Thursday, May 15, 2008

Times New Viking

Times New Viking have made some roughly-cut, noisy music that has extremely catchy rhythms underneath it all. These Ohioans of Columbus have been kicking around in the US underground scene for a few years now. With three releases out, still there's no disappointment whatsoever. The latest was issued through Matador records, and thus the album seems to have gotten a bit of press even from those dicks at NME. However, we shan't let them ruin our fun again, so just avoid them like the plague and enjoy the album's combination of raw emotion and chaos-driven order. The especially lo-fi nature of the recordings are absolutely necessary for the sound of the band, for I feel if it was removed them would almost be like light-heart indie pop group instead of the more raunchy musicians it makes them. Anyways, my blagmate requested these albums be post for the world after I showed him some tracks the other day, so his wish has been granted. Perhaps the beginning of completed full-release discography posts that might have a place in a spacerockmountain future.

To be had here:

Dig Yourself (2005)

The Paisley Reich (2007)

Rip It Off (2008) repaired link


  1. I LOVE TIMES NEW VIKING. More stuff like this!

  2. if the links are off people, tell me, Rip It Off was linked to Genders for days, and like over 50 tried to get it, what is with the no speaking?