Friday, March 14, 2014

Secret Motorbikes - Rum Punch (2014)

A full-length from the Glasgow garage rock band, Secret Motorbikes. Welcome news to me, as I was familiar with their EP from a couple of years ago, This Is Not A Hostel. They've maintained their fuzzed out guitars and catchy beats to great affect, however what caught my ear the most was that unlike much garage I listen to these days I could understand the lyrics rather immediately and while this is sometimes a mixed bag, I found the words to these tunes most endearing. They spoke of a resistance to give up youthful tomfoolery for adulthood, embarrassment from uncertainty in oneself and revelations of one's own folly. It seems rather smoothed out though, like it could be heard on the radio at a supermarket at times, but it would still be the best thing you'd hear there in years. I think they've got a nice angle with the sweetness and lo-fi, and I have no doubt a great many people will love this album if they take the time to hear it. Next time I want this with more distortion and speed on some tracks, not that my vote matters. Do check out "All Over Again," "Shark Bites" and "Eating and Sleeping" if nothing else. 

If you liked them get your hands on there other 2012 EP, I Get Up, which I missed out on posting for whatever dumbfuck reason.

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