Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bad Indians - Don't Hang That (On Me) (2010)

Also seemed I missed this release but less surprisingly so. While they can make some decent garage rock, they are making it from Ypsilanti, Michigan. This state does spawn a good number of garage acts so it can be hard to stand out a bit. Nonetheless, Bad Indians have caught my ear with their lo-fi jangling guitars and hauntingly vibrating vocals.While it'd be a hard case to make for them being unique, yet few bands are if you look hard enough. Michigan, amongst other places, have groups like this pop up regularly and I still like them each time. Re-interpreting the lo-fi garage sounds has endless endurance if you ask me. Also, I just noticed that Ongakubaka posted one of their releases yesterday, which is creepily awesome.

To be had here:
Bad Indians - Don't Hang That (On Me)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bearsuit - The Phantom Forest (2011)

New Bearsuit caught my attention easily enough. I do some of their earlier albums with fondness, and The Phantom Forest is a fine addition to their discography. Like other releases this album infuses several genres and influences together to make something that can sway from twee to dance punk and back again. Tracks like "When Will I Be Queen?" and "Giant Archaeopteryx" could pass as new releases from bands like the Knife or Cansei de Ser Sexy. However, "Kwaa-Kwaa" and "Albino Tiger Rescue Squad" are thoroughly indie pop. Basically, they mix it up and part of what makes Bearsuit appealing to me is their ability to blend these different styles into an overall coherent and entertaining album. Another reason to sit and listen to whole albums, if I haven't harped on that too much.

To be had here:
Bearsuit - The Phantom Forest [320 kbps]

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tearjerker - Strangers (2010)

Might not be on the ball, as this did come out 7 months ago, but it is still worth spouting off about. Tearjerker is a from one of my favorite places on Earth, the grand city of Toronto. There they make some lovely, dream-hued and fuzzy-edged indie pop. In a loose fashion they remind me of Pluramon, The Depreciation Guild, and The Meeting Places. Perhaps it is merely freshness, but thus far I've found Tearjerker even better than those bands. I'm really surprised I didn't find more buzz about them, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I did see them posted up somewhere back when. Regardless, they're doubtlessly talented enough to merit any repetition of praise. Avialible on bandcamp on a name-your-own-price basis.

To be had here:
Tearjerker - Strangers

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Voyage Limpid Sound - Electronically Enhanced Dream (2000)

Now I've sat on this album for years. Occasionally I'd go back and give it a listen, and every time I am reminded of how pleasant it truly is. There isn't too much information on The Voyage Limpid Sound floating about, but seemingly it was the brainchild young Greek man. Heavily influenced by 60s psychedelia it has a very Pink Floyd, Beach Boys, Kinks vibe to it all. You know, shit like organs and harmonious vocals. Meanders about more or less yet it maintains a glowing warm feeling throughout. Could just as easily imagine it coming out of Athens, Georgia scene as Athens, Greece. I do believe they released a follow-up album, but for whatever reason I've yet to hunt it down. However, time for dilly-dallying on this one certainly passed a while ago.

To be had here:
The Voyage Limpid Sound - Electronically Enhanced Dream [160 VBR kbps]

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ty Segall - San Francisco Rock Compilation or Food or Weird Beer From Microsoft (2010) & Ty Rex EP (2011)

As most regular visitors of spacerockmountain will remember, I adore Ty Segall and his loud, lo-fi garage punk. Anyhow, I posted most all of what I had from him on the blog in piecemeal portions. Dangerously close to running out it is a good thing I snatched up a few more releases he's produced. Firstly, there was an cassette released by God? Records that I missed from last year with the oddly title: San Francisco Rock Compilation or Food or Weird Beer From Microsoft. As if to match the absurdity of the name, the tracks involve more spoken word, mostly sound clips from films. Gives it a rather unique feel compared other tapes and discs by Segall. Secondly then, there is the new EP being put out by Goner Records, Ty Rex. It continues the more psychedelic-pop flavored version of the fuzzy garage he displayed on Melted. "Buick Mackane" is suitable fast and exciting for fans of earlier work, but the wonderful job with songs like "Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart" should show wisdom in his stylistic evolution. Naturally, to help allay my guilt a bit I should recommend that you buy the vinyl and cassette versions if you like them. Touching shit is neat, remember how that worked?

Oh, and happy Easter, the best holiday cause contemplating zombie Jesus aloud is more acceptable.

To be had here:

San Francisco Rock Compilation or Food or Weird Beer From Microsoft [256 VBR kbps]

Ty Rex [256 kbps]

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Apemen - Are You Being Surfed? (1994)

Was thinking about posting some 90s surf rock and knew I had some laying around. Upon giving it a new listen, the Apemen made some pretty neat surf. Got some mixed feelings when I looked them up and found out they were still around and making surf music in the Netherlands as late as 2007, but I guess if people kept going to their shows, why not? This is because making unabashed surf rock, albeit with humorous nature of the genre being evident, doesn't seem like a much sustainable plan. Nonetheless, bands like the Apemen, Phantom Surfers and Laika & The Cosmonauts will always possess their charm. Especially with the infusion of surf into garage rock and electronic music that's taking place recently it is interesting to see the people that were making surf only for the niche that always thought it was awesome nearly 20 years ago. Are You Being Surfed? is a very guitar-focused album from the earlier years of the band's career. It includes some classic surf songs and really does showcase some good musicianship. Kept finding myself getting really into it again.

To be had here:
The Apemen - Are You Being Surfed? [256 kbps]

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dávila 666 - Tan Bajo (2011)

So I went to see these guys last week, but due to my own foolish overindulgence I missed a good chunk of the show. Unfortunate, for how many Peurto Rican garage rockers get to Detroit? What I did hear was pretty damn good though. Therefore, I have take the time to listen to some of their albums in the massive amount of downtime I got. Naturally, the recorded version is clearer, being less drunk helped with that too, and while I can't understand Spanish it is catchy as hell. Lo-fi, charming vocal style, and somewhat minimalistic instrumentation makes it not exactly surprising yet very pleasing to hear. Feels like most of the songs be the theme to a sweet for a Spanish-language show I could only pretend to know what about. Which is saying if the job of a theme song is to get one excited then this band does it well.

To be had here:
Dávila 666 - Tan Bajo [320 bkps]

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Singer - Honeymoon Suite EP (2011)

Wedding Singer is a strange electronic project of a musician that was previously released as Younger Colours and as part of the duo JL Seagull. Honeymoon Suite is a free EP from CF Records, a label I've been getting pretty enamored with lately. They've released some good bands that I've posted already like Lucky Dragons, Girls Names and Cloud Nothings. As for this particular EP, the artist admits to the inspiration of Ariel Pink and the art suggests, it does have a sleazy, dance floor vibe like one might expect at an 80s wedding. For all that it is remarkably smooth and I was able to relisten to it several times over immediately. I hope to get more stuff from CF Records up, but depends on what I find.

To be had here:
Wedding Singer - Honeymoon Suite EP

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Neutral Milk Hotel - Demos

I imagine that everyone that knows anything about anything should be aware of Neutral Milk Hotel. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is one of the best records ever. However, as many also know, the band didn't emerge from no where and was involved more or less on the ground floor with the formation of Elephant 6, back when it was an actual label. Several demo cassettes were produced when the band was beginning as a brainchild of Jeff Mangum, who had even been recording prior under the shorter moniker Milk. Basically, all this information is found easily on the internet, but I still like to listen to these three demo tapes. They're pretty simplistic as far as most of the songs go, with many tracks involving sound collage techniques and some spoken word. Some songs where fleshed out and improved upon to become tracks on the two official albums by Neutral Milk Hotel. Others such as one of my favorites, "Engine," wasn't ever released on either, although it can be found as the b-side to "Holland 1945" and on Mangum's live recorded at Jittery Joe's in Athens, GA. Multiple versions in demo-quality recording of songs might seem excessively nerdy, but appearances of Magnum's amazing talents became severely restricted after his desire to remove himself from the public eye following the success of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. I do know there are more including some are unreleased material but this is was I have in decent bitrates. Moreover, there are few demos are quirky and interesting as these.

To be had here:

Invent Yourself A Shortcake [320 kbps] (1991)

Beauty [320 kbps] (1992)

Hype City Soundtrack [192 kbps] (1993)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Singles part two

Took a bit of a break cause it was my birthday and I wanted to drink beer and listen to music without thinking about how to write it up. However, isolation can get real boring as well. I have some singles and EPs sitting about that I feel like putting up today.

To be had here:

The Dirtbombs - Kick Me 7" (2010) [256 kbps]

Naturally awesome as most everything Mick Collins touches is. "Kick Me" and the b-side "The Crunch" as lo-fi rock and roll of the sorts that made me really come to love the Dirtbombs in the first place.

The Potential Johns - The Potential Johns 7" (2007) [256 VBR kbps]

This is largely because somebody complained that I was putting up a bunch of garage rock and lo-fi shit and their favorite band, the Potential Johns, wasn't among what I'd picked. Well, truth be told they're not the easiest band to find but they are good garage punk.

Brut Choir - Barest Bones (2011)

I was given the heads up on this act by the fella from Liquid Skulls. While I've enjoyed the times I listened through it I have been lazy about posting it up. Eerie, droning, post-punk that both gives me joy and the willies. This EP is available for free or name your price on bandcamp.

King Khan - The Velvet Monobrow (2007) [128 kbps]

Apologies for the shitty bitrate, but this single gets me all worked up. I've seen this tagged all sorts of ways, but I am pretty sure this is a solo single by King Khan. Despite the title of the release, the songs are "Ain't It Sad" and "Never Enough," with the former being the sappiest song may have ever done. Reminds me intensely of Lou Reed and that is about the best thing I can ever say about anything.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eric August - Wake Distance Future (2011)

I'm pleased to say this was sent in as a submission. Eric August is an electronic music that has previously Psychic Attack of the Psyduck. I have some of his work from under that moniker but never posted it (think I got from Somatose or something). So it is neat to get his message that he wants me to share his new release here. Though I haven't posted much of it lately, I do enjoy a well-made electronic album and August has experience and willingness to experiment that enables him to produce some top-of-the-line minimalist electronica. Found myself getting lost in Wake Distance Future 20 tracks while doing my more nerdy activities, such as reading Star Wars comic books or playing Medieval Total War II. I got down time; unemployment isn't the worst thing ever. Regardless of what you fancy doing when listen, this shit is a refreshing electronic wind for the brain.

To be had here:
Eric August - Wake Distance Future

Monday, April 11, 2011

COOLRUNNINGS - Dracula Is Only The Beginning (2011)

Fanatically jazzed about this. Didn't have a clue when COOLRUNNINGS would come out with a full length album, but I ran across this baby this morning. Even bumped a few things I had lined up I was so eager to just get this up. Like the EPs Babes Forever and Buffalo this displays the bands rhythmic songs that straddle post-punk and math rock while being charmingly pop-like. Dracula Is Only The Beginning is more subdued than the EPs, which is the sort of subtle evolution that I'm glad to see bands make. The reason I feel able to post this with such a short turnaround is that I found it immediately enjoyable, so that may enhance or diminish over the likely numerous times I listen to it. Yet if their previous work is any indication all those that get this are in for a treat. Lastly, I feel I should mention it is for sale on bandcamp for a measly $5, tagged cutely as "post-rad."

To be had here:
COOLRUNNINGS - Dracula Is Only The Beginning [320 kbps]

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tyvek - Third Man Live (2011)

A few months ago Tyvek's spectacular release Nothing Fits was posted on Spacerockmountain by sleep walk. He did a good job at describing their sound inasmuch that'll "make you shit your pants and bleed from your ears." Indeed this live album lives up to that reputation as well as demonstrating how live performances are nearly always as fine or better than studio albums of garage rock. This was recorded in September of 2010 at Third Man Records in Nashville, where Jack White has decided to make the studio and vinyl pressing operations of his label. Despite my feelings toward that particular son of Detroit, I must say fine work was done in the making of this album. Loud and raucous, yet surprisingly understandable, I do recommend this.

To be had here:
Tyvek - Third Man Live [256 VBR kbps]

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pollens - EP (2011)

Hopefully you're not overdone for jovial tunes after Shugo Tokumaru, for I've been sent an EP from a Seattle band called Pollens. Shares with Tokumaru a good deal of eccentricity. Utilizing electronic effects, the old boy-girl dynamic in vocals, and catchy beats makes Pollens very quick to warm to. A pretty good effort for a debut EP, especially the two opening tracks which are by far the most memorable personally. Seems like a rather promising band that if they keep it up could make some fine pop. Downloadable via bandcamp with the option of naming your own price and full streamability as usual.

To be had here:
Pollens - EP

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shugo Tokumaru - Port Entropy (2010)

Shugo Tokumaru is a makes some of my favorite indie pop. Admittedly, it is sung in Japanese, a language I've no inkling with. Nonetheless, what really makes his sound stand out for me is the quirkiness he employs in each song's composition. Likewise it makes him a bit hard to describe other than vague terms like 'lighthearted' or 'cheerful.' Port Entropy came out last year, this year in the United States technically, but it took me some time to get over the previous album, Exit, to find my constantly fluxing taste to settle on sweet pop music again. It is exactly that too, sweet without being cloying, and this is done by mixing in many elements to keep the sounding fresh. Like a twee-struck version of Cornelius, Shugo Tokumaru uses diverse instrumentation and hints from various genres to craft his happy tunes. So if you want something practically exploding with joyfulness this is what you should get.

To be had here:
Shugo Tokumaru - Port Entropy [256 VBR kbps]

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Silver Bullets - Free Radical (2009)

Wish I'd gotten my hands on this sooner. Holy shit is this fantastic. If you liked the King Blood I was wild about then you'll like this for sure, and if you somehow oversaw that post, welcome. Silver Bullets is lo-fi, noise-riddled, kraut, sludge psych-rock. In the best possible way. Bombards the ears with sonic waves that pull you out to some cosmic sea in your very mind. This is the sort of shit I love to listen to as soon as I wake up, hungover or sober, and have to get focused by losing myself. Not sure if that makes terribly much sense, but it is the best way I can describe it. Gets me worked up, this sort of well-done drone/noise. I wish I knew more about the artist but the best I can seek out is Silver Bullets is the music of a friend of William Giacchi of Super Minerals and Magic Latern that made this curious album in Sicily. As I mentioned, if you liked King Blood, as well Peaking Lights or Topaz Rags for that matter, then you'll find this to be rather amazing.

To be had here:
Silver Bullets - Free Radical [256 kbps]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ocelote Rojo - Pacarina (2011)

Found Ocelote Rojo on bandcamp when I was poking around. Pretty album art and some interesting tags got me to give it a listen. Pacarina wasn't disappointment. Most assuredly this EP falls into the glo-fi/chillwave that been attracting my and many others attention lately. Therefore this bears similarities to Monster Rally, Lay Bac, and their ilk. However, it is decidedly more gloomy than Monster Rally, if roughly at the same pace. Guessing the musician, Francisco Aravena, is Chilean from the tags, hard to be sure. However, I think the power of suggestion goes a long way in chillwave. For example, images of sunny beaches on the cover art are gonna have an effect opposed to a Mesoamerican city on this one. Variations on nostalgia ultimately, but give the mind a launching point of reference in this often lyric-less genre. Let me know if you agree.

To be had here:
Ocelote Rojo - Pacarina

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Henryspenncer - To The Timeless Valley (2011) & Split EP w/ Among The Bones (2011)

As mentioned in yesterday's offering, there's been post-rock cluttering up my inbox as of late. Henryspenncer is one that I got the other day from a new French label called Bookmaker Records, where these albums can be found for purchase in a physical form. Fully instrumental and intensely powerful, To The Timeless Valley shares qualities with other submitted music like Sigmoid Argonaut and Mother Night. However, the e-mail they sent me stole the best descriptors right out from under me; "The confrontation of windy psych western sounds with heavy industrial and cosmic vibes, that invites you to an endless travel in imaginary deserts." That's one finely written way to put it. The Split EP that accompanied features a single track by each Henryspenncer and Among The Bones. Both are rather lengthy yet fine examples of good instrumental rock. For ease these are the links the label provided me, but if they go down and you still want them just leave a comment and I'll know what to do.

To be had here:

To The Timeless Valley [320 kbps]

Split EP w/ Among The Bones [320 kbps]

Monday, April 4, 2011

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F♯A♯∞ (1998)

Certainly hope that this band isn't being introduced to too many here. After all Godspeed You! Black Emperor is foundational as far as instrumental post-rock is concerned. The reason I'm posting them now is that I went to see them recently due to the generosity of my friend who provided with his extra ticket. The show was pretty righteous and the band played easily for over two hours, and if that isn't epic I can't be sure what would be. The oddly named F♯A♯∞ was an earlier release by the band, around when the line-up became somewhat less fluid. This didn't stop the band members from being in many other notable projects in Quebec or recruiting therefrom. GY!BE has been prominent in my thoughts lately because of the amount of post-rock bands and labels sending me submissions. Therefore, it is only apt to understand how some of the very best do it.

To be had here:
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F♯A♯∞ [256 kbps]

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alexico - Acosador de Media Noche (Episodio No. 2) (2011)

Alexico is a Mexican artist that is sorta hard to describe. It is electronic and capable of poppiness, but it is more noisy and eccentric than I expected. Somewhere between chiptune, IDM and dancey indie pop. Naturally it is appealing and interesting as because of this deft mixture of influences. Kinda reminds me of that cute skweee sound from Scandinavia at it more lighthearted moments, with Spanish singing of course. My shitty monolingual mind can't tell you want the hell they're singing about but I can give you a link to a review by a blog that sure can, check out Club Fonograma for that. Nonetheless, I found this release pretty exciting and that is all it takes to get me to sloppily write it up.

To be had here:
Alexico - Acosador de Media Noche (Episodio No. 2) [192 kbps]

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beat Happening - Beat Happening (1985) & Jamboree (1988)

It was likely inevitable that I'd come to share some Beat Happening. This band has all the elements I loved about the 80s post-anything ethos, in this form really stripped down indie pop. The way I look at it this is the flip side of the climate that produced bands like Half Japanese, Sonic Youth, Suicide and The Jesus & Mary Chain in post-punk and shoegaze. Instead of making noise and walls of sound, it is pop songs reduced to basics. Artists like Aztec Camera, Daniel Johnston, and Beat Happening made simple, lo-fi, numbers that are frequently short love ditties. I mean really damned rudimentary at times, like "Honey Pot" from Beat Happening's self-titled album wherein there is just fuzzy singing with handclaps. Like most good pop songs they're easy to take in and almost never complex, yet they make for some sweet listening. Of course this is one of Calvin Johnson's many outlets over the last few decades, and I recall enjoying this band some of his later ones like Dub Narcotic Sound System and The Halo Benders without connecting the dots for some time. Anyhow, most of you are hopefully aware of Beat Happening, but I'm posting what I've been listening to while working in the yard.

To be had here:

Beat Happening [160 kbps]

Jamboree [160 kbps]

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tokyo Sex Destruction - Le Red Soul Comunnitte (2003)

Time for more music I really dug when I was a teenager. Tokyo Sex Destruction is a garage punk band from Barcelona. They charmed my adolescent mind with references to the MC5, like adopting monikers for each member that bore the last name Sinclair, in honor of the famed poet and manager of MC5. Moreover they were political, singing some Marxist and anarchist shit that wasn't what you'd hear on the radio. Basically, that is all flashy jazz, the real point is that they did know how to make some really loud and wild garage that definitely possessed much in the way of soul. I do like to go back and give them a listen every now and then so I might as well share it here. The slightly lower bitrate is cause I think there is the same rip I made from a CD when was a sophomore in high school.

To be had here:
Tokyo Sex Destruction - Le Red Soul Comunnitte [160 kbps]