Sunday, May 18, 2008


Detroit is known for music, at least I'm told so. However, I find it hard to believe in the hard rocking D-town there is much press and fame for the sweet indie pop bands. Foremost of this type in my mind is Pas/Cal, who have released three mind-boggling cute EPs. The three added together sum less than an hour play time, but are well-crafted and charmingly endearing songs. Each EP is remarkably good to listen to, but if I had to pick what I felt was the best, I'd say The Handbag Memoirs. They resemble in some ways their fellow Michiganders, Saturday Looks Good To Me. Standout tracks include "The Bronze Beached Boys (Come on Let's Go)", "C.A.U. (Sans Muscle)" and "I'd Bet My Life That You Bet Your Life" which are wonderfully sung in falsetto often accompanied by hand claps and lovely guitar. A new release is expected on July 22, which I'll post as soon as I get my hands on and recall I promised this.

To be had here (192 VBR kbps):

The Handbag Memoirs (2003)

"Oh Honey, We're Ridiculous" (2004)

Dear Sir (2006)

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