Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pete Seeger - God Bless The Grass (1966)

Pete Seeger is one of my absolute favorite music personalities. Born in the long gone year of 1919, Seeger has witness a great many things I haven't the power to comprehend yet. Whilst being a living legend that memorializes a period of American history past; he was light-years ahead of his time as well. Personally, as a leftist I find Seeger to be something of an aged crusader for noble causes, but he holds up as one of the finest of America's folk musicians from the 20th century, along with his fellow left-winger Woody Guthrie. God Bless The Grass was originally release back in 1966 by which time Seeger was already a middle-aged man. The theme, as the title my hint at, is an environmentalist agenda, although I doubt it would've been called that in its day. The year was the same that he co-founded the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater which helps combat pollution in said river; proving he had more than just song to sing about it. None of this is to take away from how good his music is, rather just to explain the epic man behind it. The songs are fantastic folk songs with finely done banjo and guitar playing to Seeger's stunningly clear and handsome voice. "God Bless The Grass" to which the album owes its title is a great ballad; while "Preserven El Parque Elysian" is a lovely sing-along featuring Spanish lyrics and instructions in English. The song "Business" is a brief jab at capitalism's drive for profits and how it is starting globalization. "From Way Up Here" is a tale of perspective told from someone looking down at Earth deploring warfare's existence. My favorite track on the album is the amazing "My Land Is A Good Land" that hold one of best lyrics I have ever heard, 'its grass is made of rainbow blades'. The idea of rainbow blades puts the most beautiful imagery into my mind. However, it is good to note these songs for the most part were not written by Seeger, but just a wonderful singing of them. I found this album in the library during my middle teens and I feel it helped shaped my current personality and political views. I hope you like it at least half as much me.

To be had here (128 kbps):
Pete Seeger - God Bless The Grass

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