Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lunarmare - Lunarmare (2013)

Here's is Greece's space program, at least it sounds that way. Lunarmare's self-titled release is an extraterrestrial concept album, and if David Bowie taught regarding concept albums, little tops outer space. If have read passed my puns, I'm happy to share with you that although I was eager to make those puns they are not why I posted this album. It is a genuinely intense and well conceived effort by these gentlemen to melt together the awesome industry, mystery and drama of the space race into a collection of songs that can run from heavily distorted, guitar drone laced rock to atmospheric ambient (or perhaps un-atmospheric is a better choice). They can take you on a voyage for sure, as several tracks are in the seven minute range, which I always find useful when trying to lose myself in songs of this sort. It is most certainly a jam band but one that does remind me of Silver Bullets, Wooden Shjips and any number of Godspeed You! Black Emperor related bands (Fly Pan Am,  Silver Mt. Zion, Set Fire to Flames) at their better executed moments.

To be had here:
Lunarmare - Lunarmare (2013)

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