Tuesday, March 25, 2014

EP Grab Bag vol. 56

Here are what I pulled out from the inbox this time, with a bit more of a mix in genres which I hope will keep everyone pleased.

To be had here:
Yelephants - You Look Divorced (2014)

Lo-fi garage rock from New Orleans to begin this bag with. No reason not to come right out with it, this EP is fucking golden. Washed out singing, fuzzed out guitars and smashing cymbals are a highway straight to my music-loving heart and Yelephants are exceeding the speed limit. Can't recommend it enough, most especially if you liked last grab bag's Geyser and another favorite of mine, Fun Guns.
Teenage Exorcists - Teenage Exorcists (2014)

If you listen to the podcast you'll have already heard at least one track from these guys and know that we're united in our unabashed love it, even, almost unbelievably, Craig. It sum it up for others, it is wonderful summertime garage pop from California like their friends the Summer Twins that Elvis posted recently. Pay attention to the lyrics, as they are a huge part of how charming this band is. With any luck they won't keep us waiting for a full-length.

Honks Berry - Painted EP (2014)

Change of pace to some electronic music, a rather genre-defining style but certainly on the mellower side. Coming all the way from Sweden this EP was released by the Brooklyn label, Outward Records. The songs have rather eclectic instrumentation mixed with ambient sounds for a tender, jazzy vibe. Some of the instruments even sound like children's toys which adds a whimsical element. I nice way to come down after all the garage rock before you give yourself a nervous disorder or whatever.

Great Reversals & Sunlight Ascending - Split 7" (2014)

Two bands to check out with this 7" and it is available still on vinyl at their website for $5, and they're kind enough to let you have it digitally regardless (just click on the other image on the left side of the page to get to the other track). Great Reversals are a Detroit band with hardcore/post-metal sound and Sunlight Ascending are a more strictly instrumental post-rock group. While Great Reversals don't play a style I often find myself seeking out I did find this track to be righteous. Sunlight Ascending seem to have firm handle on how to make building and suspenseful post-rock song. Overall a good initial exposure to each of these bands and hopefully only a preview of what they're gonna produce.

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