Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Josef K - The Only Fun In Town (1981, Postcard Records)

Ah yes, Josef K. My first experience with these Scottish post-punk funk masters was several years ago when I was exposed to the 2004 One, Two, Twee: An Indie pop Retrospective compilation, in which the single version of the band's seminal hit Sorry For Laughing appeared. It wasn't until I listened to their fellow Postcard Records label mates, Orange Juice, that I acquired an actual interest in them.

Anyways, formed in the early 1980's, Josef K created a unique sound that combined funk, new wave, and disco, while retaining a sort of post-punk dignity.

Download: Josef K - Sorry For (38.4 MB)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Yet again, our internets have been disabled. This time at the fault of our foolishly bull-headed neighbor we negotiated a deal with. Long story short, you can't call your landlord a motherfucker and fully expect to continue residence in his property. Alas, just another obstacle to be overcome in order to post anything to this blasted blog. I do have an excellent offering for today that I luckily already had uploaded in anticipation of a future post.
Islaja, a Finnish lady that makes remarkable psych-folk music. The stuff she releases is ambient-like and has a large range of instruments used, and all for the definitely strange folk vocals she provides. Her voice is utterly mesmerizing to me. To bolster her credentials as an experimental folk singer, she has worked as a member of the exceedingly fantastic Finnish group Kemialliset Ystävät. If you don't like her stuff I'll consider that fact that you have some lacking quality as a human being if we ever interact at a later time.

To be had here:

Meritie (2004)

Palaa aurinkoon (2006)

Ulual Yyy (2007)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Half Japanese - Sing No Evil (1985)

Jad Fair and brother David have been making musics since the 70s and with many famous people from all over, but I still think this is the single best album he's ever had a hand in. I remember when my sister began going to the University of Michigan I forced her to listen to this album the entire car ride, on one level to please me as I was stuck helping her lift shit all day and another one to make her understand the proto-punk glory held herein. She failed to grasp the amazing-ness. Oh well, perhaps you'll enjoy the untuned guitar and squeaky horns more.

To be had here:
Half Japanese - Sing No Evil [160 kbps]