Saturday, May 17, 2008


Talkdeomonic gets called many things, but I've never heard a negative one yet. Experimental at its core, two minds that make up Portland's Talkdemonic are Lisa Molinaro (viola and synths) and one Kevin O'Conner ("drums, synths, pianos, programming beats, bass, accordion, banjo, guitar, rhodes, wurlitzer and everything else sounds" as puts it). Nothing about the experimentation in their work has a crazy-as-all-get feel, just a uniquely new and wonderfully harmonious mixtures of sounds. Both albums are decidedly mellow but not so slow to be ambient, which is really exactly what I'm looking for often enough to have enjoyed listening to them repeatedly. Have fun hear what instrumentation they picked for each song, they never seem quite the same. This is further bolstered in importance by the lack of voacls throughout Talkdemonic's releases. Enjoy the audio bliss.

To be had here:

Mutiny Sunshine (2004) @ 192 kbps

Beat Romantic (2006) @ 160 kbps

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