Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tape - Luminarium (2008)

Ambient done well can make time slow down. Time is of absolute value when there is little free use of it, and this is when I find myself playing slow, calming, instrumental sounds of bands like Tape. These Swedish gentlemen have produced what in my mind feels like John Fahey used computers rather than sing. They've managed to invoke within my chest the same warm feeling a nice meandering acoustic piece manifests without limiting themselves to traditional instruments. Allowing me to feel at peace despite shitty jobs and bad news from the feeds is not something to be easily scoffed at. Moreover, this is surely better than losing oneself to the television. My advice, take this album and put it on anything (mp3 player, CD, cassette, etc.) that can be portably played and go to the park, even a cemetery, before or after work. Walking to these sounds provokes something someone might call zen-like, but I won't pretend to understand what that is. Luminarium is that rose under any other name.

To be had here:
Tape - Luminarium

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