Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lefties Soul Connection - Hutspot (2006)

Deep funk might never cease bringing happiness into my computer bound moments. Lefties Soul Connection certainly meets all requirements for enjoyable funk tunes. Not simply rehashes of James Brown, well, not any more than is mandated to be deep funk, they've got their own swagger and have managed to keep the genre fresh in my opinion. These fellas sure knew what they were doing on the track "Organ Donor" to make my ears perk. Not much more can be said than to just listen to this shit next time your stuck in the house and don't want to feel like a slug, maybe even play it for the friends. If you like Poets of Rhythm you'll dig this, and if you haven't heard those guys and you like this, vice versa applies.

To be had here:
Lefties Soul Connection - Hutspot

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