Saturday, March 29, 2014

Car Seat Headrest - Nervous Young Man (2013)

I've long been a fan of this artist believing his lo-fi songwriting to be some of the best that ever got submitted to the blog. Last time I noticed that he didn't notify me that he had a release I wrongfully chastised him, but this time I am glad he is still out there making music at all. His name is William Toledo but Car Seat Headrest is his moniker for his music. And that music is a warm, mildly psychedelic indie singer-songwriter that structured fantastically for my lo-fi loving ears. He doesn't shy away from long tracks, routinely going over 5 minutes but a few times exceeding 15. All this allows for a song to shift throughout as any listener to post-tock will know, but this isn't post-rock, rather it's lo-fi rock and roll that is at moments garage, others shoegazey, and still others pop but throughout it is a wonderful application of relatively few instruments into an amazingly cohesively sound. Moreover, like I recently praised the Secret Motorbikes for, these songs beg you to paid attention to the lyrics and absorb a message beyond the song, and this especially true because of the often sparse use of noisy instrumentation that makes a void to be filled, and is done so effectively. This is a rather long album, just so you all know, but totally worth it should you allow yourself the time. Additionally, if you like this you'll love his other releases including the previously posted Twin Fantasy and Monomania.

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