Monday, March 10, 2014

Dexter Gilmore – Coldiloqs Part 2 – Even Coldi-er (2014)

Here is a pleasant surprise of a submission. This New Orleans musician/vocalist has put together some of the best pop songs submitted to the site in some time. Although the record is tagged under “psychedelic” and “shoegaze,” most fans of those styles may be in for a bombshell upon spinning this set of tunes. After hearing the first two tracks (AdulTS being my favorites on the record), you see that the well of sounds Gilmore is pulling from is much deeper than your average indie act. Sure, everyone borrows a bit from My Bloody Valentine, but how many take an equal dose from Prince? I get a distinct Dirty Mind vibe, with the off-kilter rhythms and twisted synth pulses. I mentioned on the podcast that the indie scene is just about ready for an angular rock revival, but we could also use a weirdo pop rebirth, especially if it means we get more musicians like Dexter Gilmore.  

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