Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Michael Beach - Mountain + Valley (2011)

It is one hell of a wet and blustery day in Detroit. Therefore I've given up on trying to make it home straight away, I've even left my bike in the back room at work as it's of little use in heavy winds. Brilliant reason just to duck into a place with wifi and post this submitted album I didn't get a chance to write-up before. Michael Beach's label, Twin Lakes Records, likes to send me many albums, and I don't always give them enough due. Mountain + Valley is sort of eclitic album with tracks that remind me of somber country of Mayday and others that are far closer to guitar-driven post-punk. Neatly enough he doesn't sing differently, and this really called to my attention the changes in the music. I like the album enough that I'll probably go through the trouble to hunt down his previous release, and those of his band Electric Jellyfish. This isn't a free download, though streamable in the entirety, and I won't ruffle their feathers by passing it out blatantly here.

To be had here:
Michael Beach - Mountain + Valley

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Random Singles part six

Here are some of the singles I've been meaning to post, mostly following up with artists I've previously posted.

To be had here:

Go Cozy - Silver Lining (2011)

The newest couple of songs from Go Cozy. After the two wonderful tracks they released back in August's Glimmer single, I've been looking forward to hearing more from this band. Excellent lo-fi shoegaze/dream pop.

Kitchen Wallet - Triparte (2011)

Experimental noise/math/whatever. It jumps around and attacks the ears in a real exciting fashion. Sometimes it reminds be of warped video game music but differently than chiptune. I posted this fella's music before, specifically Ibercius Fasms, under the name Kyle Haish.

Psychic Blood - Strain 7" (2011) [192 bkps]

This is a digital 7" I was sent without terribly much info. I can say it is loud, distorted punk rock. Tons of energy and pretty psychedelic guitar. A solid 7" in my opinion.

Bad Indians - The Path Home 7" (2011)

This isn't a free one, but it is rather local to me and is exactly the sort of music I love about southeast Michigan. Ypsilanti's Bad Indians are garage rockers who can serve as successors to groups like the Hentchmen, the Go, or the Gories. I posted about their 2010 album, Don't Hang That (On Me), which is free digitally.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

King Khan & the Shrines - Mr. Supernatural (2004)

King Khan is coming to Detroit, well, technically his Indian themed duo with Bloodshot Bill, the Tandoori Knights are. However, I've posted the only album by that outfit so I have resorted to an album I've been playing at the coffee shop lately, Mr. Supernatural. With was an earlier phase of King Khan's ever-changing styles of lo-fi rock. This album nearly straight-up funk. Soulful singing, horns galore, and jangling guitars make for a funky sound that can easily summon memories of James Brown. Super exciting and wildly busy with instrumentation it is a great album for getting worked up. Sadly this digital version still has that horrible, disdainful hangover from the era of compact discs where there's a long blank spot to "conceal" an obvious "hidden track." Excepting that technologically outdated feature, it is a wonderful listen and grab up the later album, What Is?! if you haven't got it already.

To be had here:
King Khan & the Shrines - Mr. Supernatural [192 VBR kbps]

Monday, November 21, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 9

Trying to keep on top of things. Damned cold makes me less eager to get to the library. Along with listening to the back catalog of Thrilling Adventure Hour podcasts eating into my leisure time. However, I have got a chance to hear these mostly sumbitted EPs, so a new grab bag is born.

To be had here:

Bonnet People - Demo(n) (2011)

The is a debut EP by Floridian band, specifically Fort Lauderdale. Jazzy, psychedelic, rock experimentation may be a good way to put it. Despite the large degree of dissonance to be heard on in these tracks, I really liked to listen to this while I worked away at reading a novel. Possesses a kind of lovely sedative effect. The sort that allows one to relax and enjoy noises or written words in my case at least.

The Heatheners - Slow Lineage EP (2011)

Out of Portland, The Heatheners are making some dreamy pop music that has a dark, romantic tone. Just a bit gothic, they've got it tagged darkwave, but I'm not to familiar with what that term means. I do know that I found it pleasant (as much as gloom should be) and well-produced. Moreover, they actually released two EPs this month, so check out the Nocturnes EP as well.

Spectrals - A Spectrals Extended Play (2010) [224 VBR kbps]

This one I uploaded myself, but I will admit I found it on another blog months ago, forgotten which exactly. Basically, a one-man band from England with noise pop/garage tendencies. Somewhat employees wall of sound, but really just the guitar is what I liked, especially the jingle that serves for the final track.

Narrow Sparrow - Snythworks (2011)

Hailing from Chicago, Narrow Sparrow sent me this EP because my posting Elephant 6 albums, namely my recent Apples in Stereo post. Therefore, I might not be off base in saying this band sounds like they're quite directly influenced by E6-style psychpop. They're otherworldly sweet and heavy on the snyth (if the title didn't give that away). Plus vocal effects out the wazoo. Happy to have had this send me way.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trauma Harness - Trauma Demolitional (2011)

This is a post-punk/noise rock band from Belleville, Illinois. Fortunately I recently posted up Le Shok, which I think can serve as a good reference point for Trauma Harness's sound. Very lo-fi, hollering vocals, fast and fuzzed guitars, you know, the good stuff. It is very exciting and has the affect of getting me rather pumped up. By experience I'll say it's good music for riding a bike in the cold. The sort of rock that'll fill your head and push out all those annoyances of the body, such as hangovers or chilling winds. I will warn it is odd to listen to it on headphones when you're in a bar filled with children playing chess (Detroit, I don't understand you). Regardless, if you like loud and fast punk give Trauma Harness a go, it'll be over before you realize and you'll be going back for seconds.

To be had here:
Trauma Harness - Trauma Demolitional

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tearjerker - Rare (2011)

Tearjerker has released a new full-length album that they were kind enough to give me a heads up on. I continually play Strangers at work, both the remade version and original. Obviously I was jazzed as could be at the release of even more music from these Canadian wizards. Didn't even wait to go home to hear it, streamed it write from the workplace computer to the soundsystem in the cafe. Just as lovely and dreamy as the previous work and does so without being too similar. Lo-fi soundscapes, light use of sample for mood, hyponotic singing all with easily recognizable fine musicianship. Top notch sums it up well. If I can pedal my bike in cold winds and some of the season's first snowfall, you should at least have the decency to give this a listen.

To be had here:
Tearjerker - Rare

Monday, November 14, 2011

Apples in Stereo - Fun Trick Noisemaker (1995)

I've posted many Elephant 6 bands on the blog, and it shouldn't be any news that I remain an unabashed fan of nearly every project connected to the collective. The real question is how the blog went this long without my posting this founding band. The force behind Apples in Stereo, Robert Schneider was a fulcrum upon which much of the begins of the collective were balanced along with the label that at one time existed. He grew up on Ruston, Louisiana along with many other E6 musicians I've posted, like Jeff Mangum, Bill Doss, and William Cullen Hart. Beyond this group he was involved in producing Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel albums. As for Fun Trick Noisemaker in particular, it was the full-length debut of Schneider's band and can still be considered one of the best albums to ever come out of the whole mess of E6. Incredibly lighthearted and charming, every song on this album is fantastic psych-pop gems. If my arm was twisted I'd say "Glowworm" and "Green Machine" are likely my very favorites, but any time I've gotten a chance to sit down and heard the whole album it's been a treat.

To be had here:
Apples in Stereo - Fun Trick Noisemaker [160 kbps]

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nate Henricks - Horse Carrot//Lemonade Guarantee (2011)

A submitted album from Denver. Nate Henricks has made some bizarre psychedelic pop music. It really has that charming bedroom pop vibe, a mixture of acoustic guitar, garageband effects, sampling and sweet-sounding vocals. The album reminds me of Pill Wonder, Leafes and Lou Breed, which is a backward way of saying it has Elephant 6 psychpop features as well. While I can listen to many types of music for days of end, really only lo-fi garage rock and this kind of strange pop have the ability to cheer me up in any real way. The simplistic nature but fullness of sound are held in common between them and I bet is what I fancy. Nate Henricks has made a release that I'll surely be adding to my rotation of music to hear on otherwise boring days to improve my mood. What more could one ask for from musicians?

To be had here:
Nate Henricks - Horse Carrot//Lemonade Guarantee

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kemialliset Ystävät - Kellari Juniversumi (2002)

Constant sleepiness has been a fixture of my life lately, and I'll be damned if I've even stopped to wonder why. What I can report is that now I don't wish to resist the drowsiness. Been throwing on some strange sounds and letting myself move in and out of consciousness. In the mood I listened to nearly my entire collection of Kemialliset Ystävät. Dulled awareness doesn't diminish the unworldy beauty of Finnish avant-garde electronic-folk. Kellari Juniversumi was the album playing when I had my longest bout of alertness, so the selection thereof was easy enough. However, the randomness in picking to share this now shouldn't be confused for a lackluster endorsement, for this album is a spectacular release by the band I consider the paramount example of a unique style from Finland. Be sure to grab 2008's Harmaa Laguuni and 2010's Ullakkopalo, which I've posted up already. This won't be the last from these guys though as I've got more albums by them just waiting for the right time to be thrown up here.

To be had here:
Kemialliset Ystävät - Kellari Juniversumi [192 kbps]

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy (2011)

My computer is trying to make writing this blog as tricky as it can, for now iTunes is taking epically long just to import the songs people are sending me. Oh well, when I eventually got Car Seat Headrest off bandcamp and into the library I gave it a go while I read Darkness at Noon and drink some tasty beers. Such a splendid experience was this that I played the again over again kept on reading. Twin Fantasy at first held some unknown nostalgic influence over me until I was able figure that Car Seat Headrest has a certain similarity to the Strokes, largely the first two albums. I don't say this to diminish the quality of the album, but to point out perhaps the best comparison in sound I can muster. It should be said that these guys aren't nearly as subdued as Julian Casablancas murmuring vocals often make the Strokes feel, in fact they've got all manner of shouting, crooning, and even something close to spoken word. Moreover, two tracks are over ten minutes long and don't hardly let up for a moment in their lo-fi rock. All in all, highly enjoyable and well-made if hang-ups aren't allowed to hamper oneself.

To be had here:
Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Forest Porridge - Thunder Bunder (2008)

This album appears to have been out for a bit, yet I was just sent it. Apparently it was released a few years back and I'm just becoming aware of it. The musician is a friend of mine, so I won't lie and say I have predisposition to have a favorable view toward the album. Therefore you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that this is as good or better than most art-folk album I've been sent. The songs are lo-fi, not flashy but charmingly composed. Lyrically witty and at times instrumentally bizarre, Thunder Bunder makes for an exciting listen throughout. So give my buddy a go and I bet you'll be satisfied.

To be had here:
Forest Porridge - Thunder Bunder

Monday, November 7, 2011

How Scandinavian - Dolorous (2011)

Sorry for the break in posting, I was in Toronto for a bit, mostly trying to see how their beer measured up to Michigan's. They're not close to being as good. This album was sent in by a fella that says he enjoys my posts "to various degrees." However, that ambiguity won't be held against his music. How Scandinavian is a moniker for California's Bryan Santizo. He's producing sorta melancholy-toned post-punk/slowcore tunes. I think it might be the first album posted that could even be called slowcore. This is odd as I have good examples of and do enjoy the genre. Nonetheless, these songs are well done and emotionally provoking without being cloying, overly sappy or depressing. As one might describe it is a well balanced representative of the style. Finally, he tagged it mid-fi, which made me smile with the possibilities of such a term.

To be had here:
How Scandinavian - Dolorous

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Greenhornes - Gun For You (1999)

After posting Holly Golightly I in turn found myself wanting to post other artists I've always enjoyed in garage rock but haven't posted as of yet. The Greenhornes were the most evident, largely because I've found it is one of the few albums that doesn't drive me insane to hear at the shitty single speaker that is all that works at my job's sound system. The Greenhornes are from Cleveland but two of them have managed to get themselves mixed up in that mess that Jack White and Brendan Benson have unfortunately unleashed on us all. Regardless, I really like the Greenhornes, and especially this album's heavy use of organ. Along with the Hentchmen, the White Stripes, the Dirtbombs, and the Compulsive Gamblers this band was one of my entries into the fantastic world of lo-fi rock and roll. Golightly did do a song with them, but not on this release, so I with more than likely be throwing up more of these guys.

To be had here:
The Greenhornes - Gun For You [192 kbps]

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ScotDrakula - CRACKSTRENGTH (2011)

A garage rock submission, think from Australia if their tag is to be thought creditable, which caught my eye with the really spiffy album art and the wild title. However, things pretty to the eye don't keep me listening, the quality of the music does as you'd imagine. The songs are fine examples of garage rock that's intense, quick yet oddly sedated and soulful at the same time. Seems like there's some country-esque twang to be found in here as well. The contrast makes the album wonderfully quick to get into and easily reheard. I through it on my iPod soon as I got a listen. The sediments I expressed about the Revelators could just as aptly describe how I feel about ScotDrakula, just the sort of lo-fi garage I crave.

To be had here:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Astro Al - The Purple Mushroon (2011) & The Neighbor's Giraffe & Other Children's Songs For Psychedelic Adults (2011)

I meant to post this up yesterday, as it seemed rather appropriate for Halloween. Astro Al is a psychedelic band that's quite outlandish. They've got spoken word stories that are rather creepy over suitably unnerving backgrounds, nostalgia-inducing reinterpretations of children's music, and some of the most absurd and strange instrumentation I've yet have sent to me. Mood shifts from silly all the way to haunting on these albums. The songs are really enjoyable, though you need be prepared for an unusually bizarre listen. I really liked "Big Rock Candy Mountains" in particular. Finally, these guys did me a solid and sent to physical copies of the CDs listen to, and though I am passing them out here they're selling the albums on their website. Think you need pay pal for that.

To be had here:

The Purple Mushroom [320 kbps]

The Neighbor's Giraffe & Other Children's Songs For Psychedelic Adults [320 kbps]