Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ah God - Ah Fuck (2013)

This almost slipped past us in all the submissions, but I was digging rather deep into the pile the other day and it caught my eye. A Portland, Oregon based shoegaze/post-punk band is just the sort of thing I am in the mood for this evening, so probably far overdue I here's Ah God. It is really lo-fi, in case you're worried. They've truly carried forth that post-punk DIY approach by having everything washed out further than soda can on the high seas, it the lyrics are nearly completely indecipherable and the bass and guitar booming with fuzz. Back when this was submitted a music video was sent along, which you can still watch, but it is for their new single "Total Dose" that is also on bandcamp for free. Good for anyone that liked Wavepool Abortion or The Dictaphone. Only now that I finished writing this shit up did I think that this is something Amazing Larry should have gonna a crack at first...

To be had here:
Ah God - Ah Fuck

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