Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Mae Shi - Hlllyh (2008)

The Mae Shi, who will always possess a special place in my heart because of my insuppressible habit placing an additional 't' on the end of the name of (i.e. The Mae Shit). However, despite the dramatic increase in the usage of my backspace key, the band is not shit, but rather is quite the contrary. I originally came to love their short album Heartbeeps, and as quickly went to get my hands on their first release Terrorbird. If the objective was to tell of the Mae Shi from those albums I'd be quick to use words like brief and noisy, yet this new album has me changing my opinion on that. Utilizing more electronic sounds, the band has crafted tunes with considerably more well-rounded composition than previous undertakings. Additionally, they broke their unwritten rule of the short song, and even topped the 11-minute mark on this album (a track a highly recommend for a commute that any poor souls that might have to undertake without relish). Nevertheless, certainly they've not forgotten what made them endearing; simply put sporadic and preposterous songwriting. Often changing rhythms makes the songs seems like many in one all the while maintaining a congruency. Lacking in offsetting pretentiousness, I find the album is great for playing around people I don't even know. The Mae Shi seems to have pulled off what kills many other groups, a stylistic change without loss of appeal. Like all things mortal and artificial, it is prone to points of weakness and the disillusioned detractor. I believe, nonetheless, that this album does what it is meant to, entertain artistically. As my conversation of my selection went:
-i've picked
-The Mae Shi - Hlllyh
~that sounds fancy
-i am not sure that'd be the word for it
I say, extraordinary experimental musics from California be praised.

To be had here:
The Mae Shi - Hlllyh

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  1. i absolutely love the mae shi!
    thank you for posting this!