Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WASNT WISNT - Steel Cut (2013)

Here's something strange from Philly (I bet that sentence is uttered more than you imagine). WASNT WISNT is the project of members of A Sunny Day in Glasgow and formerly of adorably named King Kong Ding Dong. What they've produced here is a mixture of melodic and cacophonous sounds that blends into a wonderfully psychedelic noise pop. While I do admit you might need to get yourself into a headspace to take the most away from this album, don't let the noise and discord scare you away. I found that if you can really dig it and most particularly give them a generous re-listening you'll be more than satisfied with you you'll hear. They are giving some tracks away: Baby Drill, Glossololia, and Random Jamdom. However, I implore you to listen to the whole album on bandcamp especially because I found one of my favorite tracks is Standing in Waves, which seems to be a good microcosm of their style. Plus there you may through these kids some clams if you enjoy their work.

To be had here:

P.S. I wanna say what an excellent job Elvis and Craig did in on the first episode of the Space Rock Mountain Podcast and that I am eager to join them as soon as I can get some audio equipment, although their technical knowledge as actual musicians and not just a fanboy like me is mildly intimidating. Wonderful show and a fine summarization of what I have felt the purpose of this blog is.

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