Thursday, May 8, 2008

Comanechi - One Pervert Knows Another (2004)

For reasons not completely understood by me even, I possess an intense love for two-piece bands. Seemingly ever since my early days listening to more than just the music suburban life naturally provided. Comanechi is a prime example of what I want in minimalist rock and roll. Loud, fuzzed-out guitar, unintelligible lyrics and all backed with drum beats. Fabulously dressed for the part, the pair make me wish I get a chance to witness them play live, which I'm certain could only sound better than recordings. There's nothing stunningly new to this EP but there is just the right amount of what needs to be for a pleasurable time (even if the brother's older friends didn't take to it). Listening to this on my bicycle ride to work was one of my better choices of recent days. I suggest playing it with the volume at a considerably high level, otherwise much is lost. Enjoy what it is for the roughly 11 minutes it fills.

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Comanechi - One Pervert Knows Another

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