Friday, May 23, 2014

NoHopeKids- ST EP (2011)

Antarktikos recently reviewed the awesome Piresian Beach, and after downloading their record from Bandcamp, I was linked to another band called NoHopeKids from Budapest. What a glorious, fucked-up find! Little did I know that this very EP was reviewed on this website back in 2011. Well heck, I figure it requires another spin!

Fans of messy, lo-fi garage rock will find a lot to love in this release from a few years back (including the awesome DIY cover). Since I worship the one true Dark Lord, I especially loved "Satan Rules!"but from a songwriting perspective, I appreciated "I Don't Want to Wait" for its shear ferocity. Fans of this site should not go without this free download.

Get it here:
NoHopeKids- ST EP (2011)

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