Friday, March 7, 2014

Twin Man - Super Bowl 2 (2014)

What we've got here is a bizarre collection of improvised acoustic numbers done by a buddy of mine back in Michigan. I have posted up other work of his in the past, under a the name Forest Porridge. The songs are mostly sweet, very lo-fi recordings with whimsical lyrics that shows a real poetic if left-field artist. The first track does get racy (in more than one way), but one must expect the irreverent and tongue-in-cheek nature of such a song. Maybe it is my basis as a friend of his, but I find this sort of short-form composition very endearing and supremely easy to listen to repeatedly. I hope that some of you find it that way as well, because it really is a sort of an extreme of the outsider and under exposed sort of artwork that makes deep corners of the internet like this a real valuable asset.

To be had here:
Twin Man - Super Bowl 2

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