Monday, May 5, 2008

La Casa Azul - La Revolución Sexual (2007)

This is a band I wish I'd been privy to sooner. To take you to where I found myself I lay it out like this. So I'm listening to the album with a very Spanish name, but the music is not what I was ready for from anywhere save maybe Japan. Confusion of the most lovely sort explodes in my mind has the beats rapidly pour over into my ears. Busting into extremely fast vocals and using 8-bit sounds like they were familiar with Cornelius, La Casa Azul invokes a desire for cartoonish dancing that only with strong willpower and mild regrets do I suppress when listening to outdoors. The band doesn't even preform the songs live together, fueling claims they are just made up by the one fella that does preform them alone. Hardly matters either way to me, mystery is a sexy and they're proclaiming revolution in that field. I'm unsure what it means that they were in 2008 Spanish Eurovision Song Contest, but I suppose it is positive for Spain. Certainly a crowd-pleaser of the crowd-of-me. But really, who could in goodwill deny the joy of anything akin to disco-pop? No one you want at a Spanish cartoon-robot party, which is really something worth setting up (please tell me if you do).

To be had here:
La Casa Azul - La Revolución Sexual

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