Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sr. Amable - Epé de la Muerte (El Verdadero) (2008)

Epé de la Muerte (el verdadero) is a very strange album. I can't say I understand it, both because my Spanish language skills are non-existent and I do believe it isn't intended to be fully grasped. Experimental electronic music is most likely best that way. Much of the information on the artists that manufactured these off-kilter songs is in the fore-mentioned Spanish, so pretty much I know this, they are from Chihuahua, Mexico. I do however know that I enjoyed the sporadic album released by whoever they might be. It begins to pull one into the feeling with the thumbing beat of the half-minute intro track and holds tight until the end without aid of fast and loud gimmicks, in fact contrarily with mildly-preformed uniqueness of the songs. "Puedo Matar" is both the longest track and in my opinion the most fully developed. Nevertheless "Por Eso Me Fui (Yo No Soy el Cascanueces)" has a quaintness to it that brings pleasurable listen. Yet hold the phone for a minute, folks, the features of this short album aren't exhausted. When "En Casa" is reached it'll be found out as a sweetly-sung lo-fi ballad. in keeping with the erratic nature, the last song contains electronic sounds once more but certainly has a much more lo-fi alignment. Worthy of a listen, probably something good to play for the friends when hankering for a difference.

To be had here:
Sr. Amable - Epé de la Muerte (el verdadero)

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  1. hm, for some reason mediafire is downloading this to my computer as a 0 byte .rar file. maybe try a reupload or somethin..