Monday, March 31, 2014

Pridjevi - Pridjevi (2014)

Pridjevi is from Croatia of three songwriters including one of which from a band I posted 3 years ago, East-Ra. Like East-Ra's albums this release is psychedelic and slightly avant-garde, however Pridjevi is seems to belong more to the sister genre dream pop. The songs are composed with incredible talent that is immediately heard in the first track, using a fine mixture of Eastern and Western elements befitting Croatia's position in the transitional area of Europe, which is only enhanced by the siren singing in Croatian (I assume). Likewise brilliantly uses electronic effects to subtly create a soundscape that summons to mind any manner of Eastern European fantasies. Perhaps, I've been overly historical in my references, a thing I can do easily; but if I have it is disingenuous superbly modern and engaging. Just look at that fucking album art, surrealist to an extreme. I found this album quite literally intoxicating and cannot recommend it enough.

To be had here:
Pridjevi - Pridjevi

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  1. Any chance you could re-upload this? Sounds great!