Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Sea, Like Lead - The Sea, Like Lead EP (2005)

The Sea, Like Lead were a three-piece from Pittsburgh and played some interesting post-rock for their brief existence as a band. Post-rock as a genre has grown on me greatly over the last year (it took bands that weren't Sigur Rós and Mogwai, they aren't the best in my opinion). However, The Sea, Like Lead are good for what they were, a band that put together only a couple EPs and a split then moved on. The music is well made but is well within the norms of post-rock, and there aren't any vocals most of time excepting the typical use of spoken word audio clips overwhelmingly likely extracted from a film. To my surprise there were some really nice vocals in "Last Vestiges of Rust" and it wasn't just ethereal sounds of what might be voices. I find them quite enjoyable because they're one of the bands that tried but so often never makes it to the ears of many guys like me at their computers. Additionally, the way I see it, post-rock is really the music of people who really just want to enjoy making some music. I see no reason not be give them a listen if you like the genre.

To be had here (192 VBR kbps):
The Sea, Like Lead - The Sea, Like Lead EP

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