Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smokey & Miho - The Two EPs (2003)

This is something I really must thank the great gentleman who selects the albums for the Port Huron public library. Had he never gotten this for the library I might never have checked it out as a teenager, and I shouldn't have known how much of a tragedy would have befallen me. The album functioned as a back door into Brazilian music. Smokey Hormel is one half of this duo, who's worked with many notable musicians as well as compose music for David Lynch movies. The other half is Miho Hatori most famously of the Japanese indie pop team Cibo Matto. The collaboration was born from a mutual admiration for Baden Powell and Vinícius de Moraes and are sort of interpretations of their work. They released 2 EPs containing 5 tracks each, which were in turn put together as The Two EPs. The singing of Miho Hatori was the most exceptionally outstanding part of the tunes in my personal opinion, although the instrumentation does everything possible to keep pace. Portuguese, English and Japanese are interwoven beautifully. Sparing uses of electronics are found in some songs as well, but everything collects into a very chill theme when combined with the soft horns and meandering guitars. This is an excellent album for enjoying the spring that is emerging here in Michigan, and more than good enough for most anywhere.

To be had here:
Smokey & Miho - The Two EPs


  1. Wowie! I knew this disc was kickin' around but I could never find it... until now. I saw them in concert years ago and bought their VERY fine bossa nova CD (Highly recommended). Thanks so much.