Monday, March 24, 2014

Emperors of Gnouv – Masters of the Galaxy (2014)

Lord knows I love me some Prog music! Yep, even the stuff that others hate, so feel safe sending me your concept albums about the life cycle of a salamander without fear of chastisement. Anyone who sends in a submission with text detailing the space odyssey their record is attempting to emulate gets a few points in my book. Better yet, as I am preparing to head back down to San Diego in the next few days (and record a special edition of the podcast related to said city), I was eager to pull together a few submissions from the sunny city by the border. In walks Emperors of Gnouv to meet both demands. With a band name like that, and a record titled “Masters of the Galaxy,” you know a psychedelic experience is just on the horizon.

The group has crafted some beautiful and melodic progressive rock that brings to mind Camel and early Genesis records. Lots of odd time signatures and processed guitar lines are placed next to tricky base lines are stacked on high, with few vocals to be found. Best yet, this stuff is danceable and fresh enough to be put on stage with dance punk acts, and the drug addled crowd would hardly know the difference. I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys do next.

Get it here:
Emperors of Gnouv – Masters of the Galaxy (2014)

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