Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Turing Machine - Zwei (2004)

Intense is the best word I can think of for this band. Carefully balanced on the edge of math rock and post-rock, if the difference even really matters this group made a most fantastic instrumental album. The name Turing Machine is apt for a math rock band, for as wikipedia claims "turing machines are extremely basic abstract symbol-manipulating devices which, despite their simplicity, can be adapted to simulate the logic of any computer algorithm." Additionally, Zwei is the German word for two, which is good for a second release. Now, beyond the nerdy appellations are some clearly talented musicians. They hail from New York City, yet 2/3 of the band are by way of D.C. were they were members of the noise rock group, Pitchblende. The remaining member was the drummer for Vineland. Also, guitarist Justin Chearno also plays in Panthers, so like these fellas get around. The songs on Zwei are best listened to in order, for the rhythm sometimes carries over from one track to the next to give it a long epic feeling (I love that shit). Furthermore, the music possesses enough influences of kraut rock and post-punk that give it extra appeal. If this all wasn't adequate, the first track is called "(Dr. R. Von) Poodles" which has got charm to itself.

To be had here:
Turing Machine - Zwei

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