Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coughs - Fright Makes Right (2004)

Coughs are a noise rock, alternatively they're referred to as no wave, group from Chicago. The lead singer is one Anya Davidson, and she seems to be angry at something. Be prepared for loud screams, hollers, and crackling lyrics lain over loud, distorted bass. Basically, what I look over when I wake up. Giving the music more flavor is the use of horns in some tracks to a creepily unsettling effect. There are some damned sweet guitar sounds blasted throughout this album, and all the booming drums one could hope for (including the playing of 55 gallon oil barrels). They understand the art of the calm introduction and exciting climax of song craft very well. However, they do know to shake that up too, with a unnerving yet wonderful spastic beginning in tracks like "Penal Colony." The light-hearted "Come Back To Me" is seemingly out of place, but very enjoyable, break in the blasting audio. The tracks "Elephant" and "Narwahl" are just long enough to really get into. Be sure to give these guys a deservingly loud listen.

To be had here (192 kbps):
Coughs - Fright Makes Right

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  1. Thanks for posting this awesome album. I didn't find it on any blogs until yours. Much appreciated.