Thursday, March 20, 2014

Glass Men - Black Diamond Express to Hell, pt. VII

Sioux Trails Records is back at it with another fine EP. While the releases I have heard thus far from the label have been in the experimental/freak folk field of sound, these guys are fuzzed out, jammy goodness. As "This is the Night" rolled past its fifth minute, the rhythmic distortion hit its high point, and more powerful forces were summoned. "This music belongs to no one" I heard grumble from down the hall, and to that I agreed. When you are attempting to bring  terror in the listener's heart, the melodies should belong to no living soul. They likely have owners from down in Hell, and seeing that this is the 7th part, I would love to know which ghoul claims its earlier forms.

Get it here:
Glass Men - Black Diamond Express to Hell pt. VII

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