They're a shining example of how Detroit is, if nothing else, a city where most any kind of art can flourish including country music. In my meager attempt to explain what little comprehension of country I mentioned Johnny Cash and I was told if I like him I could very well enjoy this. Pretty accurate assessment and it grows with continued listening. Perhaps the best way phrase to describe the soulful, twangy country of this group was suggested by him in the bar, blue collar. They're very much workingmen lamentations. Finally, I'll be forward about that fact that these are links to their bandcamp page and that the albums are fully streamable, but not free for the taking. Do whatever you see fit about that.

To be had here:

Everett Belcher

Blood River

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Persian Underground: Garage Rock, Beat and Psychedelic Sounds from The Iranian 60's & 70's Scene (2010)

I'm being somewhat lazy today. I have a stack of submitted albums to listen to yet this heat and my wretched mood from unemployment has resulted in me just relying on someone else to write up some music for me to hear. Off the fantastic blog ghost-capital, I found this glorius compilation of Iranian songs that don't at all fit the mold of how the country is currently thought of. Naturally, most any form of popular music out of Iran is relatively rare because of the nature of the government there, but there was a time before such austerity. Like most of the world at some point or another, Iran was far from immune from garage rock and psychedelia. Now it wouldn't be surprising if I fawned over how lovely and rare these tracks are, but really in these days of the internet, analog-to-digital conversion, and enabling of selective tastes it truly was only a matter of time until this compilation was made. This shouldn't in any way diminish how great the songs are, both the originals and covers. I must've listened to Zangoleah's "Wish Map" at least a dozen times in two days. Hats off to ghost-capital for posting this up and all the other amazing things on that blog and here's to hoping people don't quit making collections like this.

To be had here:
Persian Underground: Garage Rock, Beat and Psychedelic Sounds from The Iranian 60's & 70's Scene [320 kbps]

Friday, July 8, 2011

Stagnant Pools - Real Lies (2010) & Live @ Russian Recording (2010)

Stagnant Pools is a band consisting of a pair of brothers from Indiana. Together they make some noisy, lo-fi shoegaze. In 2010 they released an album entitled Real Lies as well as a live recording called Live @ Russian Recording via bandcamp. Additionally, tracks and information sometimes appear on their tumblr page. Musically, they make some great use of the wall of sound technique that is so fundamental to the shoegaze sound. Also, if you're like me and understanding the words sung isn't as important as hearing anything audible than these guys could be your jam. They're quick, constant and nearly droning without washing out all signs of rhythm and beat. Basically, they'll consume your brainwaves as you listen to them should you be inclined to grant them that leeway.

To be had here:

Real Lies

Live @ Russian Recording

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Russian Futurists - The Weight's on the Wheels (2010)

The time has come for a bit of indie pop to reemerge on the mount. Admittedly, the Russian Futurists is an artist that goes heavily electronic. I've listened to Matthew Adam Hart's one-man band for years on and off as he released new albums. It has been a bit of a stretch since his previous full-length, over half a decade, but he has remained rather consistent in his sound nevertheless. Electronic instrumentation with effected, harmonious vocals being the mainstay. My immediate reaction was that it might not have strayed which far enough from the earlier works, but really he does this sort of music with such skill there is something laudable about keeping it. The song "One Night, One Kiss" is a duet with fellow Canadian musician Ruth Minnikin one of the better featured. Anyway, I get sticking to the formula if you've been off for years yet should more from Hart come out I'd love to hear him experiment some more.

To be had here:
The Russian Futurists - The Weight's on the Wheels [256 VBR kbps]

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Roaches - Live Forever demo (2011)

This is a submitted demo from a garage punk band hailing from Boston, if the bandcamp tag is honest. The Roaches are very lo-fi and therefore akin to most of the garage rock I've been throwing up on the blog as of late. The demo EP they've just put up for free download can be described in all those wonderfully overused terms of fuzzed, loud and fast. Anyhow, what is great about getting the demos of a band that has the potential to crank out some really solid albums, which I am optimistic that The Roaches are capable of, is the sense of being in at the ground floor. Thus tracing the evolution of sound and quality is more accessible. The Live Forever demo might not fully sell these guys to you, but it is just wetting the appetite. So no pressure Roaches, but I'm looking forward to more.

To be had here:
The Roaches - Live Forever

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pete Dello - Into Your Ears (1971 [1989])

I was just turned onto the magnificence that is Pete Dello's Into Your Ears by Brinley Davies of The Moles in an email exchange. Imagining that if I hadn't realized it existed that there may be a goodly amount of pilgrims that haven't either. The album is a production of that late 60s/early 70s psychedelic folk that encompassed all variety of artists popular and obscure. After reading up on Dello I found out that he was the lead of a Beatlesque band called Honeybus, best known for their hit "I Can't Let Maggie Go" from 1968. Into Your Ears a quick follow up after departing the band and then leaving the music industry altogether later that decade. The song "Do I Still Figure in Your Life" is the most famous as it has been covered numerous times but not my personal favorite. "Harry the Earwig" is so oddly fantastic that I want to share it with all my friends. Plus it is the source of inspiration for the wild album art. However, "Uptight Basil" has got to be my favorite, and there are two versions as this is technically the reissue from 1989 that features additional tracks. There's no shortage of neat songs though; both "It's the Way" and I'm a Gambler" have been stuck in my head since I first heard them. A brilliant album and my thanks go to Mr. Davies for the recommendation.

To be had here:
Pete Dello - Into Your Ears [192 VBR kbps]

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Turning Torso - Walker (2010)

About time I took off those lo-fi rock blinders. Turning Torso is Mexico's David Sánchez producing music with his guitar and a computer for sampling, looping and sonic wizardry. I'd say it falls rather neatly into the glo-fi category, yet showing how variable that genre can be it is only mildly similar to other acts like Ocelote Rojo, María y José, or Ra Cailum. Suppose they're more united in methods and overall mood than anything else. Walker is kinda like Boards of Canada or Casino Versus Japan with a much more pronounced role for the guitar. Has a jazzy element to it to it as well that appears in tracks like "Milees" and "Walker." Exactly the sort of sounds that help keep me levelheaded as I submit application after application without noticeable progress. There is also an EP entitled Lo-fi and a B-sides and Remixes to check out if you liked this album.

To be had here:
Turning Torso - Walker

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shapes Have Fangs - Dinner In The Dark (2011)

From the southern Mecca of good music that is Austin, Texas these cats unsurprisingly are doing garage rock thing righteously. Shapes Have Fangs are even more of the lo-fi garage rock that I've been posting regularly. It's gotta be loud and fast to be really suitable for my crazy shitty car. Anyway, this band sounds sorta like Bad Indians, Bass Drum of Death and oddly never posted-upon Black Lips. Even possesses what appears to be influences of classic garage rock bands like The Monks. Toward the end they get more out there and break down into a noisy mess of sound which depends are your attitude regard noisy messes if you'd enjoy. However, the bulk is some easily recommendable, swell rock and roll that is a good addition if you've liked what I've been posting up lately.

To be had here:
Shapes Have Fangs - Dinner In The Dark [320 kbps]

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Moles - The Future Sounds of Ashton (2010)

Sent to me from the United Kingdom, The Future Sounds of Ashton is a brilliantly produced psychedelic rock album. Really one of the higher quality productions I've ever had submitted to the blog. The songs are anything but repetitive with the group really flexing their creative muscles that carries to sound nearly to punk rock and then back to tracks that remind me of David Bowie's Hunky Dory. The member, Brinley Davies, that submitted the album told me they were influenced by Bill Fay, Pete Dello and Jimmy Campbell. None these cats are familiar to me so I've been launched down a rabbit hole. The band is in the processing of changing labels and recording a new album that hopefully we won't have to wait too long to hear. The album was sent to me in FLAC but I converted it to mp3 to use on the iPhone so I'll provide a link to each medium. I'd like to give Brinley the last word on what he thinks the album is: "For me the album is a collection of isolated moments in time, a bit like a diary. In my head I see it as a psychiatric pop record, rather than psychedelic."

To be had here:
The Moles - The Future Sounds of Ashton [320 kbps]