Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random Singles part five

There's been a back up of singles, but when isn't there a back up of anything. So here are the one's I've been sitting on and didn't lose in the messiness of my email inbox.

To be had here:

Greg Cee - White Moon Digital Single (2010)

Loud, distorted guitar and howling, nearly abrasive vocals out of New Jersey. Basically, my bread and butter as far as rock music goes. It has that wonderful combination of garage rock, psychedelic and punk. Reminds me of Useless Eaters, the Flaming Sideburns and the Traditional Fools.

Forestcousin - Demo (2011)

Never mind that this is a demo, it is a really brilliant couple of tracks. The first song, "Crops," begins like rather solid single along the lines of the last decade's psychedelic pop, does push beyond. The sweet singing transforms into shouting in an interesting twist, yet somehow never loses a sort of upbeat-ness that shouldn't be dismissed. The second song expands this contrast to a fine climax.

Álfheimr - Predatory Nature (2011)

It's been a minute since I've put on post-rock on the blog, and I don't get a terribly large amount of it sent in. Yet I am glad Álfheimr did so. It's really remarkable how post-rock allows my mind to wander to huge aspects of the world such as oceans and seasons. The title Predatory Nature is spot on for the epic and naturalistic qualities of this sort of music.

Zorch - Cosmic Gloss / E.M.F. (2011)

Zorch is from Austin, TX and described themselves as noise pop, but I'd more easily think of them as electronic psychedelic. Regardless of the tag you wanna place on them, they've got a couple of really exciting songs that between them both are over 17 minutes of trippy, evolving, joyous music.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holly Golighty - Painted On (1997)

As I've commonly done for this blog, I pulled this from the collection I gathered at the Port Huron public library as a teenager. Been thinking about posting Holly Golightly ever since I put up Thee Milkshakes a while back. For it was Billy Childish who added Golightly to his band Thee Heatcoatees which began her professional music career. Since this she's be seen as a prominent figure in garage rock both in America and her native Britain. This has sparked several collaborations which might be how many who've never heard her work proper are aware of her. Her solo work isn't what I'd call garage rock, more like blues-rock with rockabilly tendencies, at least this is the case with Painted On. This is her fourth solo album, and the first on the great Sympathy for the Record Industry label. Quite blusey and laid back enough that it could probably pass in a country-western bar. I regret not posting Holly Golightly sooner and more frequently, but I should like to this I'll be fixing that.

To be had here:
Holly Golighty - Painted On [160 bkps]

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grandpa Was A Lion - Seven Songs (2011)

I suppose this works as a full-length release by Grandpa Was A Lion, which is really just the moniker of Justin D'Onofrio. He compares his music to "Bon Iver, David Bazan, Elliot Smith and Julian Lynch" but since expect Smith I haven't fuck all in experience listening to those cats I'll leave it up to you to decide what to do with the info. What I do know is that his stuff is chill, really low-key. This isn't to say that it's not provoking or worthwhile, especially if you're looking for something more ambient. This is some sweetly sung, glo-fi/dreamy pop. Lastly, unlike the previous EP I posted by this artist, this isn't a free release, but is only a small sum of $5 via bandcamp.

To be had here:
Grandpa Was A Lion - Seven Songs

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Revelators - Kill The Revelators (2011)

This is the unofficial album of Cape Town, South Africa's The Revelators. Recorded at the time the band knew they'd be breaking up it is likely all there'll be from them. Luckily, the bassist, Heino Retief, decided to share it with us. The Revelators are a garage rock band that has that raw, lo-fi punk-inspired sound of the Spaceshits, Oblivions, or Epsilons. Most of the songs feature some rather howling vocals, but there are two instrumental covers that stuck me as particularly good choices: the often redone "Jack the Ripper" and amazingly Dick Dale's "Let's Go Trippin'" which is one of my favorites as done by the Beach Boys. I've listened to it several times over, especially during what has become my favorite time for garage rock, bicycling to and from work. Since was done up as an official release there's no real album art, but Heino sent me in this picture to serve as one. I hope you all enjoy it as I have. Thanks to Heino for some corrections for mistakes I made in my haste to post something before this computer's battery died.

To be had here:
The Revelators - Kill The Revelators [320 kbps]

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Future Museums - PALA (2011)

This was sent in to me by the fella from Liquid Skulls, for it is a friend of his. I have listened to it for the last couple of mornings when I am waking up. Not so easy trying to switch to green tea from coffee I might note. In the elongated drowsiness I did find some solace in the sweet ambient sounds on PALA. I don't suppose Future Museums are radically different from the experimental/drone I've been washed over with submissions of, but it is certainly far more chill. The tea's reduced caffeine and these dreamlike tracks have given me a much more relaxed beginning to my day. Naturally you don't have to just waking up to enjoy it though, the tracks don't change with the time of day.

To be had here:
Future Museums - PALA

Saturday, October 22, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 8

When I posted up the first Grab Bag I hadn't a clue that it'd become such a regular feature on the blog. Should've know, for musicians love attention and EPs are easily shared and consumed. Anyhow, I've got a mess of stuff in my inbox so here is the old college try to get after it. Took me two days, hence the posing lull.

To be had here:

The Drunken Draculas - Surfin' Mummy (2011)

More vampiric/horror themed garage rock from San Diego. I posted their last EP, Start Sucking!, back in August. Four more witty, funny and lo-fi rock songs are to be heard on what is a excellent follow-up EP. I want to thank them for the physical copy of Start Sucking! they sent me.

Omalto - First EP (2011)

This befittingly named EP comes from drone musician from Nottingham. Just missed the bandwagon for the last drone-themed Grab Bag, pun very much intended. It's just as experimental and strange as the other drone on here. The track "Fim do Mundo Inn" gave me the chills, that sound is like a bee's buzz but totally not. Thumbs up for real.

Ordo Mundo - Jellied (2011)

These are lo-fi rockers from Arizona. Definitely rather garage-like, punk-influenced and overall pretty trippy. The third track "Heart-Thrush" is my favorite, lovely work. The tape version of the EP has a $3 price tag, but there's a link there for the digital version downloadable via mediafire for free.

Fuck Mountain - A New Mountain (2011)

I do think Fuck Mountain belongs to the same range of Spacerockmountain, or at least it sounds that way. This is a Dublin-based band that plays fuzzed-out punk. Loud, fast and somewhat outrageous, these guys are very catchy.

Moon - Guilt EP (2011)

This one I actually found on my own, I do believe they're associated with something else that has been posted here. Regardless, Moon is from Brooklyn and make lo-fi, chillwave-esque dream pop. The sound is very washed out and reminds me of the homemade mixtapes where everything is distorted into a lovely haze.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nagisa Ni Te - On the Love Beach (2001)

It's been a long time since I posted this band, namely 2004's The Same As the Flower and 2005's Dream Sounds. I could've swore I posted their latest album when I planned on throwing this up, but I guess I haven't. Maybe I'll fix that soon. Regardless, this is still worthy of spouting off about. Nagisa Ni Te are obviously enough Japanese and therefore I'm unable to speak to their lyrical content, but I will rave about the everything else endlessly. Like their other albums, this is a sweetly sounding collection of psychedelic pop. It feels incredibly sad at moments even if you don't understand Japanese, but it isn't a downer despite this. There are a bunch of guests featured on this album, yet the only one I'm immediately familiar with is Maher Shalal Hash Baz, who was posted here not too long ago. I'm hoping to burn through some of the submitted material soon, but I am trying to break it up with stuff I have already I sought out myself to prevent this from feeling too much like work. No need to make a job out of a hobby, especially if it doesn't pay.

To be had here:
Nagisa Ni Te - On the Love Beach [256 kbps]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rozwell Kid - The Rozwell Kid LP (2011)

Maybe the submissions have just gotten remarkably tailored to my tastes over that last year, but it is neat to have albums I'd have spent hours of the week hunting down before sent to me. Rozwell Kid is the latest low-fidelity rocker to send in his music for us all to enjoy freely. It is quite catchy album that reminds me of Weezer (a band that I was largely indifferent toward until lately I've come to developed a taste for). Perhaps I was caught in a good mood but even though this is a bit more pop music-like than my usual fare I really found this a finely done, lively album. Hard to go wrong with witty lryrics and loud guitars (though some metal bands have done just that). Been giving Rozwell Kid a good deal of play time at work lately and it is going over handsomely.
To be had here:
Rozwell Kid - The Rozwell Kid LP

Monday, October 17, 2011

Giraffes? Giraffes! - Pink Magick (2011)

The awesomely-named Giraffes?Giraffes! make math rock of the sort that'll be recognizable to fans of Auto!Automatic!!, Ahleuchatistas, and A Minor Forest. As math rockers and post-rockers keen for, Pink Magick possesses dramatic intros, building layers of instrumentation and rhythm, and infatuation with the experimental. A solid release that'll demonstrate why I don't think it is possible to get tired of guitars and drums. There's some real neat use of keys on here too, check out the track "Transparent Man/Invisible Woman (80,000,000 Years Alone)." They're fond of long ass titles. I should give a nod to artists like Mother Night and other submitters for not letting me forget that I do fancy listening to this sort of music. By the way I've two shorter, earlier releases by Giraffes?Giraffes! on Spacerockmountain already.

To be had here:
Giraffes? Giraffes! - Pink Magick [256 VBR kbps]

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Hentchmen - Form Follows Function (2004)

The Hentchmen are a band I always assume people know of, mostly because many people my age in Detroit do. They were one of the very first modern Detroit garage rockers for me to have gotten into when I was a teenager. More or less I had to teach myself how to download music just to get them because records in my area were already history. This particular album is among the very few CDs I've ever bought and though I've always disliked using CDs but, I wanted this as soon as it came out. Since then it is been lost, but I have been listening to in the digital form ever since. The Hentchmen have the sound that I've come to most identify with garage rock, that is lo-fi, mostly lighthearted, and infused with elements of surf. I did post their album Board Appeal a long while ago so with this my two favorite of their albums are available.

To be had here:
The Hentchmen - Form Follows Function [160 kbps]

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Le Shok - We Are Electrocution (2001)

I've got to get internet for my apartment. It is like everywhere I go conspires against me getting online. Upsetting to the point where I've dug up some noisy punk, which mostly reminds me that I don't really ever get that worked up. A good listen but wisely enough the tracks are compact and brief, really just bursts of sonic enthusiasm. I used to a bunch of listen this sort of music, The Chinese Stars, Arab on Radar, Made in Mexico, etc. While I haven't the same passion for all the jazz as I had, it is great to go back to them from time to time. The music really feels like very different than I recall, and that is neat to realize. Also, I haven't had time to download and listen to all the new submissions that never cease flowing my way, nor sit down and listen to the stuff I have found myself. Thus, something not-so-new but true, Le Shok.

To be had here:
Le Shok - We Are Electrocution [192 kbps]

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mother Night - Giants in the Electronic Wallpaper (2011)

Seems I've developed a habit of posting submissions this month. This is group makes it easy for me to do so. It's the third time Mother Night is featured here on Spacerockmountain. New album with a fine title packed full of intense math rock. Perhaps even more than their previous releases this album really embraces the fast, angular guitar that reminds me of Clossamite, Chavez or Don Caballero. Powerful stuff to say the least and highly recommended to anyone that enjoyed their earlier music or the bands I just mentioned. I should be getting something I found on my own soon to post up to break up this submission streak, even if I have to pull it from the dark corners of my hard drive. Meanwhile be awed at how many great artists want to give you free tunes.

To be had here:
Mother Night - Giants in the Electronic Wallpaper

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Different Skeletons - Secret Jeers (2011)

If you read my last EP Grab Bag post you may recall it was eerie how many drone/experimental artists submitted their music to me in such a brief time. Well, that isn't the only seemingly coincidental likeness of the submitted albums, for here is another lo-fi band from Toronto. Kinda feels like this isn't happenstance any longer. Nevertheless, Different Skeletons are garage rock band from Canada's largest city as I mentioned. Compared to their recently-posted-upon compatriots, the Bleed Whites, these guys sound much more like the garage rock I enjoyed listening to alone in my parents' basement as a teenager, odd how little has changed in that regard. Anyhow, Different Skeletons are delightfully jangled, chanting, and surf-tinged. For all the same reasons I recommended the Bleed Whites I can suggest these guys, especially if you're looking for something quicker and rougher. All and all, a sweet debut album.

To be had here:
Different Skeletons - Secret Jeers

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Bleed Whites - The Bleed Whites (2011)

This is a three-piece band from Toronto who makes lo-fi rock. It is a bit hard to pin them down exactly for like AGE or Mikal Cronin albums I recently posted these guys jump around some. They've got folksy, melodic numbers and ones that definitely sound like garage rock songs. The most obvious feature is that they're skillful musicians that show a good range of influences, specifically they cited 90s alternative and "60s shit." Glad this got sent in now, as I've been listening to stuff not overly dissimilar like Tangiers, who're also from Toronto if memory serves. Now I just need to replace my good headphone of which the cord what mauled by my bicycle's gears so I don't have to hear them on dollar store substitutes.

To be had here:
The Bleed Whites - The Bleed Whites

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 7

So many submissions are coming it is a real task to keep on top of it all. On one hand it is good to see so much music coming my way from eager artists, but on the other it is a time consuming job to listen to it all and give them their due attention. Doing my best and not trying to breeze past anyone hard-made songs, these are the EPs that've been filling my inbox lately, and for warning it is largely experimental stuff, odd how the music submissions sometimes categorize neatly.

To be had here:

Vostok 1 - Vostok 1 (2011)

This is an eccentric experimental EP with a neat name, and accompanying track titles that go for a space-aged theme. It is acoustic sounds and noises largely, along with a recording of Danny DeVito joking around. Strange and interesting.

The Electric Nature - Drugs In Space (2011)

Another space-named release and our only returning artists of this grab bag. These are epic long tracks, enough to get lost in sonic stupor. Some really great electronically-driven psychedelic drone. I'll have to look into if drone comes non-psychedelic....

Velcro - Pearl St. Jam (2011)

More drone! I wasn't lying when I said these all came in at once, like someone sent out a memo on the experimental music email server. These noisemakers are from Dallas, Texas make real lengthy tracks as well but aren't as electronic. Pounding drums, eerie keys and whoo-ing sound. All and all sorta haunting and beautiful all at once.

Kösmonaut - Emanations (2011)

Space, drone, electronics, we are getting the deal here, right? This is another heavy electronic, and like the others instrumental, EP. Long songs that if you liked the Electric Nature for, you'll also enjoy this. It is however the only one that isn't free, but it's streamable of course.

oldwyoming. - When Debord Met Salinger On The Slowly Lapping Shores Of The Aasee Lake (2011) [320 kbps]

So this isn't the album art, but I didn't get any sent to me. So I've taken the liberty and picked this cute owl photo I had laying around. As for the music, this is a three song EP of experimental ambient from dude that like to make music while smoking and drinking coffee. Also from Dallas oddly enough.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ryan Trott - Wild Wonder (2011)

A submission that came with good timing. As the post on Elf Power might suggest I've had a hankering for some psychedelic pop music. Ryan Trott has released this album on bandcamp (not for free, mind you, sorry about that jazz) riddled with a mess of sweet ditties of Elephant 6-esque lo-fi pop. Perhaps most like The Sixth Great Lake or The Sunshine Fix's A Spiraling World of Pop because of the acoustic element to his songs. However, I don't have to portray Trott as any carbon copy of E6 or other previous acts. He's definitely got his own voice and style that does well by incorporating good influences. Sure they songs aren't wildly unique, but they're well written and refreshing. I found them acutely charming in fact. Gave the whole thing two complete listens in a row I liked it enough.

To be had here:
Ryan Trott - Wild Wonder

Monday, October 3, 2011

Elf Power - Walking with the Beggar Boys (2004)

More Elephant 6, as I mentioned I wasn't depleted yet nor shall I be after this. I wanted to do a big posting of all of Elf Power's discography, but that proved to be too daunting of a task for me now due to its size. Nonetheless, Elf Power was an overlooked part of the Elephant 6 collective. Naturally, they're connected to the Athens, GA scene and have featured various musicians both from the E6 collective and outside of it on their albums. In fact the titled track of this album has Vic Chesnutt singing on it. Elf Power, largely the brainchild of Andrew Rieger and Laura Carter, is one of the more prolific entities in the collective, with Walking with the Beggar Boys being the seventh album. Now they've got a dozen, not counting the early self-released material. I picked Walking with the Beggar Boys because it was where I was first introduced into the band. It has more southern rock influences in lightly psychedelic rock/pop, whereas earlier productions where more heavily psychedelic pop and they've not remained static since either. It's a fine album that is incredibly replayable even though I've been listening to since its release.

To be had here:
Elf Power - Walking with the Beggar Boys [160 kbps]

Sunday, October 2, 2011

John Fahey - The Yellow Princess (1968)

It's been a while since I told everyone how much I enjoy John Fahey's guitar playing. A long bit ago I posted his The Voice of the Turtle, which remains one of my all time favorite albums. Fahey's personal story is nearly a dramatic and interesting as his music too. He was rather down and out for a period, having lost what I think was his third wife and being terribly ill, broke and nearly homeless. This was reversed in with a upswing in his popularity with a new generation of music fans in the final decade of his life. Though this didn't prevent him from writing a book entitled How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life. That book is gonna top my Christmas list this year for sure. The Yellow Princess actually came out the same year as The Voice of the Turtle, along with two other albums. It's likewise a golden example of of Fahey's steel-stringed brilliance as a master of folk music. Sometimes it is consider some of his more stunningly technical work. So yeah, dog, it is the bee's knees.

To be had here:
John Fahey - The Yellow Princess [192 kbps]

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mikal Cronin - Mikal Cronin (2011)

I've been eagerly looking forward to this album since Mikal Cronin mentioned that it was coming out when we had our happenstance meeting here in Detroit. Cronin has been on this blog several times with Moonhearts and Ty Segall, both in his band and the EPs the produced together. Most of those releases were noisy garage rock with surf influence to some degree. This solo album isn't that far away from the origins, but it is a psychedelic album instead of garage rock. It isn't hard to tell the album is a fantastic listen, right from the first track I was hooked. Acoustic guitar is more heavily featured and piano and organ make some neat appearances. The songs aren't always fast and wild but are very well composed. The whole thing seems like a reflection on psychedelic rock that undoubtedly informed a large part of Cronin's inspiration. It is really good and fans should not be turned off my the mild shift in style; it is still has all that lo-fi magic. Special thanks to Jack from The Roaches from sending me a link to this album, it was a great help to me in my semi-internetless living conditions.

To be had here:
Mikal Cronin - Mikal Cronin [320 kbps]