Friday, March 25, 2016

The Wrong Numbers - More Cuddles With the Wrong Numbers (2016)

Soul music, to me, is the quintessential American music. I know that the blues, jazz, and hip hop are more important from a music history standpoint: those genres were catalysts for so much more. Soul is just my absolute favorite. It's danceable, it's about good times and bad times. It's also kind of a natural antidepressant for me. Just throw on some Irma Thomas or Syl Johnson and the world becomes a little brighter.

Seeing a resurgence with stuff like Sharon Jones and Leon Bridges is great. Hard to believe that soul music ever went out of style, quite honestly. But perhaps in Detroit, where The Wrong Numbers come from, soul never lost it's footing.

The Wrong Numbers play garage soul so well that Jack White would devolve into the primordial jelly from which he came just to sniff it. These peeps must all come from other bands, I'd guess... this shit is just too seasoned. "Bowel Sounds" is just 2 songs so far, but it's well worth your immediate attention if you're in the market for something frucking fantastic (edit: deciding to keep "frucking as is). Bummer that there's a $7 charge for just 2 songs(*), but I'm honestly considering it.

Look at the release date on this also: posted just 5 days ago. Hot off the frucking press... eh? EH? Ehhhhhhh... sorry. But for real, The Wrong Numbers have got it DIALED IN.

*Edit: Another song has been added! It's great! This is some 1960's Memphis soul, ala Wendy Rene. Amazing.

Bandcamp page:
The Wrong Numbers - Bowel Sounds

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Good Throb - Fuck Off (2014)

One of the most annoying things a person can do is belabor the definition of "punk", or really throw the word around in any nonmusical context. "That hummus is fuckin punk rock" or "You've been punked you stupid idiot" or "it's so punk rock outside today" whatever people say these days. Just stop it. It's music... played by people who don't care about being virtuosic with their instruments and they're indignantly ok with that. Probably the least punk rock thing a person can do is talk about what "punk" is and isn't. Just like what I'm doing now. Fuck.

Whatever "punk" is, Good Throb is great at it. Fuck off is their lone full length, available for free on their bandcamp, and it's full of simple, unpretentious attitude. They've almost got more of a posy-punk thing here, with their use of dissonant melody, prominent bass lines, and mid-up tempo beats. This isn't mosh music, but the kind of dancing that teenagers smoking cigarettes in moldy UK basements know how to do. Vocalist KY Ellie has got as great, sneering voice perfect for this kind of music... raspy, spitting viciousness.

Great lo-fi recording. Great song titles such as "Mummy I'm Ugly" and "You're Shit".  Fuck Off  is the most inviting listen I've heard in months.

11 songs.

Good Throb - Fuck Off

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sun Dagger - Invisible World (2016)

Another instrumental album, this time from a place a bit more familiar to me. That is to say I have been there several times at least; New Haven, Connecticut. However, if you allow the songs to do their work you'll end up somewhere else completely. Quite psychedelic and pull influence from stoner and space rock Sun Dagger has managed to make remarkably engaging as well as surprisingly unique soundscapes. I've heard a good deal of epic instrumental tracks over the years of writing this blog and having many friends inclined to much such music, but I can't really summon a memory of one that sounds very close to Sun Dagger. There's so many strains of music interwoven it is boggling. At times I feel like I was hearing a funk tune, then it'll be spacey post-rock then to something new, yet all of this done with seamlessly transitioning sounds. Invisible World appears to be a collection of songs recorded at different times over that past few years and are improvised. Making cohesion of this album all the more impressive.

To be had here:
Sun Dagger - Invisible World

Monday, March 14, 2016

Go Run Donkey Hot! - Summerth (2016)

Despite my best intentions it is still taking me forever to get posts written up. Here is a submission I got a couple months ago, and should have been on top of far more promptly. There's just so many distractions lately, but maybe we'll get lucky and I'll write a few of these.

A lovely and calming album from Našice, Croatia. Not sure where they got such a creative name for this band, but its eccentric nature doesn't suggest the restrained post-rock/ambient style of music they make. The songs are long, building affairs that feature a fine variety of instrumentation, including the work of a most excellent horn player. In fact, while there isn't a instrument in these compositions that lacks charm, the horn really steals the show. The songs rise to a high point full of post-rock guitar and  clashes of cymbals, then pops in this alluring brass to guide it all around and back into the ambient bed of that underpins the tracks. Beautiful stuff, really nice.

To be had here:
Go Run Donkey Hot! - Summerth

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Pathetic and Elegant - Slow Motives (2016)

Been checked out for a minute. Was in New York City drinking wines and came back to a broken down caprice classic that poisoned me with a serious exhaust leak. Left me feeling really fucking awful for the better part of a week. However, nothing like coming back to a slew of submissions from artists I've written up before and I am excited to hear new music from. Not least among these is The Pathetic and Elegant who've released a new album just last month.

The Pathetic and Elegant is a moniker for Baltimore bedroom pop artist, Luke Fisher. Hopefully you've gotten a chance to hear 2014's I Am In Love, as it still holds up as an outstanding feat of lo-fi pop music. This new release, Slow Motives, has not strayed very far from the basic sound that made the earlier album so delightful. Warmly effected vocals and computer-generated beats make up the core of the songs. Of course the charming lyrics add much to the songs, being about love and losing oneself in the city. The songs are lovely and incredibly pleasant to hear,  and in fact as it is a short album it lends itself well to repeated plays. Excellent stuff, and like the first album this has been released by those Maryland-based label and podcasting concern Spellabee Space.

To be had here:
The Pathetic and Elegant - Slow Motives