Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dananananaykroyd - Sissy Hits EP (2008)

I have had doubts about posting this EP, for part of me feels it might just be the being of one of those bands that the big guys just pick up exploit into ruining their own creditability and losing their original fan base (too many examples to bother citing any). However, I'll give them the benefit of freshness to the reviewing game and just do it. Dananananaykroyd is a witty enough name after all. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland this group is a six-piece featuring two drummers. I'd like to point out, they are millions of times better than the drivel they are still playing on the radio at my employer's (fucking same shit my sister listened to 8 years ago). Although far from unique with the dual drumming, it is a sign that the trend on the increase, which I've no qualms with thus far. The songs are pop-rock flavored with punk accents, but they do it fairly well. The singing seems like other bands I've heard, but I can't place any particular names (I was hoping for more Scottish accent i.e. The Twilight Sad). These guys and gal try to get loud, and succeed somewhat. They've self-described as 'fight-pop' but I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean shit. Whatever your opinion comes out to be, it is only 22 and half minutes, which isn't a lot any way you feel. Please do tell me if you think they're good or not worth while; I'm always interested in other opinions.

To be had here (192 VBR kbps):
Dananananaykroyd - Sissy Hits EP

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