Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jesuslesfilles - Une Belle Table (2010)

Between working full time and taking night classes, I think the phrase that best describes my general state of mind is "skull-fucked". This is always most apparent when I sit down and attempt to write blog posts. I know that what I'm listening to is good, great even. Jesuslesfilles, which translates to "Jesus The Girls", is a fucking awesome 5-piece from Montreal. They play music I can only think to describe as Blonde Redhead trying to do The Strokes, en francais.

But to elaborate further? Well, if only I could get that giant cock, tattooed with the word "prerequisites", to quit obliterating my neurons.

Just listen to both "Tes Yeux" and "Mon Violon" to know why this band might be something to add to your collection. The whole record, from start to finish, is really quite great. I've listened to it about 15 times already, while the processes of aerobic respiration have their way with my brain.

A shout out to the consistently wonderful music blog Ongakubaka for enlightening me to the presence of this band.

11 songs.

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