Friday, May 2, 2014

Lasso - Golden Lasso (2014)

A new release from a band I wrote up some time ago, Lasso of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Golden Lasso is a weird western, combining psychedelic, country and avant-garde offbeat antics into an whimsical yet captivating album. I don't mean to paint it as an off-the-wall sort of release, for it is markedly restrained in its composition, instead skewing toward a subtle approach to the weirdness. It's warm and charming in tone, leaving me elated by the end of my first listen. The delivery on the vocals is great and well-mastered throughout, plus whoever the lady is they've got singing on "Tangolassi" is exceptional. However, I was most intrigued by the way the made the westernness of this album so present without the usual twangy guitars and lamentations of tragedy (not that those aren't great too). It seems they've been busy in the interlude since my last post of their work and put out a few albums, which you can find on their bandcamp page linked below.

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